No matter just how attractive you are, and also how much he loves you, your guy probably “checks out” various other women all the time.

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Even the many beautiful females in the civilization can’t save their men’s eye on castle only.

Even the many attractive females in the world have been cheated on and also will save being cheated on till the end of time. Unless you do this:

How to store Your Husband indigenous Cheating

No issue what we’ll do, our husbands or boyfriends space wired to be visual. We can’t readjust that. No an option but agree this fact.

Beautiful women space not only attractive since of your looks. The reality that they are strangers adds secret to them, which makes them even an ext attractive.

But we room not defenseless versus the Victoria mystery models or all various other gorgeous females that it seems ~ to be everywhere.

Nature has offered you a few sneaky ways to save your husband looking in ~ you and also to it is in the just woman he yes, really looks at. One of them is a hormone called “Oxytocin”.

1. Oxyto-What?


All I can do is sit here and also imagine what it’s going to be like once I watch you again

That’s it. He will invest the rest of his job thinking around and do the efforts to uncover out what friend imagined. You’ve put a lock-down top top his mind.

I have actually shamelessly steal this instance from Michael Fiore’s routine – “Text the romantic back“, i beg your pardon is most likely the most cutting-edge partnership advice book I’ve check out in a long time.

Don’t believe me? Just offer it a try.

This one text will no be enough, that course, plenty of exceptional texts that you can send to your husband to save him interested in girlfriend alone – space out there.

For me, the was one of those points that were too an excellent to it is in true. Yet it works – like a charm.

What perform you think? Is it feasible to stop your husband indigenous cheating once your marriage is in crisis?

Rooting for ya,


“A male who regularly has actually sex through his wife (no matter the high quality of that by the way), is much less likely to look at various other women or think about cheating.” Interesting, because I had sex v my husband every night (minus mine monthly cycle), and he quiet didn’t feeling safe or secure, and also had sex with his ex while in the UK for his mother’s funeral. He had been have actually online sex v her for 1 year before that, in emails and photos. The told me, he checked out her due to the fact that she loved him no issue what, never ever judged him, made him feel safe. We were saying too much, and so this was an extremely damaging, yet he never ever once considered leaving me, which I believed was for this reason odd too. He even told me as soon as he came home, that he would never return to the UK again, and that whatever that taken place there made that sick come his stomach, and also there was nothing there because that him anymore”. Yet, he maintained the email game up with her for about 2 month later, yet she wasn’t doing that in a way that was fairly what that needed, therefore he found an additional lady on on facebook he zeroed in on, and also then he composed to her (building every little thing up) for around 2 months, and then that was caught by me, the wife. There was no immediate apology. He went cold. Would walk far from me. He was in shock native me finding out, however the apology did at some point come, and the regret. In my opinion, nothing in our marital relationship was ever before that bad to warrant one affair, yet I found he is extremely emotionally immature and hyper-sensitive. He additionally has some emotional and also mental health problems too. Basically, any kind of marriage through him has to be no an ext than 1 dispute per year, and TONS of cuddles and also reassurance, or together I witnessed, he drops apart and goes to run to someone that sees him together the point of view is most absolutely is NOT. However he demands this type of reassurance, and also love. Wherein the female thinks of him together perfect, and also amazing, and also a prince. Well, we have both get an impressive up and also learned a lot about each other. We room working top top things, and also giving it all a 2nd chance, and we room happier 보다 before…..if the weren’t for the pain i feel, and those pictures I get of him with her, every little thing would lastly be perfect. What a shame. Only time will tell if it will last. Great luck everyone.

Great points, Lisa! come answer your question, I’ve never ever actually thought around doing anything to keep my husband indigenous cheating. As a issue of fact, I’ve never thought around him cheating in ~ all. We talk…alot. We spend time together…alot. We host hands, kiss, stay associated when us are anywhere within the very same vacinity. We are best friends. Us tell every other every little thing (may also be too ethical at times). We store our body in shape so we remain physically attractive to each other.

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I guess friend can take into consideration all these things answers to the question. But I’ve merely never thought around it in those terms. I just love gift married (and married a male who loves gift married come me :)).

Hi Lisa,What a exorbitant post and informative post! Love the texting idea! I believe it helps the wife too! thanks for linking up in ~ The Alabaster Jar and nice come ‘meet’ you!

This is great, Lisa! Not just was ns entertained by your an imaginative and tongue-in-cheek format of creating (and photography, through the way!), you also give some good evidence for why this happens and also what to do around it. I love the “texting” idea too. Ns use messages to continue to be in touch with my hubby and lift him up a lot throughout the week. Thanks so much for share this over at Wedded Wed, mine friend!