Universally speaking, autoplay videos are annoying. On social media, they have the right to suck you in, and the next thing girlfriend know, you’ve invested an hour scrolling v videos. ~ above websites, they obtain in the way, complying with you around the page and covering increase the text of an article.

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Thankfully, over there are ways to disable autoplaying videos everywhere. Social media apps offer methods to disable them, and you’ll likewise find the alternatives built into countless popular browsers (and if not, there’s constantly an expansion to help you out).

How to disable autoplaying videos on social media

If girlfriend spend hours scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, and also Instagram every day, you have the right to probably reclaim some shed time through disabling autoplay videos.

Disable autoplaying videos on Facebook

Open the Facebook application on her iPhone or Android smartphone and also tap the Menu tab (on iOS, that’s in the bottom-right corner, and on Android, the on the top-right). Navigate come Settings & Privacy > Settings, and also in the “Media and also Controls” section, choose the “Videos and Photos” option.



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Here, choose the “Never Autoplay Videos” option to block all autoplay videos.

You can additionally disable this on the facebook website itself. Click the drop-down in the top-right corner and also go come Settings & Privacy > Settings. Go to the “Videos” section in the sidebar, and from the “Auto-play videos” section, choose the “Off” option.

Disable autoplaying videos top top Twitter

Twitter likewise has different choices for disabling autoplay videos ~ above the website and in its cell phone apps. On her iPhone or Android smartphone, insanity the three-lined Menu button to open the sidebar and also go to the “Settings and also Privacy” option. Then go to Data Usage > Video Autoplay and also switch to the “Never” option.

On the website, click the three-dotted More button in the sidebar and choose the “Settings and also Privacy” option. Right here go come Accessibility, display, and languages > Data usage > Autoplay and set it come “Never.”

Disable autoplaying videos ~ above Instagram

Instagram is really out to acquire your attention, and there’s no method to directly disable autoplaying videos in the app. Your ideal bet is it use the website, wherein Instagram won’t autoplay videos by default.

However, on mobile apps, you can efficiently disable autoplay videos by allowing low data mode. Walk to her Profile and also tap the three-lined Menu switch in the top-right corner. Go to Settings > Account > Cellular Data Use. If you’re using an iPhone, allow the “Use less Data” option. If you’re using an Android smartphone, enable the “Data Saver” feature and also then select the “High Resolution Media” option.

How come disable autoplaying videos in a desktop browser

Want to prevent autoplay videos for all of the websites girlfriend visit? girlfriend can shot browser-level functions that disable autoplaying media. However when it comes to effectiveness, your mileage may vary based on your browser of your choice (Chrome, for instance, offers no together feature),which method you may have to resort to utilizing an extension (more of that in a minute).

Disable autoplaying videos in Microsoft Edge

In Microsoft Edge, click the three-dotted Menu button in the toolbar and choose the “Settings” option. In the left sidebar, go to “Cookies & website Permissions,” and from the “Media Autoplay” section, move to the “Limit” option.

This is no a death switch for every videos, unfortunately, but the internet browser will border autoplay videos in the future based on your past interactions through autoplaying media ~ above a provided site.

Disable autoplaying videos in Firefox

Firefox has actually a really good feature that enables you to block autoplay videos on all websites (and you deserve to whitelist some sites, choose lasignoralaura.com, if you select to).

Click the three-lined Menu button in the toolbar and go to “Settings.” In the “Privacy & Security” section, click the “Settings” switch next come the “Autoplay” option. Native the popup, click the drop-down next to the “Default for every websites” option, and switch come “Block audio and also video.”

Disable autoplaying videos in Safari

Safari is really good about prevent autoplay videos (and about privacy attributes in general). In fact, it blocks autoplay videos through default, so girlfriend don’t need to do anything in ~ all.

If because that some reason the attribute is disabled because that you, reenable it by going to Safari > Preferences native the menu bar. Switch to the “Websites” tab and also choose “Auto-Play” in the sidebar. In the bottom-right drop-down, select the “Never Auto-Play” option.

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How come disable Autoplay videos utilizing a browser extension

Built-in autoplay blockers don’t constantly work, and if you’re making use of Chrome, girlfriend don’t even get the option. In times like these, girlfriend can shot a third-party expansion like AutoplayStopper. It works on both Chrome and Edge, and it will block autoplaying videos on every websites (including news websites).