Parents are constantly concerned about their kids. And due come this concern, parents begin looking in ~ their children with beady eyes.

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This happens specifically when children are in their teenage. It’s a step of life as soon as the kids should have actually some collection goals and a zeal to satisfy those goals.

But unfortunately, many of the students and teenagers change their focus on relationships, society activities, parties, and other unfruitful activities.

And it’s really difficult for the parental to monitor these tasks of your child. However what if you’re able to listen to every the conversations of your kid?

Won’t it be awesome as you’ll be able to keep a track of all your conversations? Moreover, you’ll always be aware, through whom the kid talks, what all perform they discuss over the phone, and also the form of language lock use.

Most importantly, you’ll be aware that even if it is the child is completely safe or not.

These factors compel the parents to take a action to safeguard their youngsters from every the dangers by getting accessibility to the calls and listening come them remotely.

Similar is the situation when a spouse or employer desires to recognize what their companion or employees discuss with rather on your cellphone. The employer just wants to make sure that the company’s details is no being leaked while the spouse desires to uncover out if their partner is cheating on castle or not.

And exactly how is it possible? through the help of one of two people of the two monitoring apps to hear to someone’s phone calls that we are going to mention in this tutorial. For this reason let’s see just how these apps allow the user record and eavesdrop ~ above the calls and that too remotely.

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Apps to Record and also Listen come Someone’s phone Calls

Apps to Record and also Listen come Someone’s phone call Calls

1. Hear To others Calls Recording v KidsGuard Pro


Firstly, you need to register ~ above KidsGuard Pro. After that, a successful installation and collection up of KidsGuard agree is vital in order to eavesdrop top top the child’s phone calls.

It becomes really simple to hear the phone call calls remotely once you’ve collection up the KidsGuard Pro application on the target maker and logged in on your device.

Whenever the target human being receives a call, KidsGuard pro starts recording it. And 5-10 minute after the contact ends, KidsGuard pro uploads the complete call recording of your kid or your partner with the various other user on their digital portal whereby you have the right to listen come the call remotely at any time you feeling convenient.

Impressively, the voice indigenous both ends is fresh clear together if you room listening to your calls live. However, the would have actually been more great if the voice indigenous the other human was louder.

KidsGuard Pro renders it possible for friend to just listen to the call recording once it is uploaded on the portal simply by tapping top top the Audio option. For listening come the speak to recording after some time and also locally on your device, you deserve to Download the speak to recordings together well.

Downloading the recording can be a good idea as soon as you find something inappropriate and also you desire the proof to be in your ar saved on your device.

While listening come the speak to recording, friend don’t have to wonder who’s the other human behind the call. The surname and number of the contact are provided with each and every recording.

Other information contains the date and time that the call, term of the call, and the type of contact (incoming or outgoing.)

If you desire to look because that the contact recordings of the target person with a certain contact, you have the right to use the search option offered at the top.

KidsGuard agree For Android doesn’t support WhatsApp call recording. If you are interested in hearne to her kid’s or spouse’s WhatsApp calls climate you can go for KidsGuard for WhatsApp. The is a spy app dedicated to WhatsApp monitoring only.

KidsGuard pro offers many other features also that will aid you in keeping a to crawl eye on her loved ones. You can learn around those attributes in our in-depth KidsGuard pro review.

Click right here to shot KidsGuard ProThings To store In MindThere are 3 pricing plans in KidsGuard agree that the user can select from. And also with every the plan of KidsGuard Pro, it’s feasible to record and listen to someone’s call calls. No should root the target machine for recording as well.KidsGuard pro works v both Android and iOS gadgets if we talk about its compatibility v smartphones. However the call recording attribute is only obtainable for Android users.Make sure you’ve take away the consent the the target person before installing KidsGuard pro on their device. It’s illegal to monitor who or listen to their conversation through recording your calls without letting them know.Even if you’re using KidsGuard agree to for sure your children or employees, perform let lock know about the surroundings first. The might an outcome in a distortion of the relationship if they discover out around the apps themselves.KidsGuard agree for Android and also KidsGuard for WhatsApp room two different apps from the exact same company. If you great to monitor speak to recordings because that both cellular phone calls and also WhatsApp calls climate you’ll have to subscribe to their plans separately.

2. Listening To an additional Person’s mobile Calls with FlexiSPY

Just choose KidsGuard Pro, first, you must register an account ~ above FlexiSPY and then carry out the installation and setup procedure as well, in order to effectively record and also listen to the calls.

You deserve to learn the setup procedure and other features of FlexiSPY in information in our review.

FlexiSPY provides its users with heaps of impressive features, and also one such feature is Call Recording.

Kids are simple to manipulate and also if you have given them a cabinet phone, you never understand when they might receive a bogus speak to asking because that personal or bank details.

So it’s far better to save a continuous eye top top the call they room receiving by tapping your mobile phone call calls with the help of FlexiSPY.

Under the call Recording section, girlfriend will view all the recordings the FlexiSPY has actually done. Determine the speak to you want to listen to utilizing the date and time stamps offered with each contact recording.

Once you recognize which contact you desire to listen to, simply tap ~ above the Download option given. It’s not feasible in FlexiSPY to hear to call without downloading.


FlexiSPY also shows the contact name, number, duration that the call, and if the contact was incoming or outgoing.

If the target mobile is rooted and you have severe plan, your speak to recording options further increase and also now that becomes feasible to record and also listen come the VoIP calls native the target mobile phone. The prompt messaging and also social media apps who calls will get recorded space WhatsApp, LINE, Viber, Skype, and Facebook.

Click right here to shot FlexiSPYThings To store In MindIn the instance of FlexiSPY, you acquire 3 pricing plans to select from, LITE, PREMIUM, and, extreme plan. Walk for the EXTREME arrangement to make it possible to record and listen to the phone call calls of her lover, employees, or her kid.Unlike KidsGuard Pro, FlexiSPY functions for both Android and iOS devices. Top top Android devices, it’s possible to document the calls without rooting.But because that listening and also recording call calls on one iOS device, it has to be jailbroken first.Just favor in the situation of KidsGuard Pro, make the target person mindful of the installation of FlexiSPY on their device, it is in it your employee, kid, or your lover.

Final Words

Now we know that KidGuard Pro and FlexiSPY do it easy for parental to track their kids, and enables listening to your calls remotely with simply a solitary click.

But there are numerous other amazing features the both the apps offer to monitor loved ones in a better way.

Some of these attributes include display capture, remote photos, ar tracking, and also social media tracking.

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So if you space truly dedicated to protecting your kids, lover, or employees from any kind of danger coming your way, make use of any of these spy services.


Yes, both the apps do it possible to record calls without letting the other person know as the application works in stealth mode. However, it"s not appropriate to perform so without the consent of an additional person and also it"s illegal in many cases.

After installing FlexiSPY or KidsGuard Pro app on the target device, you"ll have the ability to listen come the upcoming phone call calls yet not the calls the took place before the installation to be done. However, check the details of the calls is possible on FlexiSPY.

No, it"s not possible to intercept the call and listen to the conversation top top KidsGuard Pro. In FlexiSPY, if you root or jailbreak the target device, then it"s feasible to execute so.