To uncover out where your absentee or letter ballot is in the process, enter all of the info requested below.
provide the same ID number that you listed on your absentee ballot application by choosing the type of ID and then get in the number in the box below.
Minnesota Driver’s License/ State IDLast four digits the Social security NumberU.S. Passport (for military and also overseas voters only)

Helpful find Tips

Allow because that application-processing time – If you submitted her absentee ballot applications within the critical several service days, election officials might still be processing your request. Until a inquiry is processed, a record of your absentee ballot will not be obtainable through this service. Match your name – go into your an initial and critical name exactly as they appeared on your voter registration or absentee ballot application.

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Last name has punctuationIf you have actually a hyphenated critical name, such together Anderson-Smith, also try searching under Anderson Smith, Smith, or AndersonSmith.If her name has an apostrophe, such together O’Brien, also try searching under OBrien or O Brien.Name has actually a suffix – If her name contains a suffix (Jr., Sr., III, etc.) carry out not incorporate your suffix in the Last surname field.Match identifier numberIf you space not sure which id number you offered on your absentee ballot application, shot separate searches because that each identifier type.

More vote Information

For basic information, you re welcome visit the Minnesota Voter Homepage.For information around voting by absentee ballot, walk to the Absentee Voter Page.For much more information around voting for military and overseas voters, go to vote from army or abroad.

Elections & Administration:

Elections call Numbers: metro Area: 651-215-1440 greater MN: 1-877-600-VOTE (8683) MN Relay Service: 711

Hours: 8 a.m. Come 4:30 p.m.

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Public organization counters at the office are currently closed. Please call or email for any services. Metro Area: 651-215-1440 greater MN: 1-877-600-VOTE (8683) MN Relay Service: 711

vote & management Address: acquire Directions 180 State Office building 100 Rev. Dr. Young name Luther King Jr. Blvd. Saint Paul, MN 55155

Safe in ~ Home:

safe At house Phone Numbers: Minnesota’s deal with confidentiality routine Metro Area: 651-201-1399 better MN: 1-866-723-3035 MN Relay Service: 711

Phone Hours: 8 a.m. Come 3:30 p.m.

safe At house Mailing Address: PO crate 17370 Saint Paul, MN 55117-0370

Business Services:

Business, Lien & Notary info Phone Line: subway Area: 651-296-2803 (9 a.m. To 4 p.m.) better MN: 1-877-551-6767 (9 a.m. Come 4 p.m.) MN Relay Service: 711

Hours: 8 a.m. To 4 p.m.

organization Services public respond to is currently open because that a minimal number the appointments. you re welcome verify on Microsoft reservations or contact our call center for meeting availability. Microsoft Bookings: book an appointment

company Services Address: acquire Directions very first National financial institution Building 332 Minnesota Street, Suite N201 Saint Paul, MN 55101

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