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A elevator kit is just one of those essential changes for anyone wanting an ext off-roading capacity out of their Wrangler. There room a selection of choices to select from, depending on your crawling needs.

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When it concerns lift kit there space a many of factors to consider. What it will certainly be offered for, budget, tires size, etc. Every one of these factors influence what height and form of lift kit would certainly be the most efficient for her Wrangler.


A lift kit replaces your Jeep"s springs and also shocks, enhancing your ride height. Wranglers are notorious off-roaders, yet they can"t clean every problem you"ll come across. A elevator kit will permit your rig come traverse rougher terrain, and as a general rule of thumb, the taller the lift, the more you deserve to tackle.

There space two species of lift kits: suspension elevator which are the many common, and also body lifts. A human body lift rises the distance in between the frame and also the body while a suspension lift rises the distance in between the axles and the frame.

If you"re plan on doing any kind of serious off-roading, friend will want to lift your Jeep to increase ground clearance, suspension travel, and be able to fit larger tires better suited because that off-roading. People also tend come lift your Wrangler because it renders it look at better. As soon as it concerns lifting her Jeep girlfriend should element in what you space planning to do with it, how much you want to spend, and also how challenging it may be come install. Everyone has various reasons to install a background kit. Even if it is it’s for off-roading or simply aesthetics, your reason for lifting your Jeep will dictate what kind of lift friend install.

For many of us, our Jeep is a combination of a daily driver, off-road toy, camping vehicle, and perhaps a small towing here and also there. If friend are searching for a Jeep suspension elevator kit for this multi-use situation, the score is to find the proper balance between on-road drivability and off-road suspension flexibility. If you have the deluxe of owning a committed wheeler, most of its higher speed dealing with traits can be sacrificed to maximize suspension articulation.

Just remember your Jeep"s suspension is just one component of the equation. Be certain to address your rig"s wheels and also tires along with the drivetrain. The vital is to obtain all three solution working with each other to provide the best feasible traction at every times, on and off-road.Some that the much more important inquiries to ask:

How will you usage your Jeep?What size and kind of tires would you choose to use?How lot are you willing to spend on her Jeep"s lift?
JK Wrangler front Suspension

If you’re not an proficient mechanic, it might be ideal to have actually your lift professionally set up to ensure the is done effectively to avoid any type of unintentional damage to your rig. If you install the elevator yourself, friend will most likely spend hours under her rig tweaking whatever over and also over again... Till it"s simply right.

If you"re going for a larger lift (3.5 inches plus), then various lower manage arms and also longer shocks come to be a consideration. You will additionally need to lengthen the front and also rear brake lines.

If youlift 4 inch or more, climate you"ll likely need longer upper manage arms together well. Plus, you will have to replace the track bar, and also longer emergency brake lines. As there are thousands of kits to select from, we’ve broken down the basics that each kind to make it easier to decide.

Keep in mind that the 2-door and 4-door kits space indeed different from one another. The main difference is feather rates. The 4-door springs room going to be beefier in order to manage the extra weight.

A leveling kit is precisely as that sounds; it levels the natural rake the manufacturing facility gives Wranglers. Rather than having the former sit reduced than the rear, the leveling kit will ensure every little thing sits, well, level. A usual upgrade because that Jeepers looking come balance things out after adding a more heavier steel bumper and winch. Leveling kit don’t exceed an ext than an inch or 2 in lift elevation in many cases. Some coil spacer kits will even have 1-inch of lift in the front and 2-inches in the rear to both achieve lift and also level.

Body lifts are similar in they often tend to administer one to two inches the lift. Leveling kits space usually body lifts, yet not all body lifts level your rig. Body elevator vs suspension lifts: body lifts room rubber spacer pucks that different the body and frame where suspension lifts boost the distance between the frame and also suspension. This renders body lifts inexpensive, however time consuming to install. You can frequently get a 1-3 customs lift without new shocks because that under $200.00. It"s important to store in mind the body lifts are mainly for figure purposes because they don"t rise wheel take trip unlike suspension kits.

If you simply want a little much more clearance under the transfer situation or a little an ext room to operation 31-inch tires yet you don’t desire a body lift, coil spacer kits room the following option. Coil spacers are placed under the share springs to offer your drive a tiny bump in height, and if you have YJ, longer shackles in the rear.1.5 inches come 2inches is the most usual "small lift".

If you install a lift bigger than 1.5 customs without brand-new shocks you might reduce journey quality. Her shocks won’t have actually the very same travel since they’ll be sitting expanded most the the time, meaning you won’t have actually the very same dampening qualities as stock. 2-3 customs body are where you begin to encounter significant suspension issues because the stock materials won"t it is in long enough to compensate for the extra height. With larger body lifts, girlfriend will have to install extensions or new brackets for things choose the radiator, shifter, fuel filler tube, and possibly your steering linkage.

You"ll need to install brand-new brackets so your radiator have the right to be in the correct place for proper function, yet you"ll need to forego the fan shroud. You"ll require to expand the transition linkage because that it to completely engage properly because of the body moving while the transmission remains in place. There is no an extension, the fuel filler tube won"t it is in long sufficient to reach between the body and also the tank. Your steering affiliation support may have to be lifted to correct steering angles. If girlfriend don"t readjust the steering linkages to take care of the readjust in distance, stiffer steering is very probable.


Can right 31-33 customs tires (depending on the kit)Retain factory ride qualityInexpensiveQuick and easy come installNo change to driveline anglesGives extra room to permit for high clearance skid platesNo require for slip yoke eliminator1-1.25 inch body lifts work-related well with Jeep suspension lifts


Larger lifts require expansions to shifter, fuel filler neck, 4WD shifterLarger lifts require brand-new brackets because that radiatorLifts over 1.5 inches can reduce journey qualityMay require engine mountain liftGround clearance is not obtained from a human body liftNo rise in wheel travelMust eliminate the fan shroudOccasional buyer’s remorse: wishing you had a enlarge lift to start with

1.25 - 2 inch Jeep lift KitsShop every 1 - 2.5 inch Lifts

Jeep Suspension Lifts: Differences in between the JL, JK, TJ, & YJ

Jeep suspension lifts are sometimes called quick arm lifts and are the most typical Wrangler elevator kits due to their mid-level price and effectiveness. Suspension lifts selection from 2-6 inches. The main downside of taller suspension lifts is anything over a 2.5-inch lift will need a on slide yoke eliminator (on YJs and also TJs) and a CV driveshaft to avoid driveline vibrations and also other issues.

4.5-6 customs lifts are finest suited because that off-roading because they provide big amounts of soil clearance, articulation, and enable for some very large tires. This doesn’t average they can"t be moved on the road, however, it might be much less comfortable and less safe due to the increased center of gravity.

Short eight lifts generally encompass bigger coil springs, guide bar links, and shocks. Part may likewise use extended control arms, upgraded steering components, or an ext depending ~ above the lift height and also manufacturer. Coil lifts are often grouped with short arm lifts due to their similarity, however, coil lifts typically only encompass larger coil springs and also possibly new shocks.

JK Lifted through 2.5 Inches

YJ Wranglers: YJs use a leaf spring suspension on both the front and also rear axles. The key component the the elevator is a new set of bigger leaf springs. YJ Wranglers carry out not use control arms many thanks to the usage of leaf springs which are able to host the axles in location while acting as springs.

TJ, JK, JL Wranglers: In 1997, the Wrangler’s suspension adjusted over come a 4-wheel coil form suspension which stays the share suspension setup in Wranglers today. TJ and also JK Wrangler background kits usage taller coil springs to rise the distance between the frame and also the axles. Larger lifts might include new control eight to preserve suspension alignment providing smoother highway driving.


Greater suspension travelIncreased floor clearance & wheel travelAllows for larger tiresMid-level priceNon-complex installationDoesn’t require adjustments to transition linkageEasier environment than long arm lift


Higher center of gravity raising tip hazardsMore expensive 보다 body liftLifts greater than 4 customs require changes to the drivelineLarger elevator require extended brake linesCan affect ride quality
A lengthy arm lift kit is a special type of suspension elevator that offers longer regulate arms placed further ago in an attempt to bring suspension angle closer to the original. This type of elevator provides much better ride high quality than a quick arm suspension kit as result of the better angels. However, a drawback of long arm kit is they often tend to be expensive, and also they are much more likely to get caught on rocks as soon as crawling due to the long regulate arms hanging down further. As part of the typical installation because that most long arm lifts, you may need to modify her exhaust and also possibly weld on new mounts because that the longer regulate arms.


Increased soil clearanceGreater wheel take trip & tires clearance than short arm liftDoesn’t require modifications to change linkageBetter ride quality than brief arm lift


Lifts higher than 4 inches require changes to the drivelineHigher facility of gravity raising tip hazardsUsually many expensive form of Jeep elevator kitMore most likely to gain stuck top top rocks than short armsComplicated install

For any generation Wrangler, installing a body lift is going come be different than act a complete suspension lift. In most cases, the suspension lift will certainly be more difficult to do than the human body lift. Because that the JL, JK and also TJ Wranglers,body lifts are performed together follows:

Remove the front lower shock boltsRemove brake heat bracketry and any various other harnesses that could get pulled on if lifting/dropping the axleRemove the guide bar finish linksRemove the monitor bar boltsLower the axle to eliminate the coil springs. Be sure to store an eye on every little thing under the suspension come ensure naught is damaged while moving the axleRemove the factory spring spacers. A pry bar is recommended, but be gentleInstall brand-new coil spring spacers and also reinstall the former suspensionThe behind is the exact same as the frontEXCEPTthe rear has a transfer case breather you have to remove and also then reinstall as well as the parking brake lines

As you would expect, law a body lift top top a JL, JK or TJ is relatively straightforward.Suspension lifts, however, is wherein things gain complicated. Listed below is a simplified version the what you"ll watch in most manufacturer surroundings instructions.NOTE:Some manufacturers incorporate which tire sizes they supplied with your lift kits. If you"re trying to decide between two background kits, inspect the installation instructions for the recommended tires sizes. The two kits might really well be various from each other.

Measure share wheel street (center of the rim come the peak of the within fender). You"ll usage this information when re-adjusting the suspensionRemove front track bar boltRemove sway bar linksRemove the shocksLoosen the manage arms (if the kit requires lengthy arm conversions measures will change)Remove brake line brackets and other materials that could be influenced by axle movementRemove coil springs and spacersInstall brand-new coil springs and also componentsBe sure to pay attention to the manufacturer"s particular instructions with kits requiring additional suspension changes (track bar relocation, bushing changes, pitmanarm changes, etc.)Once all brand-new parts are installed, you"ll have to reset your drag link alignment as well as steering alignment

Installing a human body lift vs a suspension background on a YJ boils down to human body mounts vs leaf springs. Unlike the more recent Jeeps, installation a collection of coil spring spacers because that a body lift isn"t going come fly. Instead, you"re walk to need to remove all of the YJ"s body mounts and reinstalltaller mounts. A suspension background on a YJ requires separating the sheet springs from the axle, and also installing new shackles and leaves. Detailed listed below are summarized installations that both lifts.First increase is human body lifts.

First, you"ll should remove the air intake, coolant reservoir, and also the strength steering reservoir (coolant and steering dependant on the year)Automatic models will need to have actually the shifter linkage removed native the frameRemove radiator shroud boltsLoosen every body mount bolts (11 in total). There"s one in ~ the center of the grille, three under every door, two above the rear axle, and lastly 2 at each rear cornerRemove old human body bushings, and install old stole sleeves onto the new bushingsInstall all brand-new lifted bushingsInstall brand-new front bump stopsInstall radiator shroud relocation bracketsReinstall reservoirs and also air intake

As you have the right to see, the human body lift on a YJ is far much more complicated. To make matters worse, there space two different steel sleeve diameters. Manufacturers will include diagrams denoting i beg your pardon bodybushings call for which sleeves and where they"re located.Suspension background installations are comprehensive as follows:

Be certain to assistance the front axle v a floor jack after her rig is ~ above jack standsRemove sway bar links from the guide barUnbolt the track bar native the passenger side knuckle, and tie that up and out of the wayRemove the feather to axle u-boltsSeparate the axle native the sheet spring by lifting the shock tube v a floor jackRemove the structure bolts and also shackle bolts to eliminate the leaf springInstall all new parts, however don"t tighten noþeles down until the rear is complete. Every suspension adjustments will be made after her Jeep is earlier on the tires and on the groundInstalling the elevator in the behind is similar to the front, however you won"t have to attend to the steering linkages

Let"s say you just bought your an initial Jeep. You want to start modding it ideal away, however you notification it has actually larger tires than stock. Is it lifted also? how do you tell? action one: grab your tape measurer. Action 2: (if your Jeep is a TJ) measure her springs.

Stock TJ Wranglers have 12 customs springs in the front and 8 inch springs in the rear. This holds true across all submodels. If her springs are larger than these heights, you have a suspension lift. Just subtract the over values indigenous the measure up value and you have your elevator height. Checking for body elevator is a duty of see if you have actually coil spring spacers or not.

JK Wrangler heights space far more complicated. Chrysler chose to shirk the idea of having one set spring height. The feasible combinations room staggering (20+), yet the Jeeper ar has settled on a tried and true technique of finding out lift heights based upon curb height. The below figures assume her JK has a full tank the gas and also topped off on every fluids. First, put your Jeep in 2WD. Second, push down on the front 5 or so time to get the suspension come settle. Third, grab her handy dandy ice cream measurer and measure the distance between the jounce bumper cup and the optimal lip that the inner spring seat on the axle. Listed below are the share measurement arrays for JKs.

Front Curb Heights

2WD JKs: 2 inches come 3.5 inches4WD Saharas, Xs, & Sports: 3.2 inches to 4.5 inches4WD Rubicons: 3.3 inches come 4.8 inches

Rear Curb Heights

2WD JKs: 3.5 inches to 5 inchesShort Wheel basic 4WD Saharas, Xs, & Sports: 4.5 inches come 6 inchesLong Wheel base 4WD Saharas, Xs, 7 Sports: 4.7 inches come 6.2 inchesShort Wheel basic 4WD Rubicons: 4.6 inches come 6 inchesLong Wheel base 4WDRubicons: 4.9 inches come 6.4 inches

Certain tires sizes need minimum background heights, however as youincrease the dimension of her Jeep’s tires, there are a variety of Jeep suspension upgrades you"ll need as well to accommodate the necessary clearance for the tire both on and off-road.

Upgrading come 33-inch tires:In most situations a basic 1.5 customs “Budget Boost” is enough to provide the required clearance. On-road, the JK Wrangler can accommodate many 33 inch tires without any kind of modifications. If you setup on going off-road, you’ll need a slight increase in background to provide you the suitable amount the clearance because that 33s. Over there is very little to do if you arrangement on raising your share tire size to 33son JK Wranglers. JL Wranglers, top top the other hand, can control 33s through swapping out the stock fenders because that flat, or taller fenders. Otherwise a 1.5-2 customs lift will perform the job. Many budget boost lifts encompass the following:

Front and rear feather spacersFront and rear shock spacersLonger front guide bar linksExtensions for the front and rear brake lines

Upgrading come 35-inch tires:If you arrangement on upgrading to a 35-inch tire, you will need a elevator of at least 2.5 inch for appropriate clearance. At most you’ll require a 3.5 customs lift. Through this height you’ll must correct the Jeep’s geometry v front and also rear monitor barsand at the very least upper or reduced front manage arms to realign the prior axle under the Jeep. A great 2.5-inch elevator should include the following:

Front and also rear springsFront and also rear shocksFront and also rear brake currently or extensionsFront and rear sway bar linksTop or bottom front regulate armsFront and rear track bars

Upgrading to 37-inch tires:Increasing her tire size to 37 customs or more will need a lift kit that at the very least 3.5 inches or more. Generally, a 4 customs kit or taller will comfortably fit 37s. These kits change the majority of her Jeep’s stock suspension and will likewise require brand-new driveshafts. Don’t forget upgrading her front and rear, upper and also lower control arms. In addition, the front and also rear monitor bars will must be elongated come re-center the axle. A great 3.5-4 customs lift kit should incorporate the following:

Front and rear springsFront and also rear shocksFront and also rear brake linesFront and also rear persuade bar linksTop and also bottom front and also rear manage armsFront and rear track bars

For a quick reference one what tires sizes pair well through your Jeep"s life kit, look no more than the tables below. Top top the left column we have lift heights, and also the optimal row denotes tire diameter.

Green cells suggest that elevator kit and also tire mix requires zero alteration to your fenders in bespeak to operation it safely.

Yellow cells suggest you"ll either must modify your existing fenders or replace them with level aftermarket fenders in order to run your desired combo without rubbing.

Red cells indicate you"ll require a comprehensive amount the fender modifications to operation the combo.

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black color cells, as you can have guessed, show combinations we don"t recommend. You"re feather at tradition fabrication occupational to make the collection work in ~ the an extremely least.