If you’re not sure just how to sell a auto on Craigslist, that simple. If you haven’t heard the this famous listing site, you’ve probably been life under a rock. Craigslist launched in 1995 in mountain Francisco. And also as that 2017, the receives an typical of 50 billion page-views and also 200 million postings per month.

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Which makes it the perfect location to offer a vehicle. Here’s how:

Auto Repairs are EXPENSIVE


Wash the Exterior/Detail the Interior

One of the finest ways come ensure a fast sale is to produce an emotional link with the buyer. A an excellent way to perform this is to produce a strong first impression. How? by making the presentable through an interior detail and also exterior wash. You have the right to pay a professional company for anywhere between $50 to $300.

If you’re ~ the many cost-effective means, you deserve to do this yourself for beside nothing. Friend can additionally invest in part automotive cleaning products like a specialty soap, carnauba wax, and interior wipes for much less than $30. Regardless, a clean vehicle has a much much better chance of offering than a dirty one.

Take it to a Mechanic

The last thing many buyers want is come inherit who else’s problems. Imagine city hall a auto yourself, and when you go to start it, it won’t rotate over, or the dash lights-up with several indicators. A good way to offer buyers confidence is to take it your automobile to a mechanic prior to listing it because that sale. It’s usual for someone to desire to have a car inspected prior to offering payment because that it. By doing this yourself, you ensure a smooth experience for both parties.

Regardless of whether you select to fix any kind of issues is approximately you. Yet either way, providing any interested parties v a printout of the findings is a good way to rise confidence.

Repair tiny Issues Yourself

How much you’re ready to walk to secure the greatest price for your vehicle is approximately you. However a an excellent way to execute this is to fix any small issues prior to showing it. These encompass things favor dings, dents, and scratches top top the exterior, or tears in the seating. The very same goes for mechanical problems. Clearing a dash light due to an oil adjust or loosened gas cap deserve to make all the difference.

If there’s noticeable human body damage, you can hire one automotive body-shop to repair it for around $50. The pricing because that upholstery repair is similar.

Steps because that Listing your vehicle for Sale

Head ago to the key page and click ~ above “Create a Posting.“ Select “For sale by Owner.“Select “Cars and also Trucks – by Owner.“ Note: as of April 15th, 2019, Craigslist now charges a $5 dues to list a auto for sale.Fill out the required fields highlighted in green and also click “Continue.“ Note: For instances of an excellent and bad listings, proceed reading.Enter the resolve of the area buyers deserve to view the vehicle and also click “Continue.“Add several images and click “Done with Images.“ Note: For an ext information ~ above taking an excellent photos, continue reading.With the over steps completed, you deserve to review her listing, go into payment details, and also publish.Tips to Ensure the finest ExperienceBe Descriptive

Providing as much info as possible will for sure the the person who lives doesn"t obtain blindsided by miscellaneous they didn’t expect. To fill in as many fields as possible and inform them of any kind of damage come the vehicle. And any mechanically issues. If it’s an especially clean, be certain to point out it. If you can incorporate a picture of the CarFax report, it is a bonus together well.

Take great Photos

Buyers love photos. High quality photos offer them a clean idea of what that is they deserve to expect. Be certain to encompass exterior shots of every panels the the vehicle. And also several inner photos from every door, the cargo area, and also one of the dash. And the problem of the tires.

Protect Yourself

The last thing you desire is to end up in a attention situation. For this reason, be sure to accomplish buyers in a certain location. For added security, bring a friend, or allow someone recognize you arrangement to present your vehicle.

Defend your Asking Price

A many of world make a living buying and also selling vehicles ~ above Craigslist. Due to the fact that of this, it is in wary that lowball offers. If your auto is an especially clean and you’re listing that close come its NADA and also KBB values, don’t accept anything unreasonable.

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Examples of good Listings

What provides it great?

Lots of photosDescriptive

What makes it great?

Lots of photosDescriptive

What provides it great?

Several good photosVery descriptive/honestExamples of negative Listings

What makes it bad?

No photosLimited description


What makes it bad?

Limited image taken indigenous a distanceLimited description


What renders it bad?

Only a single photo with a negative view

In Conclusion

If did you do it made that this far, girlfriend should have all the understanding you have to sell a automobile on Craigslist successfully. Come recap, you have to ensure you have actually all the required files to complete the sale. You have to price the competitively making use of NADA and also KBB. And also you must make it presentable by cleaning it inside and also out and also taking it to a mechanic. And also repairing any type of minor damage that’s specifically noticeable. Through these steps completed, you’re prepared to develop your account and list your automobile for sale.