Many men don"t desire to ask any advice on kissing, due to the fact that they feel embarrassed come talk around this topic. And also they think, the kissing happens in a herbal way, you just press your lips versus girl"s lips and also that"s all. We should admit, it"s not every little thing you need to know around kissing. Remember our tips ~ above kissing a girl because that the first time and also learn to become a great kisser!

#1 Imagine the kiss. It might sound funny, but the first thing you need to do is to imagine the kiss. Try to execute it, once you"re alone. Think, how you will certainly act and also where friend will keep your hands (we"ll talk around it later). Use your creativity to acquire ready because that this situation. Her girl will absolutely feel, if you"re panicking!

#2 keep your breath fresh. Your mouth is the key instrument because that kissing, and also the freshness of your breath is really important. Not a single girl will like to kiss a person, who"s got poor breath. So, prior to you"re walking on a date, brush your teeth, stop eating food v onions and also garlic, and also if girlfriend smoke, shot not to smoke for the last pair of hours. Likewise if you"re quiet nervous about the breath, then store mints ~ above hands, that can be easily swallowed, as soon as the right moment comes.

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#3 Relax. Remember come relax her body prior to you kiss. Don"t act like you"re a sprinter all set to go any second. And if her body is stiff, her lips won"t be soft and also sensual.

#4 gradually move into the kiss. When you"ve developed the right moment for the kiss, don"t hurry up. Move your head towards your girl slowly, and also see her movement. Don"t open up your mouth, when you"re a feet away from your girl. Leaning come a kiss v your mouth close up door is mature and respectful.

#5 Close her eyes. Some human being like kissing with their eyes open, yet for the an initial time you"d far better close your eyes. You will certainly relax and also won"t look at weird. By the way, if your girl notices the you store your eyes open during the kiss, she will certainly think the you don"t gain it at all.

#6 Don"t press your lips. Your kiss should be gentle and also soft, therefore don"t press your lips versus girl"s face. Even if you"re really passionate about the kiss, there"s no have to push also hard. It"s the very first kiss! girlfriend can present your passion lot later, and level that to her girl"s comfort.

#7 Tongue in. An excellent news because that you: girlfriend don"t need to use your tongue, if it"s the very first kiss. Tongues are for mature kissers. And even if you"re, it"s better to wait it spins at the very least the second kiss to usage it.

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#8 Watch your hands. Her girl won"t gain the kiss, no matter how sensual the is, if you stand away indigenous her developing the letter A with your bodies. Was standing close, and also now we"re going come talk about the position of your hands. Emotional her cheek or ago of she neck is OK. Girlfriend can likewise put your hands on she waist or upper part of she hips. And if you"re sitting, climate you have the right to keep she hand in yours.

#9 allow it go slowly. You must have actually seen in movies, that when civilization kiss, then revolve heads. You don"t require it at all, by the way, it"s already two kisses, not one. Just let it walk slowly, and your girl will certainly know, that the kiss is over. Open your eyes and also smile. You need to be happy now!

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