You create an email. No reply. Friend send one more email. No reply. You’re halfway v a third email and you stop. What taken place to the very first two? Junk folder? was the message just ignored? 

In the 21st century, our inboxes space flooded. Follow to the an innovation market research firm The Radicati Group, the mean adult will get 92 email messages every day in 2017. That doesn’t even count the spam the pours right into our accounts. The longer we wait because that an answer, the much more we wonder whether the message was viewed at all. 

The communications stream is compounded by text messages. Friend send a text and also you intend an immediate reply. But what if you don’t acquire a reply? Learn how you can tell when someone is seeing your message messages. 

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That’s why “read receipts” were invented. This device will tell friend the exact time the your blog post is read. Much better yet, check out receipts nudge the recipient into writing ago as shortly as possible. This is especially beneficial for tracking urgent and time-sensitive messages. 

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There is a drawback: privacy. Read receipts are great for you, due to the fact that you have actually an idea what is ensuing in the recipient’s inbox. Yet some human being find receipt request intrusive and never send them back. Over there are means to turn to “invisible” third-party email trackers, which will certainly send friend a receipt there is no the recipient ever before knowing. 

Depending on your platform, right here are various methods to understand if someone has actually opened and read her email. 

Request a return receipt 

Read receipts are much an ext common the most people realize. Most significant email platforms will provide you the alternative to inquiry return/read receipts with email the you send. Some will likewise let you specify this receipts for every email you"re composing. 

Keep in mind, this requests only do half the job; the recipient have the right to still decline, and also you’ll never receive the receipt you’re hoping for. Part email platforms, like Gmail and also Apple Mail, because that example, carry out not officially support the sending of review receipt requests. 

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As one alternative, you can use "invisible" email tracking and also read receipts, but here you"ll have to rely on third-party tracking software. (More on the in a minute.) 

For the other significant email platforms, here"s just how you set them up: 


To inquiry a return receipt in Microsoft Outlook, click alternatives on the top food selection bar to bring up the sub-menu. 

Now, just examine "Request a read Receipt" to get a an alert when your blog post is opened. Additionally, friend can additionally get notifications when your blog post is successfully yielded by check "Request a distribution Receipt." 

Mozilla Thunderbird 

Here"s just how to revolve on return receipts in Mozilla"s email client Thunderbird: 

Click devices (on the top food selection bar) climate click Options. Now, ~ above the basic tab click "Return Receipts." 

Here you have the right to configure Thunderbird to always include return receipts through your emails. Girlfriend can additionally send your very own return receipts and the place of your receipts. As soon as done, just click OK. 

You can additionally configure Thunderbird return receipts on individual emails. While writing a new email simply click on options on the top food selection bar then pick "Return Receipts and or delivery Status Notification" to configure its return receipt setting. 

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Again, together usual, the recipient can select whether come send a return receipt answer or not. 


In the free version that Gmail, friend can’t request a review receipt. But the attribute is accessible via Google"s paid organization cloud software program G Suite. 

If you space a G Suite subscriber, you can turn on read receipt requests via the G Suite Admin Console. Walk to Apps >> GSuite >> setups for Gmail >> then click advanced Settings. Here, you deserve to scroll down to the Email review Receipts section, whereby you’ll uncover this wordy option: "Allow email check out receipts to be sent out to all addresses in my organization as well as the adhering to email addresses." switch it to “on.” 

With this option on, you can click the reduced right down arrowhead on your Compose home window to request a review receipt for the details email you"re writing. 

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Use email tracking software 

Maybe you have a tiny business. Probably you law research, and also you just need to know which emails were opened and also which to be untouched. In this case, you could turn come third-party email tracking solutions. 

Most of these are paid services with monthly subscriptions, however some have totally free basic plans, too. This third-party trackers offer more features than your regular free email client. 

Get Notify 

One basic way to gain track her emails and also get review receipts is get Notify. For each article read, you’ll obtain a notification. You will certainly be notified of the exact date and time the email was read. You"ll also receive the recipient"s IP address, geographical location, operation system and which web browser they space using. 

Get Notify"s cost-free version caps your tracked emails to a maximum of five per day and a total of 150 a month but you can provide a "small donation" to eliminate the daily limit and also increase her monthly limit. 


Mailtrack is a browser extension because that Chrome, Firefox, and also Opera that"s designed to occupational with Gmail. Mailtrack"s totally free version offers unlimited email tracking, but your emails will be tagged v a Mailtrack Signature. This is typical for individual non-business use. 

For about $5 a month, you can get its Pro variation to remove the Mailtrack signature. The agree version also provides technology support, notifications, and usage for three different email addresses. Finally, little companies deserve to sign up because that the "Teams" plan, and huge companies deserve to sign up for "Enterprise." 


Streak is a customer Relationship administration (CRM) add-on for Gmail. Their free version has simple CRM features and email strength tools. You deserve to track 200 emails a month, which should be lot of for an individual use. 

Streak also has a Corporate arrangement ($39/month) and an Enterprise arrangement ($89/month) meant for little to big businesses. Next from full CRM features, these payment plans also include countless email tracking. 

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