Whale Shark is the giant behemoth the patrols the underwater zone the Vashj"ir and like the Fel Reavers of Hellfire Peninsula, Whale Shark has the uncanny ability to sneak increase on unsuspecting players. Unequal the Fel reavers, Whale Shark has actually an achievement. This guide will talk you through tanking, kiting, and killing Whale Shark.

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Rangedisplay addon in action.
Tanking Whale Shark involves some hefty kiting. You have to be constantly relocating away from Whale Shark. If girlfriend linger also close to Whale Shark, he will one shoot you, nevertheless of course or gear. The closest you"re going to desire to obtain to whale shark is 9 meters. In ~ the same time that you"re continuing to be away from Whale Shark, friend don"t want to undertaking too far. If you get too far away from Whale Shark, he will reset. The farthest you have the right to go is 20 meters. It"s finest to continue to be at 19 though, to stop risking it.Practice with Whale Shark. It"s gonna take a tiny bit of exercise to master keeping the vital range. Remember- 9-19 meters
. There space two approaches to law this. The an initial is the one I favor using- the turning method. You confront away native Whale Shark while swim away, then turn and also face him once you should attack, climate turn and also swim away again. The second an approach is simply to swim backwards while attack him. Whichever friend use, even just a couple minutes of practice will prepare friend to no fail as soon as a team is formed.Making the early pull: The early stage pull needs to be done from this level the Whale Shark. Just swim right up to his grill, about 30 meter out, climate wait because that him come come into your best tanking range. Do not pull from above or below this area. The factor for this is that the vertical selection is no as specific as the horizontal one and also even once your range addon claims you"re far sufficient away, your operation from the graveyard will certainly say miscellaneous different.
This is every you need to be looking at when you pull.
Build threat before letting dps perform their thing. I recommend making castle wait because that at least a minute. If you have rogues, they can start ToTing friend on cd. Same with hunters and MD. Once dps walk begin, they have to do so slowly. Omen is incredibly helpful in this fight and also dps requirements to salary close attention to their threat. Periodically, or at any time they begin to creep up on the tank, dps have the right to reset your agro by swimming out of variety of Whale Shark.
Take Whale Shark towards the surface. There space fewer mobs up over there to agro. If girlfriend have worries with her camera clipping above and listed below the surface, work out for a couple of meters below. While kiting Whale Shark watch your map, or entrust someone come watch your map and give you direction to avoid dragging him the end to a fatigue area.DPS need to be resetting your agro, yet if somebody does pull, tanks can get Whale Shark back under control. Tanks should get back in the right tanking range(9-19 meters) and get a effective taunt off. In this situation, tanks need to be extremely mindful not to get too close.The above information is for all tanks and also groups. Occasionally, dps will be unable to locate a tank for their group. Have actually no fear- because Whale Shark is kited, that does not need a traditional tank. Any type of class can tank and also kite him. That can even be solo"d be anyone through the suitable amount the time and also patience. Listed below is info for teams without a timeless tank. Be affected by each other in mind, all of the above still applies.I"m walking to put a lot of emphasis on stacking. Ar raid mite on your tanks and stack the entire group ~ above those markers. A group without a classic tank will be doing not have the taunts obtainable to various other groups. When everyone is stack on peak of each other and also somebody pulls turn off of the tanks, a taunt will be unnecessary since they"ll every be stacked. Additionally, stacked groups have a greater chance of survivability when somebody pulls agro than if anyone is spread out out.Drop agro. Autumn agro, autumn agro. as I discussed before, dps have the right to drop agro by merely swimming out of Whale Sharks 20 meter hitbox. Dropping agro will an outcome in a cleaner kill and also a smaller repair bill.

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Here is the video tutorial outlining the over information, and also showing it all placed to use.You have to now be well on your method to your achievement.