1. Always operate your fondue set on a level, steady table or various other flat, secure surface.

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2. Always collection up the fondue collection on a heat-resistant surface choose a hot pad, wooden cutting board or ceramic tiles.

3. Store the fondue set away from kids and always store burner and also denatured alcohol in a child-safe place.

4. Prior to using the fondue pot, constantly make certain the take care of is steady attached and also that the pot fits securely on its stand.

5. Save the alcohol burner cover handy while the collection is in use, so the flame have the right to be turn off when food preparation is complete.


1. Your Alcohol Burner is designed to use only denatured alcohol (available in ~ hardware stores, and also drug stores) or liquid fondue fuel (available in gourmet shops and also some other specialty stores.)

2. Do not overfill the alcohol burner. Usage no much more than 3 fluid ounces the denatured alcohol, or liquid fondue fuel, to fill her burner. Much more alcohol may reason excessive flames. 3 ounces will burn approximately 90 minutes. If less time is required, usage 2 ounces the fuel.

3. Automatically wipe away any type of spilled alcohol or fuel. Always cover and also remove the container the fuel from near the burner before lighting the burner.

4. Location the burner in the stand and also use a enhance to irradiate at the facility hole. Do no use a lighter nor guideline the burner come ignite.

5. Usage the moveable take care of on the burner to change the flame. For higher flames, leave holes open. To reduce flames, rotate manage to partially cover the holes.

6. Do not relocate or tip the burner or stand as soon as the burner is lit.

7. Never add alcohol or fuel to a lit or warm burner. Always extinguish the flame and allow the burner to cool before refueling.

8. To extinguish flame, location the burner sheathe on height of burner come cover completely.


1. When fondue cooking is complete, extinguish flame with burner cover.

2. Enable the ondue pot to cool fully on its stand.

3. Remove components from the pot, rinse the pot and also splatter shield with warm water. Wash by hand.

4. Wash the fondue forks by hand.

5. Wipe the cooled stand, base and also burner v a damp towel or sponge if needed. Buff dry.

The versatility of Fondue

Use your Fondue collection for food preparation meats and also vegetables or for maintaining sweet or savory sauces hot for dipping.

Follow these basic instructions:

Oils because that Fondue Cooking

The following oils are useful for most Fondue Cooking.

Olive OilVegetable OilPeanut OilSafflower OilCorn Oil

To cook Meats, Shellfish and Fish in Oil

1. Arrange bite-size piece of beef, chicken, pork, shrimp, fresh tuna, swordfish or other meats and also fish top top a platter. Permit 4-6 ounces every person.

2. Set out dishes full of condiments like mustard, steak sauce, soybean beans sauce, sweet and also sour sauce, hoisin sauce, oyster sauce or barbecue sauce. Ar one separation, personal, instance Fondue Plate in ~ each place setting.

3. Collection up the was standing of your Fondue collection on a table ~ above a heat-resistant surface. Location prepared Burner in Stand. (See basic Set-Up Instructions and Alcohol Burner Directions.)

4. Pour food preparation oil right into Fondue Pot come a depth the 2 come 2.5 inches. Heat on the variety until oil get 375°F, or till a bread cube dropped right into oil cooks to a gold brown in 30 seconds.

5. Set Fondue Pot on Stand. Location the Splatter Shield ~ above Pot. Irradiate the Burner through a complement at the facility hole. (Read Alcohol Burner direction carefully prior to lighting Burner.) readjust flame to wanted height with Movable Handle.

6. Permit each guest to pick a Fork and place one assortment of condiments top top his Fondue Plate. Centrally locate the meat platter so everyone deserve to skewer the piece of meat and also place castle in the Fondue Pot for cooking. Each person can chef their meats to their personal desired level of doneness.

To chef Meats in Stock

Follow the exact same procedure as outlined above, substituting stock or broth for the oil. Heat stock to boiling in the Fondue Pot on kitchen variety before carrying Pot come the stand over the Alcohol Burner.

To chef Vegetables

Cut fresh vegetables right into bite-size pieces and also follow wither the Oil or Stock food preparation procedures above.

To heat Savory Dipping Sauces

1. Follow simple set-up procedure in ar “To chef Meats… in Oil.”

2. If the Dipping Sauce is a recipe with an ext than one ingredient, like hot Clam Dip, Chile Con Queso or hot Anchovy Dip, and needs to be cooked prior to serving, integrate ingredients in the Stainless stole Fondue Pot and heat on the range before moving Pot to the Alcohol Burner.

3. If you great to usage a ready sauce, favor barbecue sauce or bottled cheese sauce, warmth it in the Fondue Pot over the Alcohol Burner, stirring typically until hot.

4. Save the Burner flame medium-to-low, to prevent scorching sauces and to keep them in ~ a pleasant offer temperature.

5. Use the complying with “dippers” v Savory Sauces:

French bread cubesRaw vegetablesLightly steamed vegetablesBoiled Potatoes

To warmth Sweet Dipping Sauces

1. Follow basic set-up procedure outlined in ar “To chef Meats… In Oil.”

2. For quick and also easy entertaining, use bottled dessert sauces such as hot fudge, butterscotch or raspberry syrup, heated directly in the Fondue Pot end the Alcohol Burner.

3. Create your own dessert dipping sauces by heater jams, conservation or pieces of chocolate flavored v liqueurs or various other liquids straight in the Fondue Pot end the Alcohol Burner, stirring frequently.

4. To thin sauces, line in milk, fruit juice, coffee, water or liqueurs a tablespoon at a time.

5. To thicken a sauce, permit it to simmer, until preferred consistency is reached.

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6. Never melt coco or cheese alone. Always include some liquid to the Fondue Pot along with the cacao or cheese, and also stir frequently. Always store the flame short to stop scorching the can happen with countless dessert sauces as result of their high street content.

7. Use the adhering to “dippers” v Sweet Dessert Sauces:

Pound cake, point of view food cake or sponge cake cubesWhole new fruits prefer strawberries and grapesCut-up fresh fruits choose banana and apple