When it comes to lifting and lightening brown hair, Blondor is our immediate go-to. Through a organize of formulas to select from, there’s a Blondor product to fit every look – native balayage come highlights. However, girlfriend may obtain some clients that ask, ‘can you lighten my brown hair without any kind of bleach?’ and the answer, fairly simply, is yes. In fact, it have the right to be excellent in a variety of ways.

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So, here they room – 3 bleach-free methods for developing a lift on virgin locks – add to one bonus guideline for as soon as you’re functioning with formerly colored hair. Get the lightening lowdown…



For clients who desire the most fragile lift come brighten brunette locks, use demi-permanent color Touch; an ammonia-free formula that gently boosts strands. Perfect for including sun-kissed highlights the lightly contrast versus the base, the will create the sort of ‘blink and also you’ll miss out on them’ ribbons the shimmer under the light.

We introduce this method for clients who haven’t lightened your hair before, feel nervous around making the switch, yet are looking for a touch that volume-boosting dimension. Just make certain to pick a target shade that’s brighter 보다 their herbal hue, climate mix with color Touch Emulsion 4% for up to two levels of lift. This is a look the will need low maintenance as the re-growth will certainly be an extremely soft.

Demi-permanent shade is right for clients that crave a low-commitment shade, but if they desire their dream hue to stick around, they should be make the efforts a long-term hair color product. Not just does this market longer-lasting color, but it likewise creates a more noticeable lift. It won’t brighten to the same level as Blondor, but it will create some beautiful bronde tones through brunette locks.

The cheat is to pick the ideal product first. We have actually two permanent formulas in the lasignoralaura.com shade portfolio: glow-boosting Illumina Color and also pure-pigment Koleston Perfect. Illumina lends a sheer however concentrated result that plays up the irradiate reflections in her client’s hair. Meanwhile, Koleston Perfect veils locks in an intense finish, along with up come 100% coverage for grays.

Once you’ve choose which product suits your client’s wanted look best, you’ll require to add a developer come lighten locks. Us recommend Welloxon Perfect, custom-blended come reach their goal level that lift. Pick 6% for as much as one level of lift, 9% for up to two levels, and also 12% because that up to three levels. Use root to reminder in foils or through a balayage technique. Because that an even an ext expressive result, girlfriend can likewise create complete head shade using a an initial time applications technique.

Turning brown hair blonde without bleach may sound prefer a monumental challenge, but thanks come Koleston Perfect’s special Blondes portfolio, the process can it is in done. The 11 blonde hues offer you lifting and toning in a single step, for this reason you can dial brunette hair up to even platinum shades – there is no the need for a pre-lightener.

As with classic Koleston Perfect shades, girlfriend still must use the Welloxon Perfect developer come lighten locks. However, the ratio changes from 1:1 to 1:2 because that a one-of-a-kind Blonde. Meanwhile, the achievable elevator increases, with 9% developer offering up to 3 levels, and also 12% taking brunette hair in between four and also five levels brighter.

Choose your distinct Blondes shades carefully, opting for 12/03 or 12/07 for a caramel blonde, and 12/11 or 12/89 for ash blonde highlights through brunette hair.


4 one-of-a-kind Blonde formulas to Try

Instagram is awash through Special Blonde looks, perfected by professionals. Here are some of our favorite instances of zero-bleach brightening through KP…




Adding caramel tones to dark brown curls there is no a hair lightener? that possible. Brad Thomas produced these dreamy coils using little an ext than Koleston Perfect one-of-a-kind Blonde 12/1 + 9%.




When applied in freehand strokes through the mid-lengths and also ends of her client’s brunette hair, Koleston Perfect 12/0 + 12% will create the prettiest bronde balayage.




This dark-to-light graduation was perfected v Koleston Perfect 12/61 + 9%, swept from the mid-lengths down to the advice in one even fade.



Here’s evidence that unique Blonde shades have the right to take locks extra-light. There’s no pre-lightener in this beige blonde hue; simply Koleston Perfect 12/96, which to be rinsed, neutralized, then complied with up v a toner.

The techniques over are designed for lightening hair that has never to be colored before. Yet what perform you execute if your client’s hair still has remnants the a ahead toner or lightener? making use of a color will not be enough if your customer has previously colored their hair. If you want to reduce oxidative shade depth and also tone, friend can try Color Renew, i m sorry is a gentle different to persulfate assets (pre-lighteners). This will reduce oxidative color while respecting the natural hair melanin.

To mitigate it additional while producing a lift in the hair, us recommend utilizing Blondor on her clients. If your client is wary because they are afraid damage, there’s simple workaround. Shot BlondorPlex, i beg your pardon is a hair lightener-meets-bond strengthener. We’ve infused it through our lasignoralaura.comPlex No1 link Maker, which strengthens the internal hair bonds during the lifting process. You have the right to use it because that balayage, highlights, ombre or all-over coloring, and it will give your clients as much as 97% much less breakage. Simply make certain you rinse with lasignoralaura.comPlex No2 as soon as the shade has developed.

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Then, ensure clients store up a regular hair treatment routine. The ColorMotion+ collection has everything they need for vibrant color and magnified condition. If lock only try three products, indicate they use the shade Protection Shampoo and also the color Reflection Conditioner, complied with by the Structure+ Mask as a weekly treatment.