Are you concerned that one of your contact is no replying come your texts nor answering calls? Don’t run to the instant conclusion the someone had actually blocked her number top top Android. There can be some reason for your contact to ignore your calls/messages. Because that example, sometimes civilization might be working late for a main or so to accomplish their project deadlines. Or they can have enabled Do not Disturb mode on their devices and also they won’t get notifications about your calls or messages. Or they could be remaining in a ar with the bad network coverage. Hence, it is much better to wait because that a couple of days come a week.In case you are not getting any type of messages or calls from your contact for a long time, climate you can try out one or an ext of the following alternatives on her Android phone to understand if someone had actually blocked your number.

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ContentCount the number of Rings prior to VoicemailCheck if Your contact Has blocked You top top WhatsAppHide her Caller i would to uncover Out If who Blocked your NumberUse alternating Number to speak to Your ContactUse other Messaging or social Media PlatformsWhat To carry out If someone Blocked your Number on Android

1. Count number of Rings

Do you hear a solitary ring as soon as you dial the contact before being redirected come voicemail? Sometimes, your call might be on one more call or their phone is switched off. So, wait for some time before making a speak to again. Still, if you acquire only a solitary ring or your contact is redirected to voicemail right away, then you have the right to suspect the your number could be clogged by the contact.Also Read: just how to find If someone Blocked your Number top top iPhone

2. Send a article on WhatsApp

These days, the majority of Android users prefer WhatsApp over timeless text messages. The course, the is popular amongst iOS individuals as well. In situation your contact is available on WhatsApp, send a message to him/her. If your message is delivered, climate it is very likely that you room not blocked. However, if you see only a solitary tick to your blog post for a long time, then it is not great news.
Even though there are various other reasons to get solitary like negative network connection, mobile switched off, etc, friend should check whether you room blocked by that particular contact ~ above WhatsApp as well. If you nothing know how to execute that, girlfriend can examine out our write-up to recognize if someone clogged you ~ above WhatsApp.Even though you check out someone blocked your contact on WhatsApp, it doesn’t mean that you ate blocked from calling them direct. WhatsApp and also phone calls space two different ones and also not impact each other.

3. Hide your Caller ID

Is your call not making use of WhatsApp? Then, it is not possible to shot out the above option to find out to understand if who blocked her number ~ above Android. Still, you can uncover if someone has actually blocked her number by hiding her Caller ID.
On your Android phone, start the Phone app.Tap three-dot or More icon located top top the height right of your screen.Tap Settings from the perform of options.Next, insanity Supplementary services->Show mine caller ID. (This setting will vary based upon your call manufacturer. Simply search because that the text Caller id in her phone to find the correct food selection option)Tap Hide number to hide her caller ID.Now, make a call to your call with your surprise caller ID. If you contact either answers the call or the phone call is ringing generally without acquiring redirected to voicemail, then it is an extremely likely that your number is blocked. Otherwise, you need to assume the your contact is not in a position to answer any type of calls for part reason.
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4. Call from another Number

You don’t prefer the concept of hiding caller ID? Fine. If you have a 2nd number or a landline phone, contact that specific contact from the number. Or you deserve to borrow the phone native other household members residing in your house and also make a call. Alternatively, you deserve to ask a shared friend to speak to that contact. If her suspected contact, answer the call in any type of one of the above-listed scenarios, then it is confirmed that just your number is blocked.

5. Check with Messaging/Social Media Platforms

Even if your contact is not using WhatsApp, he/she must be energetic on other messaging or society media platforms prefer Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Snapchat and more. Try to send a blog post to your contact on other platforms. Or you have the right to even try sending an e-mail as well. Still, if you don’t gain any an answer at all, then it is clearly understood the your contact is not interested in having actually a conversation through you. So? rather of safety your precious time to figure out why your number is blocked, just forget around that contact.

What to do If who Blocked her Number?

Let’s assume that you have tried one or much more of the options provided above and you concerned the conclusion the your number is clogged by among your contacts. Now, the following question is: What to do? Well, if your number is blocked by someone, then you cannot execute anything around that. In instance it is very an important or vital to get in touch with that contact, climate you can fulfill him/her to discover out the person. Or friend can try to obtain the aid of a shared friend.Do remember that if you get a ‘Yes’ answer in one of these options, there is a opportunity that your number is blocked. However, there is no standard method available in ~ the minute to recognize if someone had blocked your number on Android.However, you need to remember that it is not wise come disturb someone if they space not interested in having a conversation v you. Plus, you could get yourself into trouble, if your call reports your habits to police or various other legal councils.

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