In this article: Learn exactly how to remove fleas naturally with 9 ideas to repel and kill fleas in your home.

We have a house full of pets. No, really. We’ve got 3 dogs, about 10 cats, and also 4 ferrets. That method we have actually our work cut out for us as soon as it pertains to flea control.

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Since we additionally have a house complete of kids- that love your pets- i really dislike to usage topical, chemical flea control (not the it works well anyway) and I worry around what the chemicals are doing come our furry family members once they ingest so much of this pills or chews that supposedly remove fleas.

Luckily, there space a many of alternatives to remove fleas naturally!


Bathing to remove Fleas

A great bath is a great way come drown every one of the fleas at this time on your pet right now. You have the right to use a an excellent quality pets shampoo, but I find that blue dawn does as great or much better than most commodities I have tried, plus it’s pretty easy on the skin.

If our dogs are particularly covered, i might add a bit of lavender essential oil to the water. I additionally recommend making a ring the soap roughly the height of your dogs head and also neck…that method once you begin rinsing every the fleas won’t simply crawl approximately their face to hide out.

Our huge dogs don’t acquire baths that often- a couple of times every summer, yet our small chihuahua gets one about once a week since he seems to get an ext fleas than the rest.

I additionally like to carry out a last rinse with a cedar wood vital oil and water to assist get rid the the fleas for also longer.

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Vacuuming/Cleaning to remove Fleas

There’s no hiding the reality that a clean house equates to less fleas. The tiny buggers favor to hide out, so frequent vacuuming and sweeping is a need to to remove fleas and also keep large flea infestations away.

I was told years back that you need to vacuum when a week for every body in your house- pet included. For this reason that means I have to vacuum around 8 times a day, however it is a good rule. Us vacuum the whole downstairs daily. I would carry out the kids’ rooms upstairs….but oh, the legos that would certainly be caught!

It’s likewise a good idea to save a small diatomaceous earth in her canister or vacuum bag to aid kill the fleas that you have actually trapped inside your vacuum!

Cedar to death Fleas Naturally

I stated cedar wood oil above, but cedar in general is great for repelling and also killing fleas naturally.

Consider filling your dog bed with cedar chips, or bedding an the end doghouse v them.

About 4 years back we had actually a horrible, horrible, year. And also when ns say horrible, I average fleas in my bed horrible. Nothing to be working. Not even when we damaged down and also bought the chemicals.

I came across a product referred to as Cedarcide. That is make from cedar oil and hydrated silica. I was no hope so ns bought some. It was wonderful! It seemed to kill fleas on contact. It was also expensive to spray the dogs with all the time, yet it was a lifesaver for our home. We could spray ours sheets before sleeping and also no more fleas.

So far it’s the finest natural flea killer I have come across.

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Nematodes to get rid of Fleas Outside

Beneficial Nematodes are parasitic roundworms that feed on essential matter and insects such together fleas. They typically live in warm, moist soil and also are fully safe and also non-toxic.

Nematodes are applied to your yard- specifically where your dogs and also cats have tendency to hang the end to eliminate fleas in the prompt area. This helps you by avoiding re-infestations once your pets go into the home from outside.

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Keeping your yard neat and also trimmed deserve to also help prevent fleas indigenous coexisting with your pet outdoors.

You can buy useful nematodes virtual at places like Garden’s alive or also on Amazon!

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Do you have actually trouble v fleas at your home? What ways have actually you tried to remove fleas naturally?