When you’re marketing a car, you’re more likely to acquire the ideal price from an individual together opposed to a dealer. When you’re looking for a way to uncover that individual, remember that Craigslistis a competitive (and still growing) marketplace for car shoppers and also sellers.

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It’s basic for buyers come search with ads, and you’ll be happy with the totally free posts come an audience that millions in your area. V pictures and also lots of space, you can get an ext out the the listing 보다 those high value 20 indigenous you can get in the regional paper.

I recently sold my auto in four days for a great price, therefore I’m sharing what I’ve learned with you here.

8 measures to offering a auto on Craigslist

1. Take treatment of your Title

Before you perform anything else, make certain you work out any kind of kinks with your car title. Resolve any problems early, so that your last sale can go smoothly.

If you have the title, fish it the end from everything extremely safe location (i.e. “lost”) you had actually used for storage, and also keep it handy. If girlfriend don’t have the title due to the fact that you have a car loan, speak to the bank and find out exactly how much friend still have actually on the loan and how much you would have actually to provide them in bespeak to get the title back. Get comprehensive instructions indigenous the bank on how they would choose to manage the transfer.

If you don’t have actually your title due to the fact that you yes, really did shed it, walk to your local DMV to begin the paperwork for gaining a brand-new one. Some buyers will have the ability to pay in cash, and they’re going to want a rapid sale, so get your answers prior to your car goes top top the market.

2. Acquire Your auto Washed and Vacuumed


I can not overstate just how much better your potential buyers’ first impressions will be (and exactly how much much better your last sale price will certainly be) with a spotless car, than with a auto that is complete of quick food wrappers, old magazines, and smashed crackers.

If you can’t wash and also vacuum at home, watch if you can discover a full-service auto wash close to you. With a coupon, that won’t cost much to obtain a wax-and-wash top top the exterior and a great vacuuming ~ above the inside. In return, your vehicle will appear more enticing to customers, therefore they’ll be an ext willing to buy and more likely to spend.

Once the pros are finished, go over the inside yourself through a wet rag and also wipe down every surface that can conceivably collect dust. Trust me, there are a many them. If you’ve ever had a pets in the car, take a lint-roller to every the upholstery and also the carpet.

When i finished this process with mine car, i m sorry previously had actually looked like tiny animals had developed an independent world inside it, even I want to to buy the car.

3. Take a Tonof Pictures

If you don’t take it a snapshot of a certain part of the car, civilization are more than likely going to assume there’s something wrong v it. Listings that only have a shooting or two don’t acquire as lot interest together those with several clear, well-lit photos showing the auto inside and also out.

Plus, you’ll waste less time since the civilization who do contact you will certainly know precisely what the auto looks like. You’ll understand that they’re legitimately interested if they do the initiative to reach the end to you.

Things friend should catch include:

Front, back, and also both sidesDriver’s seat areaStereo, including ability like music player input, if you have actually itEngineOdometerDashboard while automobile is ~ above (to show that no organization lights room on)BackseatTrunk when openWheels and tires (showing continuing to be tread)Spare tire and also jack (if you have one)Roof (if it has a roof rack, sunroof, or moonroof) and also bumper (if it has actually a towing hitch)Any extra features you paid for, prefer a spoiler or body kit

If there’s damages to the car, don’t shot to hide it, however don’t take close up photos of the either. Simply make certain it’s clearly shows in the shots you take of the front, back, and sides. If you’re concerned about privacy, blur out your license plate prior to posting the photos.

4. Set a great Price

Consult the Kelley Blue Book, and check out part other, similar listings top top Craigslist too. When you choose a price, be moral with yourself around your car’s deficits, and keep in mind the the troubles you’ve learned to live through will no be so familiar to the buyers. For example, you could need to knock off a few hundred dollars for that trunk-release valve that periodically sticks or the home window that never quite goes all the means down.

If time is the the essence, you can specify that you will only take cash offers, however know that you’ll do a tiny less in a cash-only deal. Feel complimentary to usage your finest negotiation strategies and tactics.You have the right to list the automobile for a little an ext than you space willing come accept, due to the fact that people will certainly definitely shot to offer less and also sometimes severely lowball you.

If you already know what you’re willing to take, and what other comparable cars space going for, you’ll know when to jump on a an excellent offer. Always negotiate increase as far as girlfriend can. You’d it is in surprised how much saying other like, “Can you perform $X?” will gain you.

5. Explain the heck Out the the Car

Write your description offline for this reason you deserve to proofread and review prior to you short article it. You’ll want to acquire every detail in the description, but likewise be clear and also concise. Order mistakes are not allowed. Generally, you’re trying to repaint the picture that you are being honest and also forthright about the car. You additionally need to incorporate a call number in her listing, even if you’re additionally providing an e-mail contact.

If your automobile has some damage – particularly body damage – girlfriend must point out it. If damages is visible in the pictures and you don’t discuss it, human being will it is in suspicious.If you know the vehicle has troubles that will be immediately noticeable upon a test drive, define those briefly.If you have any type of maintenance records, summary them.Definitely encompass the current mileage of the car.

6. Produce Your Post’s Title and also Submit the Ad

Your topic line have to be concise however informative, and it should fit a simple format like: “2002 Chevrolet Malibu – good commuter auto – 93K.” put the year first, then the make and model, and also mention the miles if they’re low. Many listings enhance a structure favor this, therefore you’ll miss out on potential buyers through something less genuine like “Wow! fantastic car! short miles. Chevrolet Malibu.”

Craigslist will hold pictures for you, however only four of them. I recommend getting a Photobucket account (or a similar photo-hosting site), uploading your images there, and also then inserting castle in the body of the listing so girlfriend can encompass as countless as you want. Make sure your images are a reasonable document size, however, as hefty downloads or oversized images can turn away impatient searchers. Plus, her Photobucket account will run out of space quickly.

7. Set Up Test journey Appointments

Figure the end ahead the time once you have the right to host part test drives. I generally allotted about 45 minutes because that each person. If you compose out a schedule front of time, you’ll be far better prepared for once calls and emails begin coming in.

When you assign times, make sure you obtain each person’s name and phone number (in situation they space late or forget). Don’t organize spots for civilization if girlfriend think they’re not serious. Girlfriend can’t waste valuable schedule room on human being you can’t get a host of.

Additionally, decide ahead of time whereby you will meet them. Ns met human being at a church parking lot, and met sellers at the grocery store. Don’t fulfill anyone in ~ your home or theirs. It’s simply not precious the threat of some of the dangerous and unpredictable things that can happen.

8. Make sure to Re-post her Ad


You’ll notification the frequency of calls dropping off after the first pair days, since brand-new ads are getting more views 보다 your old one and most human being don’t go beyond the first few pages of search results. Delete and also re-post your advertisement after 2 or three days, and also you’ll be ago on top.

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If friend don’t re-post, your ad basically becomes useless ~ a couple of days as no one will view it anymore. Lastly, if you complied with all these steps and still haven’t gotten any type of calls, your price is probably too high. Don’t hesitate to reconsider your price or rewrite your summary when friend re-submit your post.

Final Word

Always keep your guard up as soon as receiving emails indigenous “prospective buyers.” Craigslist has plenty that potential buyers, but the marketplace is also full the scammers, specifically when it concerns buying and also selling cars (i.e. Common Craigslist scams). If someone supplies you more money 보다 you asked for, that’s a tell-tale sign of a scammer. Also, never ever do any transactions through a money cable service and also don’t attend to anyone claiming that they’re international. Remember, “If it sounds too an excellent to be true, then it is too great to be true.” keep that in mind and also stay on guard, and also you’ll it is in fine. Good luck!

Do you have any firsthand experience offering a automobile on Craigslist? What was the experience like?