A 19-year-old girl?s pictures have gone viral on the internet with reports saying that she has undergone approximately 50 cosmetic surgeries come look favor her favourite star, Angelina Jolie.

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teens underwent 50 cosmetic surgeries

Sahar Tabar, 19, claims she is among the biggest fan the Angelina Jolie and "would do anything" to look choose the Hollywood actress.She has had at the very least 50 surgeries come look specifically like her idol.


complied with strict dieting regime together with 50 surgeries

follow to a Belgian website Sudinfo.be, the girl went with some 50 plastic surgeries come look favor the star. In addition, she supposedly went v a strict diet routine and also lost weight drastically.Reportedly she has actually lost 40 kgs, simply to look alike she Hollywood idol.


'Whose Better?'

Sahar"s pictures have actually shaken the society media. return in her attempts come look alike she Idol, Tabar has continuously been called as ?zombie?, Tim Burton?s Corpse Bride, and also some have likewise compared her snapshot with the Annabelle doll by speak "Whose Better?"


Sahar's post-surgery pictures are acquisition over net

She has around 31 short articles on her Instagram account
sahartabar_official, which although no verified, has over 607k pendant presently. It seems that all the trolls and different name don"t affect her lot as we have the right to see varieties of write-up on her account from selfies to lip-sync videos to images with friends, Sahar"s Instagram handle has actually quite a collection of photos and also videos. She has also got her cheeks pierced, together is apparent in many of her photos on the Instagram account.


Prosthetics v/s makeup

Belgian media has reported that Sahar has undergone 50 measures to look choose her idol - but fans claim that she create the incredible looks simply by utilizing makeup and clever prosthetics. Some civilization are calling her fake, speak she has actually used prosthetics to attain the too much look. Many people have discussed that Tabar?s lips appear to be a various size in various pictures, saying prosthetics room involved. Others asserted that the photos have been photoshopped.


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Before and also after sahartabar_official

You space looking in ~ the before and after cosmetics surgery pictures of Sahar Tabar. Sahar Tabar"s Instagram web page is filled v photos that display her through Angelina-like razor-sharp cheekbones and famously plump pout, albeit severe version of it. She claims to it is in the biggest fan of the Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie and has reportedly said her just aim is come look favor her idol.


Sahar is desperate to look at alike Angelina Jolie

Incidentally, she has removed all her "before" pictures from she Instagram account, her an initial upload on Instagram dates earlier to march 24, 2017. that is quiet unclear the whether she intention to be fame, however her photos have actually gone viral. Return Sahar doesn"t it seems to be ~ to have a twitter account but twitter is exploding v her before and also after pictures.