for beginners who room looking to find out Microsoft Office application skills, this big list of finding out resources will certainly propel girlfriend to brand-new heights.

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If you have never supplied Microsoft Office or simply need assist with the basics, there room plenty of resources scattered about the internet. However which is the best way to learn Microsoft Office? Is it complimentary training, a payment class, or a video tutorial?

because that beginners and those brushing up on your Microsoft Office application skills, right here is a huge list of choices worth checking out.

digital Courses and also Tutorials

through both cost-free and paid digital classes and also instructions, discovering Microsoft Office through these tools can be just what you"re spring for. And also as friend begin, you might like to testimonial our tips because that learning about Office 2016.

1. Office 365 cultivate Center

Office 365 cultivate Center
one of the best ways to discover Microsoft Office is to go appropriate to the source. The Office 365 Training center provides different options depending on your needs. You have the right to watch video training tutorials for Office 365 or pick a details Microsoft Office application choose Word, Excel, or Access. And also it"s every free.

(If you move to a free Microsoft Office alternative such as Office digital at any point, here"s just how to cancel your Office 365 subscription.)

GCF global MS Office 2016
GCF is another good resource for free Microsoft Office training. You"ll uncover training for Office 2016 in addition to larger versions. Do your selection and climate start learning the applications separately. Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint each have tutorials neatly organized through topic and also Getting started sections if you"re completely new come it.

(It"s likewise a good place come find computer courses for beginners on every sorts the topics.)

3. Totally free Training Tutorial

Free cultivate Tutorial ms Office
For discovering the basics that Microsoft Word and also Excel because that free, the options on the free Training Tutorial site are decent and serve as great references. Discover the Excel essentials, run right into working through formulas, or just uncover out how to do simple tasks in Word. You"ll view step-by-step instructions v images, do this a great one come bookmark.

GoSkills ms Office
If you room interested in learning more about Microsoft Office so the you can gain certified, take it a look in ~ GoSkills. The site provides affordable choices where you can pay per class or for a food bundle. You"ll have accessibility to video tutorials, quizzes and tests, a personalized experience, and also can learn at your own pace.


through online great for whatever from marketing come software advancement and beyond, is a an excellent place to learn Microsoft Office. Friend can select from Office 365 crucial classes to those details to each application. offers a 30-day totally free trial, so you can check out the experience before subscribing to a plan.

6. Udemy

Udemy is another paid digital learning center for miscellaneous industries and also subjects. You deserve to take the nine-course Microsoft Office 2016 training bundle for an excellent start. ~ that, you have the right to review and also pay for individual classes certain to the application and topic. Udemy is a superb affordable source with plenty of cost-free classes.

Universal class has a great Microsoft Office 2016 cultivate bundle that has Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. This option has 70 lessons and over 140 assignments and also exams to check what girlfriend learn. You can also take individual application classes and review courses for larger versions the Microsoft Office if needed.

8. LinkedIn

If you belong to LinkedIn, then you should certainly check the end the learning center for Microsoft Office. Friend can try it out for one month free and climate subscribe to a LinkedIn finding out plan if it works for you. There are courses because that Office 365 and also Microsoft Office, add to you deserve to filter the many alternatives by beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

9. EdX

top top edX, you"ll discover several Microsoft-related courses together with a Microsoft Office Fundamentals: Outlook, Word, and Excel class . This one is accessible for free, however if friend would prefer to add a showed certificate, you deserve to do so because that a fee. The class is also component of the Microsoft professional Program because that IT support if you would choose to take it your learning to the following level.

My virtual Training Hub uses individual process for Word, Excel, and also Outlook and a bundle that contains all three. The single classes administer between 20 and 30 hours of course videos and also you can review the syllabus or examine out a preview before you decide to buy one. The process will aid you find out Microsoft Office versions indigenous 2007 to 2016.

11. Bigger Brains

bigger Brains supplies online subscriptions because that individuals and also teams for their Office 365 training course bundle. You can learn whatever from the essentials to ending up being a master. Look through the single application class if friend prefer and be sure to take a minute to evaluation the course lengths, sample videos, and also related classes.

YouTube Videos

perhaps you"d quite follow in addition to a video clip than take it an main Microsoft Office maintain course. Below are number of YouTube channels with cultivate videos the make finding out Microsoft Office easy.

The discover iT! cultivate YouTube channel provides a nice selection of tutorials including a Microsoft Office 2016 beginner Tutorial. In addition, friend can select from videos particular to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook for miscellaneous versions of Office.

13. Technology for Teachers and Students

modern technology for Teachers and also Students has a an excellent mix of video tutorials for discovering Microsoft Office and each applications itself. Friend can also learn around Sway, OneNote, OneDrive, and get aid with intermediate and progressed topics because that the plenty of Microsoft products.

14. Sali Kaceli

for another great set that YouTube tutorials, take a look at Sali Kaceli"s channel. You"ll find comprehensive videos that take you v each Microsoft Office application. You deserve to then gain into specifics together as working with resolve books in Outlook or calculating percentages in Excel.

The Teacher"s tech channel is pack with comprehensive Office tutorials because that beginners and above. In enhancement to the Microsoft Office desktop computer applications, you deserve to learn about Office Online. Over there are likewise videos because that Office Lens, Microsoft Sway, and OneDrive if you want help with those products as well.

16. Skills Factory

skills Factory has several tutorials for each applications within Microsoft Office 2016. They room geared towards beginners and many are much less than 15 minutes long, for this reason you can learn quickly and also follow follow me easily.

17. Microsoft Mechanics

Microsoft Mechanics offers specific topic tutorials for Office 365, Microsoft Office 2016, and also Office Online. You can inspect out an overview of Office, gain details top top the Office experience, or jump ideal into how to usage each applications in a variety of ways.

HowTech Tutorials has a channel dedicated to Microsoft Office training. No only can you learn exactly how to usage the tools but get right into specifics for each one. Once you learn the basics, you can gain into developing charts in Excel working through pages in Word.

19. Professor Adam Morgan

initially for his students, Professor Adam Morgan decided to do his video tutorials windy to assist others. Watch the alternatives for beginners for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, and also Outlook. Climate take a emergence at specific topics favor formatting in word or importing data in Excel.

20. ETop Technology, Inc.

The eTop Technology, Inc. YouTube channel offers variety of tutorials for finding out Office 365, Microsoft Office 2016, and older version of Office. Most videos room short and also right come the point, do it simple for friend to execute the basics in the Office applications.

finding out Microsoft Office Is a Click Away

No matter just how you favor to find out Microsoft Office, even if it is it it is in an online class or a useful video, these alternatives have girlfriend covered. Check them out and also see i beg your pardon one fits you and your demands the best.

Ultimate Microsoft Office Mastery: 90+ Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials for You here are lots of tips, tricks, and tutorials to help you find out the ins and also outs that both Microsoft Word and also Microsoft Excel.

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