It"s undeniable the we"re living in the golden age of podcasts. Follow to, 50% of all U.S. Houses are podcasting fans, through 55% of the populace having listened come at least one episode. About 37% of american say they hear to a podcast at least every month, with 24% hearne weekly — and because the medium has actually exploded end the past couple of years, that’s most likely to rise. Together of September 2020, end one million podcasts and also over 29 million episodes are out there, all set to stream right into your earbuds or over your speakers.


50+ best Podcasts that 2021 for this reason Far

If you’re looking come dive right into the wonderful human being of podcasts, the good news is the you already have every little thing you require on her phone. Yet if you have a few questions on how to gain started — or are interested in learning about some that the extra features and also pro tip that have the right to improve her listening experience — we"re below to offer you part guidance. And because recognize the ideal podcasts to listen to can be a daunting task, we’ve got tips for how to execute that, too.

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Podcasts come in just around every genre, format and also style you deserve to think of, indigenous highly created shows the sound very similar to well-known radio programs to conversational podcasts that can remind you of eavesdropping top top a conversation, and also even fictional reflects that harken back to old-timey radio dramas. There’s important a podcast (or a hundred!) out there for everyone. Here"s just how to obtain started listening come podcasts.

Pick a hear App

Apple Podcasts



Attention iphone users: This built-in app will do whatever you need and also it’s entirely free. You can stream and download podcasts, as well as set your favorites to download instantly so girlfriend never miss an episode. Friend can additionally skip earlier in 15-second intervals and forward in 30-second intervals, which deserve to save you time if you don’t desire to listen to ads. To conserve even an ext time, you have the right to play podcasts at quicker speeds if you’re among those human being whose brains job-related at warp speed. The app likewise has a “browse” section that lets you discover new and top-rated podcasts by category.

Google pat Music


Android users, you’ve also got a free built-in podcast app. It does everything that to apologize Podcasts does, for this reason you can start listening in seconds and subscribe to store it up. Google Play also has a browser version: If you desire to hear at your computer while slogging with dry jobs at work and save her phone’s battery, that might be a great option for you.




While some of us could think the Spotify as a music service, it included podcast functionality in 2015. If you currently use Spotify for those sweet jams, you have the right to switch between songs and also podcast illustration without having actually to open up a brand-new app, i m sorry is a convenient feature. If Spotify only functions podcasts v which it has a partnership on that platform, the does sell podcast playlists for this reason you have the right to find brand-new faves. You’ll also have to compete with ads, unless you’re a premium subscriber.




If I’m listening to a podcast, I’m making use of Castro. Organization-lovers and those who want to control their listening experience will additionally love it. Castro permits you come auto-queue your top shows so you never miss out on an episode, or limit the variety of shows that present in her queue, to store things streamlined. Because that others you just dip into once in awhile, just add them to your inbox.

Castro also gives you the choice to trim silences, readjust the playback speed, enhance voices, and also even skip intros to store that marathon hear sesh moving. While you will have to subscribe to access some the the higher-tech features, they might be precious it for dedicated podcast fans. Subscriptions will run you $19 every year, if you decision to level up.



Those that you who made a mixtape for every situation in high college will love this clean and also super-functional application that lets you type your podcasts right into playlists. Never miss an episode with automatic notifications, and keep her phone warehouse in examine with an auto-delete feature. It additionally offers voice boosting, playback speed control, and also silence trimming, add to the ability to remove ads if you pay $10 a year come subscribe. Friend can also upload your very own audio to Overcast’s servers once you subscribe, if you desire to try your hand at podcasting yourself.

Find a favorite podcast

No matter which podcast app you choose, you have the right to use its referrals section to find brand-new podcasts that enhance your interests. That’s a great place to start, particularly if you currently have a sense of what types of podcasts and also subjects interest you. Anytime I uncover one the piques my interest, I constantly listen come an illustration or two prior to subscribing, type of favor watching the premiere of a brand-new TV show before committing come the totality season. Once you’re top top board, i ordered it so you deserve to keep up-to-date. My companion is a podcast completionist and always listens come the entire back catalog as soon as he finds a brand-new one, yet that level of meeting is up to you.

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If you’re overwhelmed by all of the options, think around your favorite TV shows, books and also movies and also search because that podcasts the cover comparable subject matter. Pan of Law & Order, 60 Minutes, and mystery novels may want to inspect out true crime podcasts, if Saturday Night Live and also stand-up comedy fans should not miss out on hysterical comedy podcasts. And if you need a tiny help in the love life department, connection advice podcasts have gained your back.