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Have you ever before cracked open up someone’s PC just to it is in horrified in ~ the quantity of dust and also debris that’s taken up residence inside? It’s not a pretty sight. Worse yet, dust buildup have the right to hamper performance. In too much cases, those dust bunnies that sneak into a PC deserve to even damages a system’s hardware.

A tiny bit the dust isn’t going to hurt things, however if left unchecked, a couple of particles eventually turn into a whole bunch that particles and before you recognize it, her heatsinks space caked with debris. This stays clear of precious air flow from reaching toasty components, prefer your GPU and CPU, which heat up faster and throttle more often. That’s not good.

So what must you do? as the speak goes, an ounce of avoidance is precious a lb of cure. Or if you prefer, the best offense is a an excellent defense. One of two people way, the allude is to stop dust indigenous entering right into your mechanism in the an initial place. The best way to carry out that is with dust filters.

Many modern-day cases ship through dust filters. If you’re in the sector for a new enclosure, look because that one the does, such as Fractal Design’s define R5, NZXT’s S340 Elite, it is in quiet!’s Dark Base agree 900, and also so forth. There is no shortage of options, for this reason shop around.

If your case doesn’t have fan filters, or doesn’t have enough of them, add them yourself. Magnetic air filters typically run about $8 come $10. The magnets space in the frame of the filter for simple installation, and no, you don’t have to worry around them destroying your data.


You can likewise make your own. Old pantyhose and also nylon socks job-related well, and also you can cut and also stretch them come fit together needed. Whatever you use, just remember come clean them every now and then, otherwise the dust buildup ~ above the exterior will protect against cool air from entering her case.

If girlfriend smoke, staying clear of lighting increase inside your house, especially anywhere close to your PC. The dirtiest looking systems tend to it is in those that are owned by smokers.

You should likewise keep your system elevated, if possible. The closer that is to the floor, the an ext it will collect debris that gets kicked up from foot traffic.

Finally, it’s a an excellent idea to clean your computer on occasion. How regularly depends how easily dust often tends to accumulate. Pet owners, because that example, may need to must clean your systems more frequently, possibly every main or so, matches every month because that others.

This doesn’t need to be a deep cleaning. A few strategically put blasts the compressed air will execute the trick. For best results, rotate off and unplug her PC, and bring it outside. This way the dust won’t simply settle back inside her house.

Be sure to organize the can of compressed wait upright. If friend tilt or shower it, the materials inside will revolve to liquid, which friend don’t want to spray anywhere your hardware. Girlfriend can likewise give yourself freezer burn.

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Finally, don’t usage a vacuum. Revolution can build up ~ above the plastic nozzle, which you don’t desire discharging on her pricey parts.