You meet this girl. She’s really into you. You ask her out and also she says “yes”. Girlfriend feel choose the luckiest male on earth. You begin to prepare your an initial date and also you can’t believe she actually mirrors up. You spend hrs talking and laughing. That perfect. You just have to kiss her.

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But friend don’t perform it.


Does this sound acquainted to you?

It does to me. Ns went top top so many dates without gaining what i wanted. All I wanted was come touch, taste, and feel the soft lips the a woman. However I couldn’t see the signs. And also without the hints I needed, i didn’t give her what she wanted.

Yes, most women want a kiss ~ above the an initial date.

Read this article and also you’ll know just how to offer them what they want:

I couldn’t even close the deal when she remained in my bedroom. 

And yes, ns know just how pathetic this is. Ns mean, ns was pretty good at kissing girls as soon as they were plainly not ready. I was an skilled at make them feel awkward and also at gaining this “okay…” look that every guy is terrified of.

Over the years, however, I gained the suffer to review the physical indicators of a woman. First, i was may be to view the environment-friendly light by looking in ~ a girl’s lips. Hundreds of approaches and also dates later, ns was able to watch all 16 signs.

In simply a couple of minutes you’ll have the exact same ability…

1. She go the Lip Twitch 

She’s nervous.

It’s just a matter of time until you kiss her.

She can not wait. The anticipation is death her…and making she lips perform weird moves.

Have you ever before been close come a girl whose lips to be shaking?

In instance you have actually no proviso what the hell I’m talking about, you deserve to have a look in ~ the following video. That the best example I could find.

If she does this if you’re close come her, there’s only one point you must do. Kiss her and make her lips twitch even faster.

2. She Licks her Lips 

Of course, there are other physical signs she wants to kiss you.

Let’s continue with her lips. I’m certain you’ve watched this clue before. It’s among the most apparent ones. Yes, ns talking about the infamous lip licking. And also no, it’s not like in the dirty movies you watch.

She won’t perform it the obvious…unless she a hooker.

But still, anytime a girl licks she lips, also if she just touches her lips v her tongue, she has actually naughty thoughts. She one of two people thinks around kissing girlfriend or offering you a blowjob. Let’s hope she thinks around both.

I hope you’ll do a move.

3. She Stares at your Lips 

We love come look at points we like.

Just think about it. If you see a really beautiful woman, you stop and also stare. You can’t help yourself. You have to look ~ this girl. Her target cheeks are too delicious. Heck, I practically crashed my car while exploring a girl… and I go it no once however twice.

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Women space no different.

They check out males when they desire to talk to them. And also they check out her lips when they desire to kiss them.