What are the best Natural Flea Killers, therapies & Repellents for Pets?

Fleas! Everyone no these blood-sucking parasites. Our war against fleas is epic and also ongoing, however each the us should fight our very own individual battles. In ~ Only natural Pet, we desire to offer you the finest weapons: only what works, and also only what is safe for you, her pets, and also the environment.

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"There are three fronts in every battle against fleas: the pet(s), the home, and also the out environment. But before we sound the battle cry, we need to know our enemy. "

Why room Fleas together a Fierce Enemy?

"Fleas come with three an easy marching orders, or organic imperatives: to survive, to eat, and also to reproduce."

Fleas have actually a number of strategic advantages in this war:

Storm Trooper Mentality – Fleas come with three straightforward marching orders, or organic imperatives: come survive, to eat, and also to reproduce. They space entirely dedicated to this orders. And they are very, very great at all of them. They space especially great at reproducing; an adult female lays about 20 eggs at a time. In her life time (depending ~ above conditions, up to 1-1/2 years), she may develop hundreds, even thousands of eggs.

Effective Recruitment - The mrs flea frequently lays her tiny white egg in dark, damp places. If she lays any kind of eggs on her pet, they will loss off, yet they might travel all about the home or yard first. Within your hiding places, the eggs will hatch in around a main (although lock can hold-up hatching until problems are ideal) into larvae. The larvae climate pupate by rotate cocoons, in which castle can complete their development in a week. However, they can survive in your cocoons for approximately 6 months.

Subterfuge Specialists – because that every single adult flea friend see, over there are around 10 cocoons, 35 larvae and 50 eggs hiding in carpets, pets beds, cracks, corners, and furniture.

Efficient Defenses – most chemicals, including bombs and also sprays, kill only adult fleas or adults and larvae. The leaves hundreds of tough tiny eggs and cocoons just waiting for the ideal conditions, as soon as they"ll renew their assault once more. Fleas are also well defended against famine conditions – one blood meal can keep one adult flea alive for increase to two months.

The ideal Natural protective Strategies (Including natural Flea Killers) for Pets

Inner Defenses against Fleas

Like various other parasites, fleas target less healthy and balanced hosts, and also puppies and kittens with undeveloped immune systems. Therefore, the first defense for our pet is come optimize their health and also immunity.

If you"ve read any type of of the other short articles on our site, you"ve heard this before: Diet is the structure of health. After years of experience and research, we have actually come to believe that the finest diet for many dogs and cats is a biologically proper raw food ("BARF") diet. Not everyone is comfortable with or can manage to feed a raw diet, yet it is crucial to feeding the really best diet you can. This means top top quality commercial pet foods items that save on computer no by-products, unnamed meat meals or bone meals, chemistry preservatives, or other synthetic additives. Meat have to be the primary protein. Dogs deserve to be fed a mix that canned and dry foods, but cats require moisture in your diets. They have to be fed mainly or only canned foods, or reconstituted dehydrated or freeze-dried foods. Protect against carbohydrates, particularly corn and wheat, as lot as feasible for cats. For more information, view our article, What You have to Know about Your Pet"s Food.

Garlic and B-vitamins it seems ~ to make blood less attractive to fleas, so countless guardians supplement v garlic and brewer"s yeast during flea season. Sensitive pets can build an allergy to brewer"s yeast, therefore monitor your pet to guard against worsening itchiness (pruritus).

"The an initial defense for our pet is to optimize your health and immunity. Experience and research shows that the ideal diet for most dogs and also cats is a biologically ideal raw food ("BARF") diet."

Outer Defenses versus Fleas

The ultimate weapon in the battle versus fleas is the Flea Comb. That is the best technique to find whether fleas are present. Comb v your pet"s fur and also gather a little bit of hair and dirt. Next, put this in between two wet white file towels and press them together – if the "dirt" creates rusty red spots on the document towel, then a flea has actually been there (the dirt is in reality flea feces). If you save combing (especially roughly the tummy and also tail), you will most likely trap several of them in the comb. Drown lock in soapy water – fleas have actually been known to jump out of plain water. Daily flea combing may sound tedious, but it is very helpful if you are working on her companion"s health and taking eco-friendly action.

Many object sprays and shampoos case to loss or kill fleas. However, plenty of of them contain chemicals and also pesticides with major toxic potential. Cats are specifically susceptible to such products, since they are constantly organize themselves and also ingesting whatever is on their fur. Also sprays or chemistry from the dog can transfer come furniture or rugs, and also from over there to the cat. So, be extremely careful with chemicals.

"Many subject sprays and also shampoos insurance claim to defeat or kill fleas. However, numerous of lock contain chemicals and pesticides with serious toxic potential."

Safe Flea Repellents for Dogs

We recommend crucial oil-based, non-chemical products to aid keep fleas away from your dog. Assets which contain important oils no only aid repel fleas, they have the right to also assist soothe and heal excited skin. You deserve to use them as a drop you put on the collar or dilute it right into a spray to mist her dog. Combining a small essential oil repellent spray through your flea combing is a an excellent way come both spread out the necessary oils transparent the coat and give you extra help with capturing the fleas. Pay certain attention to the basic of the tail, and also under the legs and also belly on dogs. Once using any solid smelling product, keep in mind that your dog or cat has actually a lot stronger sense of smell than you do, for this reason don"t overdo it.

Geraniol is really effective flea repellent derived from geranium flowers. Geraniums have long to be planted roughly homes and in home window boxes to keep pests favor fleas and mosquitoes away. Walk forward through this idea, scientists were able to extract geraniol, one oil that is 400% much more effective than citronella at repelling fleas, ticks and mosquitoes.

Safe Flea Repellent for Cats

Neem assets are also an excellent for cats; comb in especially around the neck, chest, and belly. Follow all directions carefully for finest results. Never use full-strength important oils straight on cat (spray products are currently diluted to safe levels). Geraniol is just one of the few oils that"s safe for use through cats. Geraniol"s repelling power is proven to be reliable for fleas, ticks, and also mosquitoes. Unequal other natural spot-ons, it also features a sweet, exciting smell.

Kill Fleas on her Pet

For death fleas when they room on your pet, us recommend natural flea powders, like calcium carbonate or diatomaceous earth based ones. They kill fleas in every life step by dehydrating them, a an approach that is not only non-toxic to pets, humans, and the environment, but also a technique that fleas cannot develop an immune to (as they execute with all other pesticides over time). Lock are very fine powders and a small goes a lengthy way.

Bathing her companion is terrific way to death fleas. Use an essential oil-based flea repellent shampoo or a soothing shampoo such together oatmeal-based varieties. Girlfriend can add a fall or two of flea repelling necessary oils come oatmeal shampoo to do it an ext "flea unfriendly." Lather the neck first, so fleas can"t operation up ~ above the head. Leaving the lather on your pet for a few minutes to assist smother any type of persistent fleas, and then wash WELL. Soap residue have the right to dry the skin and also make the itchiness worse.

Do organic Flea Collars Work?

Most flea collars room treated v chemical pesticides that you execute NOT desire your pet wearing about their neck all the time! There are some natural flea collars available that will assist in atmospheres where fleas are not severe, or possibly on an at home cat, yet you typically don"t desire to rely on them together your single line the defense if friend live an area v a large flea population.

Do Flea tags Work?

There space some amazing brand-new products that usage tags that hang from her pet"s collar and repel fleas based upon energy fields. That sounds really "out there", yet they work really fine for numerous animals and are far and also away the easiest method to save fleas off her pet. It is certainly worth trying a flea tag, since they job-related for many pets.

Are Spot-On Flea products Dangerous?

Chemical spot-on flea commodities contain an effective and possibly dangerous pesticides, and also should be thought about a last will for pets with serious flea allergies. Great review of these products was featured in the whole Dog Journal, "Are Topical Flea Killers Safe?" in the February 2002 issue; regardless of its age, the post remains relevant:

"All pesticide pose some degree of health risk come humans and also animals. In spite of advertising cases to the contrary, both over-the-counter and veterinarian-prescribed flea-killing object treatments room pesticides that get in our companions" internal organs (livers, kidneys), move into their minister tracts, and are eventually got rid of in their feces and urine."

Chemical spot-ons deserve to induce severe adverse reactions, including excessive salivation, skin rashes, tremors, hyperactivity, stiffened limbs, seizures, and also death. Consider that come be deemed safe for usage on our companions, these products only have to be tested for 3-, 13- or 52-week intervals. Greater doses are used to compensate for the shorter testing periods. NO STUDIES have actually been done on the LONG-TERM effects of using these pesticide to animals repeatedly over long periods. The U.S. Eco-friendly Protection firm (EPA) obtained so numerous adverse event reports (more than 44,000 in 2008 alone) the they have opened an investigation into the safety and security of every registered spot-on products. Illness and death in dogs and cats were reported because that every one of them. The EPA is at this time reviewing labels and also other data and also will it is in issuing restrictions and requirements shortly.

Naturally protect Your residence from Fleas

Remember that many of the flea populace lives and also develops in your house and yard, no on your pet. Dealing with the atmosphere is vital if you desire to victory this war. However, flea "bombs" and other products do no kill all life step of the flea, and also are typically made v chemical pesticides, which room NOT something you desire to spread out over every nook and also cranny of her house.

"Remember that many of the flea populace lives and develops in your house and also yard, not on her pet."

Protect Carpets, Flooring, Bedding, and Furniture against Fleas

Vacuuming and washing hard-surfaced floors regularly – daily throughout the height of flea season – is the the very least toxic method to regulate fleas. This will certainly remove many of the adults, and also some eggs and also larvae. Save in mind the larvae don"t like light, for this reason vacuum under furniture and around baseboards – anywhere near her pet"s favorite locations to cave out. Remember come vacuum some natural flea powder right into the vacuum bag to kill any type of fleas in the bag, or automatically remove the bag and also discard that in a sealed plastic bag ~ use. Otherwise, lock will just jump out of the bag and ago into her home.

Vacuuming alone can"t manage severe infestations, and also not everyone has actually the time to clean all the floors daily. That"s as soon as we recommend using one or much more of the herbal powders obtainable for ridding your home of fleas. The the very least toxic assets are calcium carbonate, diatomaceous earth and also boric mountain products, which occupational by desiccating (drying out) the fleas, larvae, pupae, and eggs, which kills them.

Calcium carbonate and also diatomaceous planet can be supplied on carpeting, on pet bedding, top top furniture and on tough floors (and on your pets!). Castle are really fine powders, so they acquire into cracks and also crevices ~ above hardwood, tile, and linoleum floors easily. You deserve to work castle in with a broom or carpet rake so they produce less dust when walked on. Castle act much more quickly 보다 boric mountain products, and a distinction in the flea population can be noticeable in 24–48 hours. Calcium carbonate and also diatomaceous earth, however, carry out not last as lengthy as the boric mountain products. Monthly applications space recommended in areas with heavy flea populations, especially throughout the elevation of flea season.

Boric acid products work in a comparable fashion. When used correctly, they offer protection for as much as a year or more, as they remain deep in the carpet and furniture fibers. They may likewise be supplied on tough floors, together the flour is fine enough to reach into cracks and crevices well. Every visible powder must be operated into the carpet, floor, or furniture well v a broom or carpet rake, and any continuing to be visible powder must be vacuumed up. Boric acid kills flea larvae, yet is no as effective at death the adults, so visible results might take 2-6 weeks, together the adult population dies off. Throughout the early stage weeks after ~ application, it is advantageous to vacuum frequently to eliminate adult fleas. Boric acid products are also an ext toxic than diatomaceous earth and also calcium lead carbonate products, for this reason you must not use them directly on dog or cats, or in areas where tiny children play.

With all flea powder products, follow package directions carefully. Herbal flea regulate powders are drying agents, and also their dust can irritate sleep passages and also lungs if inhaled directly. Prevent overzealous shiver of the container while dispersing the powder onto the floor so girlfriend don"t develop clouds of dust. If you have any kind of questions about the application procedure with any kind of of our products, please speak to or email and we will be happy come help.

Fleas on pet Bedding

Pet beds space a favorite flea hang-out. Wash her pet"s bedding in hot, soapy water at least weekly. You can even add some flea repellent essential oils come the water for extra flea-zapping power. There are likewise a number of essential oil residence sprays the can aid repel fleas.

Naturally protect Your yard from Fleas

Last, yet certainly not least, treat the yard, the significant source the fleas. Larvae stop light – for this reason rake increase leaves and also thatch, and also keep the grass cut. A majority of fleas and larvae will be in ~ 50 feet of her companion"s favorite resting spots, so focus on those areas, especially shady areas under trees, bushes, and decks. Natural flea powders have the right to safely be applied to grass.

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Beneficial nematodes (worms) are another means to regulate fleas in the yard, especially throughout wet weather. Valuable nematodes room a flea parasite. They room tiny small critters that food on both adult fleas and larvae. They can be used with a water tap sprayer or, ~ above a smaller sized yard, through a watering can. Some garden centers and also nurseries bring them (or can order them for you), as well as some the the "natural" pets stores. An net search will provide many resources as well.

The Preemptive Strike

If girlfriend live in a high-flea area, nothing wait till you watch fleas on her companion come treat her environment! If you live in one area with a predictable flea season, start the therapy a month prior to they appear. If you live in a location where flea season is every season, start now and also treat your home regularly. Using organic methods takes much more effort 보다 dropping a blob that pesticide on your cat"s or dog"s back, but in the long run her pets, your family, and also your environment will be healthier!