Whenever you’re in search of something top top the internet, Google search is commonly the an initial option the you pick. But, if it’s a certain place the you when looked increase the direction for, her Google Maps search background can help.

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Here’s how to see your Google Maps search history on desktop and mobile.


How to view Your Google Maps Search background Online

Google Maps remembers every the places you’ve to be to and also all the areas you searched. You can review your Google Maps search history, find specific areas, or delete them because that good. 

Before you open Google Maps on her computer, make certain you’re signed in to your Google account, together all the data is associated with the particular account friend use.


To watch your Google Maps search background on your desktop, monitor the measures below. The instructions room the very same for both Windows and Mac users. You can use any browser of her choice.

On the Maps Activity page, you’ll discover your Google Maps search history. You have the right to scroll under to evaluation it, delete all or several of it manually, and use the Search your activity ar to situate a certain place in your search history.
Just under the find bar, you’ll find a search filter that allows you to Filter through date your tasks on the map. You can set the filter to show your searches indigenous Today, Yesterday, Last seven days, last 30 days, every time, or pick a custom period. For instance, to delete all Google Maps searches, pick Delete > All time.
To see your entire location history, select Bundle check out or Item check out from the left sidebar. Bundle View teams your searches by date, and Item View shows them one by one in a row.
After viewing your place history, go back to the top of the Maps activity page. You’ll uncover two alternatives that you can enable or disable to regulate how Google Maps records and also archives her data.Saving activity: It’s likewise called Web & app Activity, and you have to keep the on. Internet & App activity collects your previous searches on Google Maps across different platforms (on her phone, desktop, etc.).Auto-delete: You deserve to selectively auto-delete Maps activity to erase vault Google Maps searches older than three months, 18 months, or 36 months.

If you desire to access your Google Maps search history, select Don’t auto-delete instead.

How to see Your Google Maps Search background on Mobile

When ~ above the move, that the Google Maps app on Android or iOS the stores all your searches. For that find history, sign in to your Google account on your phone and follow the procedures below. The instructions space the same for both iOS and Android.

Open the Google Maps app on her smartphone.
Tap on her profile snapshot in the upper-right edge of the screen to open the Menu.
From the menu, choose Settings.
Scroll down and select Maps history.

You will certainly arrive top top the Maps activity page. The menu items room all the very same on the app as they room on the web version the Google Maps. 

You deserve to scroll down to browse through your whole search history, usage a filter to view the search entries from a specific time, or use the Search your activity search bar come look because that a particular place in her Google Maps find history. Every items automatically appear in Bundle View on your phone.

To delete her previous searches making use of the Google Maps application on her mobile, choose Menu > Delete, or Menu > Auto-delete.

There’s an alternative to delete your previous Google Maps searches native the last hour, critical day, and an option to collection a tradition time. You can additionally manually eliminate the search entries indigenous the list one by one.

How to usage the Timeline to control Google Maps search History

Google Maps supplies you one more way to visualize your entire location background and check out all the places you’ve searched on one map. The Timeline offers you an estimate of areas you’ve been to and all the paths you’ve taken based upon your Google Maps search history.

You can use Timeline to evaluation your Location background privately ~ above mobile and desktop, edit it, and pause the record of your Location history and revolve it back on.

To accessibility your Timeline, open Google Maps ~ above your computer or the Google Maps application on your smartphone.Go to Menu and also select Your Timeline.
Select Manage place History.
The Timeline screens the task Controls page where you can turn on and off your ar History, collection up Auto-delete to instantly delete part or every your place History, and also Manage activity to review and edit your past activity.

Keep your Google Maps Search history or Delete it

The capability to search with all previous searches on Google Maps is convenient, yet the believed of Google collecting that info is additionally a privacy concern. The choice is yours whether to permit Google Maps to spy ~ above your activity or auto-delete it and avoid leaving any kind of trace.

You can also go one step further and also erase your entire Google account data come clear away the records that Google is maintaining on you.

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Have you looked with your Google Maps search background before? What’s your opinion on Google collecting data around their users? Share her thoughts v us in the comments section below.