While restaurants that serve sushi are practically everywhere, you choose to enjoy it at home. For this reason you’ve got a ready-to-eat bento crate of sushi on your means home.

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Unfortunately, your evening plan changed, and the parcel still sits in the refrigerator the next day. Does episode go bad?

Or perhaps you’ve never had sushi before, and you’re thinking about trying the out. You’re a bit shy and don’t want to embarrass yourself in a Japanese restaurant, therefore you desire to check it at home first. To add you have actually no idea exactly how to eat through the sticks.

You figured buying a package prepared at the supermarket would be a good start. But climate you remembered the the fish in episode is regularly raw, so you began thinking if that sushi is for sure to eat.

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Either way, if you’re a episode beginner, this short article is because that you. In it, we talk about storage, shelf life, and also spoilage the store-bought sushi. We cover both bento boxes and also sushi prepared and also sold in grocery store stores.

How to keep Sushi

Sushi calls for refrigeration, period. If you’ve purchase a bento box with a sushi set, placed it right into the fridge as soon as you obtain home, and also take out soon before eating.

Same point if you’ve to buy a sushi set prepared in your local grocery store. Because that the dish to last the longest, keep it in the far corner of the refrigerator, whereby the temperature is quite stable.

If you’ve opened the box or container and didn’t control to end up it in one sitting, you can store the leftovers for a quick period.

Transfer the leftover sushi to one airtight container and also refrigerate. That will keep any type of odors from the refrigerator at bay and slow under drying the end of the dish. These guidelines apply to homemade sushi too.


Remember not to crowd the container, together that will most likely mess up the structure of the sushi, and also possibly destroy the experience. Because that food prefer sushi, illustration matters.

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Please note that you most likely won’t discover your sushi as tasty tomorrow together it to be today. Because of that, there’s another solution besides storing the all set dish.

Instead, you have the right to eat the fish (as it’s the most expensive part), and discard the rest (rice, nori, etc.).

If you’re favor me and shot to protect against food rubbish at all costs, monitor the storage instructions above. Yet I know some foodies the end there choose eating the many expensive ingredient at its best quality and don’t mind gaining rid the the rest. It’s up to your an individual preference.


Don’t try to freeze the sushi, friend won’t prefer it after thawing.

How long Does sushi Last

Sushi is well known for its brief shelf life. Ideally, you would certainly eat it right after a chef gift it come you on a plate. However of course, that’s no the case when it pertains to store-bought sushi.

If you’re buying a prepared bento crate of sushi offered refrigerated, it constantly comes through a day on the label. Usually, it’s a sell-by or use-by date. And due to the fact that in many boxes there’s life fish or various other seafood, I imply you stick to that date.

If you’re wondering what’s the shelf life of such a box, it counts on how it’s prepared and packaged. It typically is in between a couple of days as much as a main or so.

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If you’ve favored a package of episode from one unrefrigerated display, consume it within 24 hrs if it has raw seafood, and up come 3 days if not. That course, throw the package right into the fridge appropriate after you get home.


Before buying episode from the display, make certain it’s fresh. There space two means to do that. If the episode is delivered, purchase it at an early stage in the morning right after it’s delivered. If it’s done in-house, select a place with high sales to for sure freshness.

Sushi (packaged, offered refrigerated, unopened)Use-by
Sushi (packaged, offered refrigerated, opened)1 day
Sushi (sold unrefrigerated ~ above display)1 day

Please keep in mind that the periods over are for best quality.

How to Tell If Sushi has Gone Bad

First of all, if it’s previous the date on the label, litter it out. Possibly it’s still for sure to eat, however in instance of life seafood, it’s always better to err on the next of caution.

Now let’s talk around signs that spoiled sushi. First off, check the rice and the fish. If the rice has hardened, litter it out, as the sushi won’t be any kind of good.

when it involves the fish, inspect for discolorations or if it’s slimy. In one of two people case, discard the dish. Together usual, make certain the totality thing passes the sniff check too.

If the sushi looks, feels, and smells okay, and it’s not previous the fresh date, feel free to eat it. That course, if you notification anything off when it involves taste, avoid eating, and also throw out the whole thing.

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