The Hide Photos choice in iphone phone Photos app simply move Photos to hidden Folder which can be quickly accessed by anyone. Hence, we space providing listed below a workaround to truly Hide and Password safeguard Photos on iPhone.

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Password defend Photos on iphone or iPad

When friend hide image on iPhone, the Photos application creates a covert Photos Folder and also moves every the surprise Photos to this Folder.

While the covert Photos carry out not appear in Photos check out or in the original Photo Album from which they to be hidden, they deserve to be conveniently accessed by going to hidden Folder, available within the photos App.

The workaround as listed below renders use of the Notes application to truly Hide and also Password safeguard Photos on iPhone.

Before walk ahead v the measures to Password safeguard Photos on iPhone making use of Notes, you want take a look in ~ this guide: just how to Password safeguard Notes on iphone .

This should assist you acquire a great understand of exactly how the “Lock Notes” function works on iPhone.

1. Procedures to Password safeguard Photos top top iPhone

As stated above, this workaround to Password safeguard Photos top top iPhone requires you to an initial Add Photos come a Note and also Password defend the note containing photos.

This way, no one will be able to accessibility hidden picture on your iPhone, without learning the password come unlock the keep in mind containing covert Photos.

1. open up the Photos application on your iPhone and also tap on the Albums tab in bottom menu.


2. open up the Album wherein the Photos the you want to hide space located and tap top top Select.


3. pick the Photos that you want to hide and also tap ~ above the re-publishing icon, located in bottom menu.


4. ~ above the Share menu that appears, tap top top the notes option.


5. ~ above the note that opens, tap top top the Save alternative to save the selected Photos to Note.


Note: You can save the keep in mind to “iCloud” or “My iPhone” under “Save to” section.

After the photos are saved to Note, the next step is to Password protect the note containing picture by following steps 6 come 9 below.

6. open the Notes application > tap top top the note containing Photos.

7. as soon as the note is open, tap ~ above the Share icon located at top-right edge of her screen.

8. Scroll under on the Share food selection that appears and also tap top top Lock note option.


9. as soon as prompted, get in the Password come Lock this Note and also tap top top Done.


Note: Make certain that you remember the password and also write it down somewhere.

Now that Photos are inserted in a Locked Note, no one will certainly be able to accessibility or view the Photos, there is no entering the Password come unlock the Note.

However, you are not done yet. The initial copy the Locked Photos will still be available in the Photos application on your iPhone.

Hence, the final step is to Delete image from your original ar in the Photos app and also delete them from freshly Deleted Folder within the picture App.


Once the Photos room deleted in photos App, lock will just be obtainable in the Locked Note.

2. Relocate Photos From notes to Photos app on iPhone

At any type of time, you have the right to unlock the Password safeguarded Photos and bring them back to the Photos application on your iPhone.

1. open up the Notes app > tap top top the note containing Photos.

2. on the next screen, insanity on view Note.


3. Next, madness on go into Password > kind the Password to check out the Note and also click top top OK.


4. once the Locked keep in mind is open, tap ~ above the Share icon located at top-right corner of your screen.

5. top top the share food selection that appears, scroll down and also tap on Save images option.


The selected Photos will certainly be instantly moved earlier to the Photos application on your iPhone.

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Until a appropriate option to Password safeguard Photos is made obtainable by Apple, you can exploit this workaround to important hide and also Password defend Photos on iPhone.