Is it feasible to pinch someone"s nerve (on the shoulder) in a manner comparable to the way Spock would do on Star Trek such that the person would either pass-out or result in being temporarily paralyzed?

Proponents the Ryukyu Kempo martial arts insurance claim it is possible:

Yes. If you to be to study the art of Ryukyu-Kempo, you would discover that the body is complete of push points that can be exploited to immobilize, knock-out and even kill a person. There are two points that correspond to the position of the fingers in the nerve pinch.

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Since I do not understand this style of martial arts i can"t determine if it"s actually possible.

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rob The various other question was around a blow. This one is around a pinch.
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The related claim that placing pressure on these meridian points might carry about much better balance, circulation of fluids like blood and also lymph, and metabolic energies in the body has little to no clinical evidence. The is also further claimed that a punch or squeeze applied to specific other press points on this lines will affect the victim"s chi, causing incapacitation or death.

Per Ter­ry C"s research in 1999, unre­spon­sive­ness ­have ­been ­observed as result of pres­sure ­point tech­nique application in vol­un­teers performing mar­tial ­arts dem­on­stra­tion car­ried out at a med­i­cal cen­ter hos­pi­tal. The outcomes of that examine of kyusho jitsu pres­sure ­point tech­niques offered in mar­tial arts verified that there was no change in BP, cardiac price or rhythm.

Conclusions: The ­exact mech­a­nism because that the ­state that unre­spon­sive­ness pro­duced through appli­ca­tion that pres­sure ­point tech­niques is uncertain. There is no evi­dence that ­reduced cere­bral ­blood ­flow or that oth­er dan­ger­ous phys­io­log­ic chang­es and it is no relat­ed come a sig­nif­i­cant car­diac or pul­mo­nary pro­cess. Source: Physiologic study of pressure allude techniques provided in the martial arts

TL;DR: The touch of fatality has no communication in reality, however, there has been occasional instances of less forceful blows leading to death and also the precise mechanism resulting in this phenomenon is unknown to scientific research at the moment.

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Having browsed the medical literature, I"d say the verdict on whether this mysterious eastern skill has any type of basis in fact is as follows: The touch that death, no. The much less forceful blow 보다 you can expect that death, sometimes yes. Source: straight dope