Since 2017, nearly a dozen makeup assets marketed to children have to be pulled from store shelves since of reports the asbestos contamination. A large part of the difficulty is the the cosmetics industry basically polices itself, and some lawmakers are pushing because that changes. In the meantime, the safest bet for consumer is come avoid assets containing talcum powder.

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Asbestos is a deadly cancer-causing agent that kills up to 15,000 american every year, and on number of occasions has been discovered in children’s makeup.

The many notable scare emerged in 2017, once independent labs established the dangerous substance in specific cosmetic assets from two retail stores that cater to tweens: Claire’s and Justice. In march 2019, the Food and Drug management confirmed the 2017 recognize of asbestos contamination.

For plenty of consumers, together news raises troubling questions: how does asbestos end up in children’s makeup? Is makeup even safe? How have the right to I safeguard my kids? and what’s the government doing about all the this?

Unfortunately, the answers aren’t constantly reassuring, but understanding the threats is the best way to safeguard your children health.

Reports that asbestos in children’s makeup an initial surfaced in 2017, as soon as a Rhode Island mother decided to send her 6-year-old daughter’s makeup to an independent laboratory for testing.

Kristi Warner, who worked at a legislation firm the specializes in asbestos litigation, said NBC affiliate WJAR the she’d come across tainted cosmetics in her work and also was curious about the security of the Claire’s makeup she’d to buy for she daughter.

When she obtained the results, Warner to be stunned. According to the lab, she daughter’s sparkly eye shadow consisted of tremolite asbestos. Tremolite asbestos can cause a fatal form of cancer known as mesothelioma if it’s swallowed or inhaled.

After she obtained the results, Warner and a partner gathered and also sent 17 added Claire’s samples from nine various states come the lab for testing. When each one came ago positive because that tremolite asbestos, Warner decided to make the results public.

Claire’s disputed the lab’s finding yet pulled the commodities from shelves anyway as a “precautionary” measure. The retailer later on reported that its own trial and error had displayed the items were compliant with cosmetic regulations and said the talc in its assets came indigenous a supplier that was certified asbestos-free.

Around the exact same time, similar reports the asbestos-contaminated assets sold through Justice triggered the retailer to traction eight assets in its just Shine heat from keep shelves.

Just light Shimmer PowderJust light Bronzer Brush Just Shine makeup Palette (11-piece – pinks) Just Shine makeup Palette (11-piece – blues) Just bright Eye zero Palette (5-piece – cool) Just bright Eye shadow Palette (5-piece – pinks)Just Shine makeup Palette (9-piece glitter cream)Just shine Eye zero Palette (9-piece eye shadow and also glitter cream)

Justice additionally did its very own testing. The retailer claimed that while one collection of tests revealed no asbestos, the 2nd round revealed trace quantities of the fiber, according to the associated Press.

But in in march 2019, the FDA announced that its own trial and error showed that Warner’s initial test outcomes were correct.

The FDA found asbestos yarn in the adhering to three Claire’s products, which to be sold between October 2016 and also March 2019:

Claire’s Eye Shadows (Batch No/Lot No: 08/17)Claire’s Compact powder (Batch No/Lot No: 07/15)Claire’s edge Palette (Batch No/Lot No: 04/17)

The FDA also found asbestos in one Justice makeup product. The article was among the several suspect assets recalled in 2017. The watchdog agency warned consumers no to use any of the recalled products.

Claire’s notified the FDA the the products are not most likely still in stores, yet the retailer provided on that website that consumers might still have the product in their homes.

While Claire’s initially resisted issuing a recall of the products, the retailer relented and issued a recall a few days after ~ the FDA’s announcement.


Independent researches by customer groups have likewise detected asbestos-tainted children makeup. The U.S. PIRG education and learning Fund authorize a report in in march 2018 stating the it discovered tremolite asbestos in 3 of 12 Claire’s items it had actually tested.

Each of the three commodities — Claire’s contour Palette, Claire’s Compact Powder, and Claire’s Shadow and Highlight Finishing Kit — contained in between 1 percent and 2 percent tremolite, follow to an evaluation by STAT evaluation Corporation.

Claire’s JoJo Siwa Makeup set (SKU #888711136337m Batch/Lot No. S180109)Beauty plus Global’s Contour impacts Palette 2 (Batch No. S1603002/PD-C1179)

The watchdog firm told consumers no to use the products and also to report any adverse events to the FDA’s MedWatch Adverse event Reporting program through its digital reporting form. Beauty beauty Plus global and Claire’s stores Inc. Voluntarily recalled the products.

Asbestos can end up in makeup when manufacturers use contaminated talcum flour in their products. Talc and also asbestos naturally take place near one an additional in the earth, and also talc deserve to easily end up being contaminated with asbestos fibers during the mining process.

Cosmetic class talc offered in makeup, infant powder and other an individual care products is claimed to be sleek to remove the toxicity substance. Unfortunately, over there are few federal regulation in ar to for sure talc is asbestos-free, and companies essentially collection their very own standards.

According to the eco-friendly Working Group, more than 2,100 assets on the market today save talc. This contains everything from baby powder to many eye shadows, face powders, blushes and also other makeup products. Well and loosened powdered assets pose the greatest risk because they have the right to be inhaled.

EWG maintains a database that thousands of an individual care products. More than 2,100 of lock contain talc together an ingredient and approximately 1,200 are loosened or pressed powders that can be inhaled.

“Even tiny amounts of asbestos in talc can reason mesothelioma and other fatal diseases numerous years ~ exposure,” Scott Faber, the EWG’s an elderly vice chairman for government affairs, called lawmakers throughout a conference hearing on the matter in march 2019.

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On the website, the American Cancer culture states that asbestos-tainted talc is “generally embraced as gift able to cause cancer if it is inhaled.” The link between talcum powder and also cancer has likewise been drawing significant attention because of thousands of ongoing talcum powder lawsuits carried by civilization who case that continuous use of baby powder products caused lock to build ovarian cancer and also mesothelioma.