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Don’t have time come spend hours basking in the sun however still want beautiful sun-kissed highlights? Surprisingly, friend don’t need chemicals to obtain the job done. Every you need is just one of these remarkable treatments and a great night’s sleep. We’ve gained you spanned with whatever you need to know around natural methods to lighten her hair overnight. So, put down the bleach and also get ready to shot things the end the natural way!

Believe it or not, people have been lightening their hair with natural ingredients because that centuries. In fact, organic hair lightening have the right to be traced all the means back to old Greece. The Grecians would use gold, pollen, and also olive oil to their hair if spending hours luxuriating in the sun.

Nowadays, there are many alternatives for lightening her hair, consisting of a million various drug save bleaching kits that boast prompt results. Yes, bleaching and also highlights will offer you that prompt sun-kissed look—but there room some points to consider. Any type of time girlfriend bleach her hair, you risking her hair’s health. Right here at, we are all around cutting the end chemicals and also focusing on the endless benefits of organic ingredients. Try out some of these chemical-free techniques before reaching for the bleach.

Bring in the lemons

What you will do it need:

LemonsSpray BottleHair plunder or shower head Cap


You’ve most likely heard of the lemon juice hack. It’s extremely popular and surprisingly easy to try. According to hair care professionals, the vitamin C in lemon juice can actually occupational to normally lighten hair, sans chemicals. However, this pointer will work best to lighten hair that is normally blonde or a lighter the shade to start with.

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Did you recognize that you not supposed to apply lemon juice directly to her hair? Lemon juice is very acidic, so squeezing a lemon over her head before heading out for a day at the pool is actually no the best move. The mountain in the lemon juice, linked with a job of chlorine water, is a recipe because that a dry hair nightmare. 

The best means to usage lemon juice together a natural hair lightening hack is come dilute that in among two ways. First, girlfriend can try mixing lemon juice and also water v a ratio of two tablespoons the lemon juice come one cup of water. Location the mixture in a spray bottle, use to hair and also let dried in the sun. Because that overnight effects, as soon as your hair is dry, wrap that up and sleep v the equipment in your hair overnight. 

If friend are in search of a much more hydrating option, you deserve to mix the lemon juice with conditioner or coconut oil. Wrap your hair increase in a shower cap—to prevent any kind of overnight messes—and reap the lightening results of the lemon juice paired with the reparative services of one overnight humidity treatment.