Bronchitis and pneumonia are two lung epidemic with comparable symptoms. In part cases, bronchitis have the right to turn into pneumonia. This occurs when an epidemic spreads from the airways to the air sacs in the lungs.

It is also possible for a human with bronchitis to develop a separate pneumonia infection. It have the right to be an overwhelming to phone call the difference between bronchitis and also pneumonia because the 2 infections have similar symptoms.

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People most at risk are babies, enlarge adults, and also people with a dilute immune mechanism or underlying wellness condition. Dealing with bronchitis easily can help prevent it from emerging into pneumonia.

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Bronchitis is a lung epidemic that causes irritation and swelling in the airways. These impacts prompt the lung to make an ext mucus 보다 normal, triggering a cough as the human body tries to get rid of excess mucus.

The many common type of bronchitis is acute bronchitis, or a chest cold. Symptoms have the right to include:

fatiguedifficulty breathing

People usually recover from acute bronchitis in ~ 3 weeks, as soon as the infection gets rid of up.

A human with an basic health problem may discover it more difficult to acquire over bronchitis, which deserve to put lock at higher risk because that pneumonia. The is important to act bronchitis quickly to avoid the infection from spreading deeper into the lungs.

Pneumonia causes symptoms similar to those the bronchitis, as well as:

feverrapid heartbeatloss the appetite

In part cases, rather than the infection spreading, a human will obtain a separate pneumonia infection alongside bronchitis.

Both infections have actually very comparable symptoms, and also this deserve to make it challenging for doctors to provide an exact diagnosis. A lung epidemic that they initially diagnosed together bronchitis may have been pneumonia from the start.

Chronic bronchitis

A less common form of bronchitis is chronic bronchitis. The symptoms room the same, however they can last because that months. Chronic bronchitis is a recurring epidemic that appears for at the very least 2 consecutive years.

Chronic bronchitis is a lung problem that occurs when a human breathes in irritants over an extended period. This irritants damage the lungs and also cause lasting ede of the airways. The most common causes are smoking, waiting pollution, and chemicals in the workplace.

A human who has chronic bronchitis has lungs that function less efficiently than normal. This disability can make it harder for the body to fight turn off infection and increase the person’s threat for pneumonia.


In many cases, a virus causes bronchitis, and also bacteria cause pneumonia.

The exact same virus often causes colds, flu, and also bronchitis. Viruses spread when people cough or sneeze, and they can likewise live top top surfaces. They are really contagious.

The bacterium that many commonly reasons pneumonia is Streptococcus pneumoniae. It deserve to spread v coughing yet is lot less infectious than a cold or bronchitis. Many people’s immune device will kill the bacteria directly away.

A human can acquire pneumonia if your immune device is no working and usual. This dysfunction might be since of a recent disease or an underlying health and wellness condition. Who who has bronchitis have the right to be in ~ a greater risk of arising pneumonia.

Other reasons of pneumonia room less typical bacteria, a virus, or fungi. If a less common bacterium causes pneumonia, doctors contact the problem atypical pneumonia. This term describes the truth that the symptoms show up slightly different than those of usual pneumonia.

It is less common for bacteria to reason bronchitis. When they do, there may be a greater risk the bronchitis transforming into pneumonia because bacteria can multiply and also spread quickly. The infection have the right to spread native the airways to the air sacs in the lungs.

Treating bronchitis easily can help prevent pneumonia. As soon as the immune system has returned to working normally, the hazard of emerging a brand-new infection falls.

People can additionally reduce their threat by quitting smoking to improve their lung health and wearing a confront mask if they are using chemicals in the workplace. Continual exercise the raises the heart rate can assist strengthen the lungs.

Ways to protect against the spread out of pneumonia encompass washing the hands, extending the mouth as soon as coughing or sneezing, and throwing organization away directly after making use of them.

Older adult can consider getting the pneumonia vaccine to defend them indigenous the illness. The Centers for disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that children under 2 year of age and adults aged 65 and over acquire the vaccine.

Diagnosis have the right to be difficult, as bronchitis and also pneumonia have very similar symptoms. It might not be feasible to tell even if it is a person:

has continuous bronchitishas bronchitis that has actually turned right into pneumoniahad pneumonia from the start

A physician will normally ask about medical history and do a physics examination. They will listen to the lungs for a crackling or bubbling sound.

If bronchitis becomes pneumonia, a person’s symptoms generally worsen. Castle will have actually a cough with mucus and also a fever. If a doctor cannot diagnose pneumonia based on the who symptoms, they may indicate a chest X-ray or blood test.

Most world will be able to treat a situation of acute bronchitis in ~ home. They deserve to rest, drink many of fluids, and take pain relief if necessary. A humidifier can make it less complicated to breath by loosening rubber in the lungs. Honey or lozenges deserve to ease symptoms because that adults.

Doctors seldom prescribe antibiotics to treat bronchitis. This drugs treat bacter infections, and also bronchitis is almost always a famous infection.

It is usually feasible to treat mild pneumonia in ~ home, yet it is advisable to seek medical advice. A doctor will typically prescribe antibiotics. Human being should constantly complete the complete course that antibiotics, also once their symptoms have actually gone.

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In much more serious cases, a human may should go to the hospital. Clinical staff can check whether the treatment is working, offer medication, and also supply oxygen if necessary. If a human being is as well unwell to take tablets or drink fluids, they may need a drip.