Finally, the finish is near: The critical U.S. Presidential dispute will be hosted Thursday night. This time the candidates" microphones will be muted at particular times, so it have to be a quieter, much less chaotic 90-minutes contrasted to the first debate critical month.

Unlike last week"s dueling town hall events, the last debate prior to Election Day will be aired live from Belmont college in Nashville, Tenn. With both former Vice president Joe Biden and also President Donald Trump together in the very same space.

To watch it live digital at 9 p.m. ET, you have actually a the majority of options:

Live TV services

The debate will be aired top top ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, CNN, C-SPAN, Fox News, and MSNBC for constant TV viewers. For virtual viewing, this (paid) services in the U.S. Have actually these networks available:


NBC News" Kristen Welker is moderating the conflict so NBC platforms are everywhere coverage. Peacock, NBC"s streaming app, will have the controversy streaming on different channels, favor NBC News Live.

Most other news apps for iOS and Android gadgets will have actually the conflict available, but some of you might need a cable login for viewing access:


ABC News

CBS News


Fox News

Reuters TV

PBS Video


Streaming platforms

Roku Channel on Roku devices offers streams from abc News, Newsmax, Yahoo!, and USA Today. Google Chromecast is associated to the YouTube app together with other news apps. Amazon"s Fire TV and Stick, Apple TV, and also Xbox and PlayStation consoles will certainly all have access to apps and news networks that will certainly be mirroring the debate. 

Social media

Twitter: Follow together with the #Debates2020 main hashtag. The debate will present on the app.

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Twitch: Both Biden"s and also Trump"s official Twitch pages don"t have the dispute on the schedule, however you have the right to check back to view if the streams go up.

YouTube and news sites

C-SPAN"s YouTube channel is still the ideal stream because that a no-frills the town hall experience. Other news channels" YouTube pages like NBC News, Fox Business, PBS Newshour, alphabet News, CBS News, and Telemundo in Spanish will display the stream, too.

Newspapers favor The Washington Post, The brand-new York Times, and USA now will have actually live analysis.

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Fox News has actually a conflict portal, Democracy 2020 Live, on its website. Bloomberg has a website for debate viewing the comes with analysis and background information.

You don"t need a cable log-in to clock on’s homepage or top top the CNNgo streaming site.