Hair shade is expected to be fun—there are couple of ways the can change your look so quickly and also dramatically. If the drastic readjust you have actually in mind means lightening your hair—and you want to carry out it there is no a expedition to the salon—there several choices to walking lighter while maintaining your hair healthy-looking.

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You may have actually heard the DIY publication such together lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, or chamomile tea come lighten hair at home. Top up the these may provide inconsistent results or could not be the best solution for your hair. Here are some various other tips right here on just how to take it color-treated hair—yes, even really dark hair—lighter through Madison Reed.

For “Virgin” Hair: know Your Shade

If you are rocking untreated hair (hair that’s never ever been colored before), the first step is to determine your organic hair color. Follow this steps:

choose a section of your hair (as far from the prior of your hairline together you can quickly see in the mirror), and also hold the up, away from the rest of your hair. For best results, make certain you space standing in organic light. Take it a an excellent look at the the shade of hair cultivation out from her roots, nearby to her head. If what you"re see is mainly gray, look because that the color in in between the grays.  currently take a look at the Madison Reed hair color chart below. Black, dark brown, tool blonde...which shade best matches your existing natural hair color? That’s whereby you’re at. Look at the shades one or two levels higher, and that’s whereby you’re headed. 


Go Balayage or walk Home

You can likewise create a lighter result by adding balayage highlights. A French word that method “sweep,” balayage describes a free-form highlighting technique that entails “painting” a lightener ~ above hair because that soft, natural-looking highlights. V our light WorksⓇ Balayage Highlighting Kit, you can lift up to three levels top top color-treated hair, and also up to 4 levels top top hair that has actually not been previously color-treated. Your outcomes will vary depending on how irradiate or dark your current shade is. If Light works does save on computer bleach, it"s entirely complimentary of ammonia.


The application process is simple, and the kit includes everything you"ll need. Ours Precision Wishbone applicator guarantee precise, natural-looking balayage (no spots, no stripes). The clay-based cream formula way goof-proof, no-mess application. And also finally, the salon-secret toning glaze perfects the tone of highlights, improving condition and also shine. View our just how to video clip here:


Give Color-Treated Hair a Lift

If your hair has actually previously been dyed, you have actually a few options:

Wait it out. Fact: permanent shade remains until it grows out. So the takes time to reset it to virgin hair. That being said, you deserve to speed up this process slightly by using a clarifying shampoo, quite than one made for color-treated hair. A clarifying shampoo will progressively lift hair dye and fade it without making use of bleach or harsh shade removers.


The third option is to use a highlighting kit choose Light WorksⓇ to develop a multi-dimensional balayage effect. V Light works you have the right to lift up to three levels ~ above color-treated hair.


Will Lightening mine Hair do it Brassy?

We can"t talk about lightening without mentioning the dreaded brass effect. Even if it is the an outcome of a hair bleach boondoggle, the impacts of saltwater or chlorine, or the natural result of fading, brassiness can appear when and also where it"s the very least wanted. Platinum blonde becomes also yellow, gold highlights revolve orange, and also black fades come red. 

The great news is the there are remedies to her unwanted warm tones, consisting of a glaze or a gloss, prefer our shade Reviving Gloss, our Light WorksⓇ Toning Glaze (the second step of our Light functions Balayage Highlighting Kit), or our color Therapy color depositing hair mask (an effortless, in-shower treatment in location of conditioner come refresh her hair’s tone in just five minutes). Learn more tips in this blog post.

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Nourish her Hair


Lean top top the Pros

These at-home solutions are easy and can additionally be a lot of fun. But if you’re looking to do a larger leap, like a change from black to blonde, you’ll have to seek professional help. And also if this all sounds scary come you, don’t forget you can publication a totally free Video shade Consultation v a license is granted colorist come walk you v your options, or publication a session v a license is granted colorist in ~ a Madison Reed Hair shade Bar. 


Ready for Liftoff

As girlfriend embark on your lightening adventure, save in mind the leaving a dye ~ above for much longer will not make the lighter. Long-term hair dye is non-progressive, meaning it falls short after the time framework indicated. Typically the first 10 minute is for opened the hair cuticles; throughout the following 10 minute the color molecules travel with the open up cuticles come the cortex the the hair tower where the melanin resides; and during the last 10 minute or so, the shade molecules change the melanin to the target color. 

Lightening your very own hair might sound daunting, however we promise it can be fun. And also if you’re patient, careful, and also take an excellent care of her hair every step of the way, girlfriend can get fabulous results.

Looking because that summer hair shade inspiration? as usual, we"ve acquired you covered. Inspect it out here.