However email wasn’t designed for paper transfer, and boundaries the size of files and attachments that have the right to be sent.

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This border varies but is 25MB for Yahoo Mail.

Dropbox is a record hosting and file sharing service that deserve to be provided for transferring big files throughout the Internet.

Note: Dropbox can be supplied with or there is no email.

Yahoo Mail and Dropbox

Yahoo Mail integrates through Dropbox, and allows you to attach files from her Dropbox storage room or your PC, and send castle by email to any email address.

The file should already be stored ~ above Dropbox. The capability to upload files from Yahoo letter to Dropbox as part of the attachment process seems to have been removed.

When sending files/attachments using Dropbox that is essential to realise that only a connect to the file is sent in the email, and not the document itself.

Linking Accounts and also Sending Files and Attachments utilizing Dropbox

Note: you have to be familiar with sending Email in Yahoo Mail

You compose an e-mail message in Yahoo as normal, and to affix a Dropbox document click top top the attachment symbol at the bottom on the article window.



Here is a video I produced showing exactly how to affix files native Dropbox and upload documents to Dropbox, It also shows you what the email recipient sees.

Common Questions and Answers

Q- Is Dropbox Free?

A- correctly they have a free basic account choice with 2GB that storage.

Q- just how to i Upload documents to Dropbox?

A- In older versions that Yahoo mail you could upload papers to Dropbox as part of the attachment process. This attribute seems to have actually been removed and now you will should login come Dropbox and also use the Dropbox regulate panel come upload files.

Q- go the recipient require a Dropbox account to review the attachment?

A- No

Q- Why not just send the papers the normal way?

A- The main reason is attachments size limits that are imposed on email- normally 25MB.

Q- as soon as I usage Dropbox Is the attachment/files stored with the email in the recipients email account?

A- No that isn’t only a link to the attachments is stored. This attach may end up being invalid later on so the the recipient have to download the attachment if they want to store it.

Q- If I stop using Dropbox have the right to I unlink the accounts?

A- correctly yo can. Watch this Dropbox help article

Q- have to I send all document attachments using Dropbox?

A- No that is usually only supplied for large files.

Q- have the right to I email files directly from Dropbox

A- Yes, however they don’t appear in her Yahoo sent out items.

Q- space Email Attachments that i receive automatically stored in Dropbox?

A- No They space stored in your email mailbox.

Q- deserve to I email papers to Dropbox?

A- No Dropbox doesn’t carry out support for email uploads


Yahoo letter integrates with Dropbox to allow you to quickly send large document attachments throughout the Internet.

Once girlfriend have connected your Yahoo mail account to her Dropbox account you don’t must login come both accounts.

The email recipient doesn’t need to have their very own Dropbox account in bespeak to get the files.

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Attachments the you receive are tho stored as component of your common email and not in Dropbox.