If you are on this page, you are probably asking, how deserve to I keep my phone call number without service?

You want to have the ability to use the exact same phone number girlfriend have had actually for years also if you space no longer attached to the carrier.

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For example, you acquired a Verizon monthly plan SIM through a call number 5 years earlier and have actually been using the very same number since.

You are heading overseas for a year ~ above business and also do not desire to pay the extra Verizon fees for utilizing your phone call overseas.

Instead, you want your old number without organization so you can still view texts and voicemails.

Naturally, the is an ext convenient to save your number and avoid having to educate all contacts that your number has actually changed.

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Luckily, the law is on her side, and you can keep her number once leaving a network carrier.

However, over there is no one-stop solution online reflecting you exactly how to carry out this… at the very least until now!

How to keep Phone Number without Service?

In the guide listed below we will show how to conveniently keep your phone number there is no service.

You will have the ability to get all your calls, texts, and also other interaction on the same phone number.

Unlock your Device

First points first, you desire to keep your phone and use it as soon as you remove the company of one carrier.

To carry out this, you need to unlock your device so that it will occupational with various other networks and in various other countries.

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In the U.S., unlocking a phone call is fairly easy because significant networks choose T-Mobile and AT&T will certainly unlock a an equipment upon request.

As for Verizon, a transaction the agency made with the FCC method that every handsets sold by the company are already unlocked.

Park your Phone Number

One of the lesser-known facts about the cell phone network realm is that the transport does not own the phone number it gives you.

In fact, FCC regulations state the the carrier must provide your phone call number come you if you inquiry it.

That way if you space switching indigenous one carrier to one more (for example, at & t to T-Mobile) the procedure of bringing her old phone number with you is fairly straightforward.

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But what if you are not convert carriers and want to cancel her contract and also keep her phone number there is no service?

This is whereby it gets a bit more complicated. If you merely cancel her contract, girlfriend will lose your call number.

What you have to do is move your call number to another location.

This is learning as “parking” the number and also essentially means you space placing the number what online.

Take property of your Phone Number

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