People have love/hate relationships with messaging Read Receipts. If she not acquainted with them, they’re those small alerts listed below messages that show that they have actually been seen or check out by the other party.

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When read Receipt is rotate on, civilization will be informed when you read the message they’ve sent you. Evil versa, if it’s turned top top on your side, you will be educated when they check out your text.

It relies on exactly how you look at them.

Some civilization like these notifications due to the fact that they give a sense of an immediate and also urgent link with others. Others dislike them since they it seems ~ intrusive.

The usual denominator is that review Receipts force world to reply earlier as quickly as feasible and it depends if you see this together a good or bad thing.

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either way, it certainly has its worthwhile provides for maintaining virtual conversations flowing. Parental can also use check out Receipts to save tabs on their kids and have the assurance that each post sent is seen and, hopefully, responded to.

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Here are means to rotate on (or off) review Receipts for this reason you know if your text messages room being viewed on iMessage, Android, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger.

iOS iMessage because that iPhones, Macs and iPads

Apple tool users are most likely acquainted with iMessage, the default text messaging app for iPhones. Review Receipts have always been a function for iMessage to iMessage text messages (signified through the message bubble’s blue color) and also it allows a sender understand if a message message has been read.

(Here’s a fun fact: green text bubbles in iMessage typical they were sent out from non-iPhones and these carry out not support check out Receipts.)

To turn check out Receipts on or turn off for all your text messages (meaning senders won’t be informed when you review their iMessages, head over to setups >> Messages climate toggle “Send review Receipts” to On or Off.

Starting through iOS 10, they can likewise be permitted or disabled depending upon the call you’re receiving the text post from.

To enable Read Receipts because that a certain sender, launch her Messages app then open up an iMessage thread through the desired contact. Now, insanity the little “i” icon in the top-right edge of the thread climate toggle “Send read Receipts” come On or Off.

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Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger has Read Receipts rotate on by default and there is at this time no way of transforming it turn off within the app. This means you and your girlfriend will constantly know if a message has been seen.

According to Facebook’s help Center, here are the Messenger icons and what they mean:

A blue circle means that your message is sending
A blue circle with a check way that your message has been sent
A filled-in blue circle with a check method that her message has actually been delivered

Keep in psychic that there space a few workarounds come sneakily review Facebook Messenger messages without triggering the check out Receipt.

One is via the same plane Mode trick. With this method, a recipient deserve to simply turn off a gadget’s Wi-Fi and cellular connection, check out all received messages then pressure quit the Messenger app.

iPhone users deserve to also try this trick to read Messenger messages there is no activating the review Receipt. This have the right to be completed by analysis incoming message via Notifications ~ above the Lock display screen or the an alert Center instead.

Turn this ~ above by going to your iPhone’s settings >> Notifications >> choose Messenger then make certain “Allow Notifications” is on. Next, set the Alert format to either Banners or Alerts. To read Facebook Messenger notifications, collection your app’s notice alert format to one of two people Banners or Alerts. To review Messenger messages on the Lock Screen, toggle “Show ~ above Lock Screen” come On.


Facebook’s various other messaging property WhatsApp likewise has review Receipt notifications. Unlike facebook Messenger though, this setup can it is in turned off.

WhatsApp uses examine marks for review Receipts.

One gray check mark means your post was successfully sent.Two gray check marks average your article was successfully delivered to the recipient’s phone.Two blue inspect marks mean the recipient has read your message (press and hold ~ above the message to disclose the time it was read).

To turn off WhatsApp read Receipts, ~ above the application go to setups >> Account >> Privacy then uncheck “Read Receipts.” it is in advised the this won’t rotate off check out Receipts for your WhatsApp team Chats no one Play Receipts for WhatsApp voice messages.

Note: The plane Mode trick also works because that WhatsApp check out Receipts.

Bonus: Android Messages shipment Reports

Currently, Android individuals don’t have actually an iOS iMessage review Receipt identical unless castle download third-party message apps prefer the persons I stated above, on facebook Messenger or Whatsapp.

The most an Android user can carry out is to turn on shipment Reports top top the Android messages app. All this setup does is inform a text message sender whenever a text was successfully ceded (but can’t tell if a article was read or not).

To turn shipment Reports on Android, go to your post app, tap the Menu icon (the three vertical dots), select Settings >> text Messages climate toggle shipment Reports on or Off.

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