A romantic walk along a sandy beach, a scenic afternoon hike, or a stroll v the mall. Lock all great until it starts. First the itching. Then the burn. Then... The waddle.

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That"s once you recognize you"re in trouble. Your thighs room chafed.

If you"re lucky, you"re at residence with rashes cream and also a soft chair at arms reach. If you"re no so lucky (like many of us), you"re at the office or traversing a gargantuan college campus. Also worse, you might be wrapping up the last couple of miles of her morning run... OUCH.

This well known burning and also itching has many names: Chub rub, thigh chafing, sweat rash, groin rash, etc...

Honestly, who cares what you speak to it. We"re just interested in exactly how to protect against it.



10 ways to resolve Groin Sweat

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What reasons thigh chafing?

Thigh chafing is something that many of us are hesitant to speak about, prefer sweating also much. The is so usual that over there are many ways to prevent it, or treat and soothe the if chafing has already begun. But very first things first. What is thigh chafing?

Inner thigh chafing is caused by friction and sweat, and the repetitive rubbing that the skin. It’s annoying and can be exceptionally painful. The can occur where skin rubs versus clothing or from skin-to-skin contact.

Chafing normally occurs in the inside thighs, upper thighs, groin area (especially for men), inner glutes, armpits, and even the nipples. Friend may likewise experience chafing where bra straps or backpack straps rub against your shoulders or back.

Chafing can likewise be brought about by a buildup of salt residue as soon as sweat evaporates. If sweat is allowed to dry while physical task is continued, the salt left behind have the right to accumulate and also cause friction.

It helps to drink water and stay character language in stimulate to mitigate the salt contents in her sweat. Other components that rise the likelihood that thigh chafing are hot weather, sensitive skin, gritty sand from the beach, dust native hiking or running, and a previous skin irritation.

People who are very active or overweight are especially prone to human body chafing. Yet even if you’re not an exercise nut or a sports enthusiast-- and also even if you’re not overweight or have big thighs-- you’ve most likely experienced chafing ~ above the within thighs.

The unpleasant outcomes of inner thigh chafing include redness, itching, burning, blistering, and a ache rash. Left untreated, thigh chafing can additionally lead come fungal skin and even yeast infections. Significant thigh chafing deserve to leave the skin raw and bleeding.

If you desire to protect against chafing and irritation, emphasis on this 3 areas:

Stay CleanStay DryReduce Friction

With the in mind, here"s part tips to stop the burn....

9 ways to avoid Thigh Chafing:


1. Remain Clean

This is basic one. Shower head daily and also wear clean undies (yes, you need to wear underwear if you want to protect against chafing ;). Daily activity will result in a build up that dirt, salt and sweat in your thigh area.

This "thigh grime" causes that sticky feeling which leads to friction and also chafing. Maintaining your body clean is one easy an initial step to staying clear of chafing in between the thighs.

If girlfriend can"t shower head after a operation or an afternoon hike, use a shower human body wipe to clean sticky sweat and dirt from between your thighs and also groin area.

Wet clothing and sweaty thighs will get you chafed faster than you deserve to say "whoah nelly!". Struggle chub rub and thigh burn by remaining dry. Here"s a couple of secrets to continuing to be dry down below...

2. Anti-Chafing Powder for Moisture Absorption

Moisture absorbing powders room perfect for keeping your inner thighs cool and dry. If you have actually a talc-free baby powder hanging around, it will execute the trick. If you want something a tiny more... Adult, inspect out several of our favorite body powder commodities below:

With any kind of body powder, you"ll need to use multiple times a work to obtain the ideal results. If you desire to walk "au naturel", you can toss part corn starch in between your legs to gain a comparable outcome.

If you"re looking for something a tiny less messy and a bit an ext sophisticated 보다 baby flour or body powder, you"ll favor this following anti-chafing solution...

3. Body Powder lotion (No mess application)

If infant powders space too messy because that you, try a human body powder lotion. What is a human body powder lotion? It"s a lotion the goes on your skin like any type of other lotion, however then magically dries right into a moisture taking in powder. You acquire all the benefits of classic chafing powder, but avoid the messy application.


4. Anti-Chafing stick or Balm

Anti-chafing sticks are lubricants particularly designed to reduce friction. Anti-Chafing lubricants occupational by creating frictionless barrier on the skin the keeps your thighs and other locations from rubbing.

Thigh-chafing lubricants are easy to use and often come in the kind of a deodorant-like pole or roll-on. We"ve provided the ideal anti-chafing pole below...

5. Anti-Chafing Cream

Anti chafing cream are one more kind of chafing lubricant draft to remove friction. Bikers and avid athletes will usage chafing creams to protect against thigh chafing, and also saddle sore. Some of the most recommended anti-chafe cream include...

Chamois Butt"r Anti-Chafe Cream: This cream to be designed through avid cyclists in mind, but can be used by anyone. It lubricates areas prone to chafing and also soothes already chafed skin.

Blue Steel sporting activities Anti-Chafe Cream: This is an additional popular chafe cream for energetic individuals. It deserve to be used before, during and after activies to minimize friction, skin irritation, blisters and also chafing.

Good ol" Petroleum Jelly: Swabbing ~ above a little of petroleum jelly to her inner thighs is another inexpensive solution. You may uncover that petroleum jelly is too greasy and messy for regular use.

But in a pinch, and also with no other solution available, it might just perform the job. It will certainly repel sweat and also it absolutely has proven lubricating properties. If you"re currently a little bit chafed, petroleum jelly can protect chapped locations if you need to keep moving.

Your an option of apparel can lead under a course of cool lull -or- one of burning discomfort. To avoid the burn, protect against baggy clothing and clothing with seems that obstacle in areas prone to chafing.

Avoid put on underwear with big seems or holes. You desire to select clothing the promotes dryness and also reduces friction. Here are some anti-chafing clothes options...

6. Anti-chafing Underwear, boxers or briefs

Run-of-the-mill underwear isn"t designed for moisture wicking or friction fighting. If you want to safeguard your thighs native painful chafing, you"ll desire to grab part anti-chafing underwear. This one-of-a-kind underwear is draft to alleviate moisture and also friction (two of the leading reasons of thigh chafing). Perfect for active individuals and also athletes.

7. Anti-Chafing Thigh Bands (For the ladies)

Thigh bands space garter-like apparel expressly designed to protect against thigh chafing by extending chafe-prone areas. Lock come in two basic varieties– sophisticated and plain. The fancy variety is lacy and also looks choose the peak of a thigh-high stocking. They space decorative and also even resemble lingerie.

To usage a thigh band, friend measure her thighs where they touch to pick the right size. Sizing down a tiny will ensure a tight (but not as well tight) fit. Most thigh bands are elastic and backed through silicone therefore they’re comfortable come wear.

The plain range is made from lace-free microfiber. Even if it is you pick the fancy or the plain variety, thigh bands will protect against thigh chafing by place a great of slippery cloth protection in between your thighs.

Many females wear them under every dress. Thigh bands space lightweight and also comfortable, and people regularly forget they’re also wearing them. Ladies who have actually worn anti-chafing thigh bands say they job-related as advertised.

8. Anti-Chafing Shorts

Wearing shorts underneath outer garments is simple and effective means to prevent thigh chafing.

There are several options:

Bike Shorts: several guys and even part women count on bike cotton or spandex shorts together a thigh chafing remedy. Men often wear lock under gym shorts when exercising. Countless women wear cycle shorts under your dresses and skirts. There room basic, constriction-free and inexpensive options. They might not it is in high fashion (I was tempted come say “thigh fashion”) but they carry out the job.

High rise Shorts: High-rise or high-waisted shorts for women are designed to sit high on or above your hips– around 3 inch (remember mom jeans?). Girlfriend don’t want them also tight and they must be do of a towel that will breathe and not get hot. These high increase shorts likewise can’t be too lengthy if they’re to be worn under a dress or skirt. Part look choose a shapewear short, yet they don’t fit together snugly as shapewear.

Compression Shorts: These space undergarments plan to assist women look at thinner. Lock mid-thigh shorts the will protect against thigh chafing. You’ll uncover that lock are rather snug and extend more down the leg. Girlfriend won’t need to keep pulling lock down and they’re good for wearing under jeans.

Ultralight seamless Shaping Shorts: You may be searching for a happy compromise between compression and non-compression shaping shorts. There are ultralight shorts the offer simply such a solution. They will certainly gently hug her thighs there is no making girlfriend feel like you’ve to be squished right into a giant pair the long, elastic bands.

9. Anti-Chafing to run Skirts (For the ladies)

Female runners can likewise purchase running skirts. To run skirts regularly have shorts that room built-in and also will protect against inner-thigh chafing. Make certain they’re make of sweat-wicking cloth like nylon or spandex. Stop cotton because cotton will certainly absorb the sweat and hold the in place.

How to Treat Thigh Chafing

Let’s look at the price in a few easy steps.


Once you’ve arrived house from the horse-back ride indigenous hell, and also your thighs look choose a pair that boiled lobsters, the first step is come rinse them turn off in cool or lukewarm water and also some really gentle soap. Avoid any type of soaps that will sting or send you right into deeper agony. Discover a mild, moisturizing pH-balanced variety. Nothing scrub.


You’ll want to kill any type of stubborn bacteria hiding the end in your red, life skin. Use a gentle antibacterial ointment choose Neosporin or any of its generic or exclusive label cousins.


Now the you’ve cleaned and also disinfected, how do you do the within thigh pain and also the rashes on her legs go away? Lying spread out eagle in front of a blowing fan will lug relief and soothe her irritated skin. Yet if girlfriend don’t have the high-end of safety the work reclined through a fan between your legs, shot some Aloe vera gel. Avoid any type of Aloe product that contains synthetic fragrance. You may also find success v coconut oil.

Keep ‘em Dry

You’ll should keep your thighs dry for a couple of days while lock heal. Undertake breathable cotton undies, pajamas and other garments for optimal chafing relief. You might want to hold-up that day-to-day workout until the area has completely healed. Adding secondary sweat decision ain’t gonna help.

Apply Diaper rash Cream

Okay, this doesn’t sound real grown-up, however your usual diaper rash cream include zinc oxide which will carry out welcomed soothing and also antibacterial protection, too. You’ll want to prevent wearing any clothing that might show any tell-tale white smudges.

Wear Soft, Breathable Clothing

Now that you’re top top the mend, wear comfortable, breathable clothing made the cotton.

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When to see a Doctor

You have to see your doctor if you have actually signs that skin epidemic (especially if she diabetic), if your skin is no healing, or if you have actually a thigh chafing rash and also skin irritation the refuses to go away. Indicators of infection include swelling, skin that"s hot to the touch, blood or pus coming from the chafed area, and also redness radiating out from the chafing.

The Bottom Line

Now you know all there is to understand (well, maybe not all, but a lot) about inner thigh chafing. Use anti-chafing products to stop chafing and also use these tips to get rid of thigh chafing as soon as it’s happened. Even if it is it’s a continuous concern, or just troubling as soon as you’re exercising, you know what to do. Now, go ahead and do it, and also don"t permit skin chafing avoid you. Happy trails!