Floyd Mayweather’s exhibition fight v Logan Paul is collection to take location in Miami this Sunday.

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It to be announced last month that the bizarre exhibition contest in between the 50-0 boxing legend and also the 0-1 YouTuber will be broadcast on sky Sports crate Office PPV in the UK.


Mayweather vs Paul will be £16.95 on UK PPV

They have actually now officially evidenced that the price will certainly be £16.95.

Floyd vs Logan has also been shown to cost $49.99 on Showtime united state PPV.

Fanmio room hosting an digital PPV worldwide at the very same price.

The website proclaiming Showtime’s PPV price in America has likewise revealed how numerous rounds the fight will certainly be.

They room billing it as an ‘eight-roundspecial exhibition.’


Mayweather expects to earn $100million because that the Logan Paul exhibition

The an initial press conferencedescended into chaosat the start of this month together Logan’s brothers Jake Paul snatched Mayweather’s hat, sparking a brawl.

And the undercard has actually alsobeen announced.

Chad Johnson is set to it is in the first bout the this card.

The former NFL large receiver is now retired indigenous American soccer and, at age 43, trying boxing for the an initial time in one exhibition.

No judges scoring contestNo main winnerFight won’t walk on official recordsKnockouts space allowedReferee will protect against fight if needed12-ounce glovesNo headgearEight, three-minute rounds

In the second bout, previous unified super-welterweight champion Hurd is top top the comeback trail against Luis Arias.

The American was suddenly dethroned by Julian Williams in 2019 and made his return to the ring in January 2020 before the pandemic scuppered his effort to reclaim momentum. Now, the restarts when more.

And, in the final fight before the key event, Jean Pascal and Badou Jack will rematch for the WBA ‘regular’ belt at light-heavyweight.

Their very first fight to be a war which saw Pascal awarded a contentious break-up decision. As a result, they are now set for a rematch.


A brawl broke out at their press conference in early on MayMayweather vs Paul: begin time and also how to watch

The bout will certainly take location on Sunday,June 6 in ~ the difficult Rock stadium in Miami.

It will most likely start in the early on hours of Monday morning because that UK fans.

The two fighters are expected to make their ring go from about 4am UK time.

lasignoralaura.com will certainly be running a live blog to lug you every one of the action and talking points.

The hit will additionally be presented live onSky sporting activities Box Office through their broadcast beginning from 11:55pm.

It will cost £16.95, through the full undercard and main event shown.

You can additionally live stream right here for the exact same price on her computer, mobile and tablet devices.

Sky sports Box Office is also accessible on BT TV – tuneto channel 496 or by trying to find the event in the BT Player.

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