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SiriusXM is offering free access come its premium streaming business until may 15, giving users the ability to track in to end 300 channels conveniently from their Mac or iPhone. Here"s how to take benefit of the offer.

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SiriusXM is a premium streaming radio organization that attributes over 300 networks that market news, information, entertainment, ad-free music, comedy, sports talk, politics, and also more.

The firm is currently launching that "Stream Free" offering, which permits anyone to hear to the premium content for free until might 15, v no credit card or commitment required.

The notice was make by Howard Stern, who has taken come broadcasting indigenous his home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"With therefore many people asked to remain at home, we space making our complete streaming lineup that music, entertainment, news, and information easily available to everyone," stated Jim Meyer, SiriusXM CEO. "In the job ahead, we hope it"s a valuable resource of details or diversion, a generous mix of new live content, and also a source of companionship that originates from the hosts on our numerous shows and also channels. And also there to be no much better way to launch the Stream complimentary content than v Howard this morning."

The company is likewise launching #StayHome Radio, a feel-good, ad-free music channel top top Channel 129. The will feature uplifting music native artists choose Lizzo, Coldplay, and also Bob Marley. Castle are also relaunching the Billy Joel Channel, Dave Mathews tape Radio, and also a brand-new channel for the "Top 1000."

If you"d favor to take benefit of the no-commitment trial, here"s exactly how to obtain started ~ above the Mac and also iPad and also iPhone.

How to hear to free SiriusXM radio on the MacOpen your browser of choiceClick on Start Streaming click Start totally free Preview
How to hear to complimentary SiriusXM radio ~ above the iphone phone or iPadCreate one account adhering to the on-screen promptsSet your password by adhering to the direction in SiriusXM"s email sent to your account ~ above fileLog in making use of your credentials

If you create a cost-free account through SiriusXM via her iPhone, you have the right to use that account to browse SiriusXM for complimentary on her Mac as well.


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