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choose the "Share" icon. grace Eliza Goodwin/Insider ~ above the bottom taskbar, scroll down and also select the "Hide" option, beside an icon of a crossed-out eye.

tap "Hide." grace Eliza Goodwin/Insider insanity "Hide Photo" (or Photos) in the pop-up to confirm.

In the pop-up, select "Hide Photo" again. elegant Eliza Goodwin/Insider

The picture are now removed indigenous your main album and also stashed in one album called "Hidden." To accessibility them, go to the "Albums" tab of the picture app. Then, scroll all the method down until you check out "Hidden" detailed in the "Utilities" section.

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How come hide the covert album in the photos app

Once you"ve relocated photos come the surprise album, you deserve to hide the album itself, removing it from the picture app. Here"s how:

Open the setups app.Scroll down till you view the "Photos" app provided and pick it.

choose the Photos app in the perform of apps. grace Eliza Goodwin/Insider top top the image page, scroll down and also swipe the "Hidden Album" move to the left, transforming it from eco-friendly to grey.
on slide the "Hidden Album" toggle to the left for this reason it"s no longer green. elegant Eliza Goodwin/Insider Now, the surprise album will certainly no longer appear in the "Utilities" ar of the photos app. Come unhide the album again, just return to Settings and also switch the "Hidden Album" toggle ago on.

How come lock picture on your iPhone in the note app

If you"d rather hide your photos exterior of the Photos application altogether, you have the right to do so v the note app. Here"s how:

Open the photo to be secured, climate tap the "Share" icon.On the list of apps, scroll to the appropriate until you view the Notes application icon, and also tap it. A Notes breeze will appear with the image in the — pick a note folder to conserve it to and tap "Save" in the upper-right corner.
choose a ar to conserve your note and hit "Save." elegant Eliza Goodwin/Insider open the notes app, then open the note with the photo in it.Tap the three-dot icon in the top-right edge of the note.
tap the symbol in the upper-right corner. grace Eliza Goodwin/Insider In the pop-up menu, pick "Lock."
choose the "Lock" option. grace Eliza Goodwin/Insider Then enter a password, verify the password, and also create a hint in instance you forget the password. Madness "Done" in the upper-right corner. If you"ve ever locked a keep in mind before, notes will just ask you to go into the password you"ve currently used because that locking notes.Now a lock will show up in the top-right corner of your note. To lock the note, tap top top the lock icon and also the note will disappear, v a article that states "This keep in mind is locked." insanity "View Note" and also enter her password any kind of time you want to see the note. Whenever you"re done viewing the note, be sure to insanity the lock symbol again come seal the lock.
This is how a note will show up when it"s locked. grace Eliza Goodwin/Insider Finally, make sure you delete the original image from the Photos app so that currently it only lives locked in the note app.

How come hide photos in messages on her iPhone

If friend don"t want someone finding photo in the image app and you think they can look in Notes, send you yourself the photo or keep in mind via message message, and also then delete that from your photos.

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Unless someone snoops v your texts, your image will be accessible but hard for rather to find.

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