Are you unsure of where your son goes after school? room you suspicious they can be lying come you around the areas they visit? are worried the your child can be rambling with the not correct company?

Well, together a parent, it’s common to worry about your child because you desire to for sure they room safe at all times. That’s why it’s essential to you know their whereabouts at all times. And, what far better way 보다 to track their cell phone location?

There are dozens the apps because that tracking someone’s phone there is no them knowing. However, plenty of of them need you to download the software on the phone call you intend to monitor. This rises the chances of the boy finding out, and it also exposes the phone to malware. In this article, we will display you how to monitor a cabinet phone location without installing software.

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Why Track her Child’s cell phone Location?

It’s vital for parental to recognize their children whereabouts and all-day activity to ensure their safety. The increasing situations of missing children and also kidnappings approximately the world are a source of problem for every parent. Furthermore, sometimes youngsters can obtain stuck what or walk to areas they shouldn’t. Therefore, it’s advisable to always be mindful of your child’s whereabouts in order come ensure their safety and security.


How come Track her Child’s mobile Without installation Software

Whether your boy is utilizing an Android or iOS device, over there is a means you have the right to track your phone location without installing any type of app. Here are the different ways.

How to monitor an Android Phone’s place Using ‘Find my Device’

If you have actually an Android phone, download the ‘Find mine Device’ application from the Google pat Store. The new Android cell phones come with the app currently activated.



Once friend download and also install the app, sign in v the phone’s Google credentials. Every time you desire to check the cell location, open the app, and you will certainly be taken to a dashboard showing you the place of the phone. The interaction map enables you to locate the specific place wherein your kid is.

The app additionally gives girlfriend the following options for acquisition action.

Play Sound – This dram a sound at a according to volume to draw attention. This is usually useful when did you do it misplaced the phone, particularly within the house. To stop the sound, you simply press the power vital on the device.Lock device – This choice locks the mobile so that it can not be used. As soon as locking the device, girlfriend can likewise leave a post or phone call number so the whoever finds the machine can call you.Reset display screen Lock – If you feeling the machine has been compromised, you can readjust the display screen lock pin/pattern.Erase – This option deletes every one of your phone’s data so no one can access it.How to track an iPhone’s location Using ‘Find mine iPhone’

If your child has actually an iPhone, you deserve to easily discover their place using the integrated ‘Find mine iPhone’ feature. The feature is instantly activated once you unbox the phone. In case, it’s no activated, simply go to ‘Settings’ on the iPhone and tap ~ above ‘Apple ID’ climate ‘iCloud.’ Toggle the ‘Find my iPhone’ switch to activate the feature.


Once friend activate the feature, you can easily track the phone’s place in the iCloud indigenous a web internet browser or an additional iOS an equipment using the account details.

To track her child’s location, visit from her browser and also enter the Apple id credentials the the child’s iPhone.


Click ~ above the ‘Find mine iPhone’ icon from the dashboard


All Apple tools under the account will certainly be displayed on the map. From the ‘All Devices’ drop-down, click the phone you want to monitor its location. This way, girlfriend will be able to monitor her kid’s movements and hence ensure your safety.


The ‘Find my iPhone’ function also permits you to play sound, lock the phone, and erase all data.

How to monitor iPhone using household Orbit iPhone monitoring Software

You can also use the household Orbit’s iphone Monitoring software application to track your child’s iPhone place without installing any app. The iphone phone Monitoring software application for parental is one iCloud based parental monitoring business that permits parents to track their kid’s location and phone usage. Besides mirroring you the child’s specific location in real-time, the app likewise provides their ar history. The location history report offers you details of each ar the child has actually visited, and the precise date and time.


With the family Orbit iPhone monitoring Software, girlfriend don’t have to jailbreak her iPhone or install any kind of app ~ above the child’s cabinet phone. Come track her child’s an equipment location making use of iCloud, you just need the iCloud login credentials, and backup must be permitted on the phone. The iCloud server saves all her child’s location and phone usage details. The family Orbit iCloud Monitoring app creates a remote link with the server permitting you come retrieve your kid’s phone usage data.

Another advantage of using household Orbit iphone Monitoring business is that it permits you to use multiple devices. Therefore, girlfriend will have the ability to see the recorded data extract from lot of devices.

Additional Features

Besides monitoring your child’s location, the iphone phone Monitoring software also allows you come monitor various other activities. This is not possible with the ‘Find mine iPhone’ app. With family Orbit iPhone surveillance Service, girlfriend can likewise check her child’s:

Browser history– you can check the URLs that your kid has visited ~ above the internet browser in your iPhone, including the date and time once the sites to be visited. This will aid you to ensure her child’s online security.Call history– The software permits you access your child’s speak to details including number, date, and also call duration.Text and Whatsapp messages– You have the right to monitor received and also sent SMS, iMessages, and Whatsapp messages.Photos– with this service, you can view the photos the your child has actually taken through the phone and the people they have actually downloaded.

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The security and also safety of your boy is miscellaneous you have to never compromise. Together a responsible parent, you should do everything feasible to ensure their safety and also wellbeing. The best means to store track of your whereabouts at every times is by tracking their cell call location, and the best software to use is the one that doesn’t need to be installed on their phone. If you want to monitor an iphone or iPad without installing any type of app, the ideal software to usage is the family members Orbit’s iPhone surveillance Software. It not only monitors location, but you can additionally use it to monitor her child’s other phone activities.