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Every aspect of our resides as American citizens—from education to law and justice, from health care to gaue won stability—is directly influenced by the equipment that dominance us and the leader who overview us. No issue where friend lie ~ above the politics spectrum, obtaining engaged and exercising your public duty begins with listening. The collection below offers works of nonfiction that shed new light top top our autonomous process.

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A great way to connect with rush on the way2 job! this are good to listen to. I"m missing this male so lot & He"s only been unable to do a day. What will certainly Conservatives perform without Mr. Limbaugh....As for governor Newsom, i heard there will be a new Conservative branch coming in to save California from dropping off into the ocean...but seriously, i live in Texas and all kinds of conservatives from California space moving below monthly. Us are continuing to be RED even with those equipments working...Rest In Peace, Mr. Sirloin Limbaigh.Know the your talk radio shows actually aided raise 2 young girls (now 22 & 26) to it is in solid Conservatives. We Love & miss out on you so much already!Texas mom & Daughters

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brief update

rush goes over one little bit of details each episode, offering his take on the headline.

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We miss out on him therefore much.

Honestly, he taught me more (through his show, writings, appearances, podcasts) than all my teacher collectively. And I"ve gone to a many schools in my life. He was so interesting, wonderfully funny, love piercingly honest, and also Rush claimed what other civilization were afraid to say about our human being and around the roadway of LIBERTY is the roadway every country should take.May God rest His Immortal Soul...thank friend Rush. We miss you

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absent Rush!

ns am so happy to have discovered Rush Limbaugh pod cast. Ns missed his perception, and listening come him. This offer you understanding viewpoints indigenous the standpoint that those who operated with Rush.

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still and always relevant. Conservative thought!

these podcasts are more relevant now than they to be in the days they to be made. It"s unbelievable. Rush"s insight, understanding of people, motives, the left, is his appropriate today is it was 35 years ago. This is a must listen everyday. Rush to be grounded, so many are not. If you feel on grounded in this stunner world, rotate to our girlfriend Rush.I hope whoever puts this together continues to carry out so. My just critique would be the they would include the initial show day to them.Look up man 3:16.