What space the 20% of things responsible for 80% of her attractiveness and also success v women? This overview will equip you v all the skills and actions you require to acquire girls attracted to you.

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A lot of of guys spend many of their lives with no clue just how women think.

Between the absence of solid father figures…

The misinformation being spread by schools and also mainstream media (see: “toxic masculinity”)…

Hollywood movie tropes (do nice guys finish very first or last, again?)…

And no to mention the things girls say lock like…

It’s difficult to number out what specifically makes a guy much more attractive. To separate reality from fiction. Ns don’t recognize everything about the same sex, yet I did amass a wealth of experience throughout my adult life.

Combined through a healthy and balanced dose of usual sense (and part peer-reviewed studies), this article contains most everything of what i have learned around women, dating, and sexual and also romantic attraction.


Me and also my girlfriend of end nine years

What this short article won’t perform for you

With that said, this is not so lot a dating as an anti-dating guide. Ns won’t tell you what this or that body language means, or give you any clever lines to get an ext dates top top Tinder. Rather of chasing tail, I desire you to focus on yourself. I want you to acquire the fundamentals right, to do yourself more attractive in the eyes of women.

I likewise won’t teach friend the in-depth evolutionary factors for why ladies find certain things attractive (but I will be referencing material like that, in case you’re interested).

This article is one action-oriented and substantial guide to raise your standing in the dating market.

What provides a man attractive

There room four major factors that add to masculine attractiveness (or lack thereof):

1. Physics appearance

Women care around looks, however not as lot as males do. Get physically fit (achievable in ~ 6 months unless you’re severely obese or incredibly skinny), choose a basic but clean haircut, keep a brief stubble, obtain a simple skin treatment routine, avoid body odor, and wear cologne.

2. Style

Your fashion layout is really important, because it influence your viewed body shape, signals society status, and shows that you have your life put together. Wear basic, timeless pieces of high quality—and always make sure your apparel are fitted.

3. Personality

Women find charismatic, rather extraverted, self-confident guys attractive. It is in assertive, have actually a feeling of humor, and also don’t be shy. Much more about this later. Maintain hobbies the make girlfriend a an ext interesting, well-rounded person.

4. Social status

Most women aren’t yellow diggers, yet women carry out care about social status and also wealth come a much greater degree than guys do. Make sure you’ve got your shit placed together. Be ambitious, occupational hard, and apply yourself.

These space the birds-eye view referrals for each significant pillar. Ns will enter far an ext detail—and do concrete, actionable references that will acquire you noticeable results in 3-6 months.

Get her physical illustration right

Do females care about looks? Yes. However they care about it far less than males do, and no issue the genes you were born v there room plenty of methods you have the right to make yourself more physically attractive to girls.

Some males think they’re not good-looking or handsome sufficient to lure hot girls. Allow me dispel the fiction ideal now. Uneven you have actually Quasimodo-like deformities, no being blessed with optimal 10% genes is no an excuse for failure.


Mad males actress Christina Hendricks is taken into consideration one the the most attractive women in the world. She’s married to Geoffrey Arend, who absolutely doesn’t have a chiseled jawline or model looks.

Women care less around looks than guys do, and to the level that they do care, castle look for different things.

As a man, her physical illustration is judged in three various categories:

grooming Physique/fitness face Height

There’s not much you can do about your elevation or the method your face looks (apart from maintaining it clean), so ns won’t get in much detail around what facial functions women like. It might be beneficial for girlfriend to know that girls prefer males whose facial functions are neither as well feminine nor also masculine.

For the various other factors: grooming and fitness, there’s plenty you have the right to do to boost your attractiveness with women.

Haircut advice

Grooming is simple for guys. Unlike most women, girlfriend don’t have to spend one hour every day placing on or taking off make-up in order to look good.

There’s no global “optimal hairstyle” for men. The haircut that’s best for friend is walk to rely on the shape of her face, and what your an individual style is.

The values are universal, however: her haircut must look clean. 99% of guys are ideal off going because that a simple style. Think: undercut, crewcut, classic taper, or a quiff. Make certain you learn just how to speak to her hairdresser. That or she can aid you determine what format would finest suit her face.

Only cut your head if you’re black color or if she balding. If you room balding and have money, take into consideration a hair transplant. I got one and also it provided me a large self-confidence boost. If you’re interested in learning much more about the hair transplant process and my endure with it, check out my article about getting one FUE hair transplant.

Clean-shaven, irradiate stubble, hefty stubble, or complete beard?

Facial hair is a signifier the age and social dominance. That can age you increase or down, do you look much more dominant or less dominant.

In my personal experience, full beards space polarizing. Some women favor them, part don’t. Research published in the journal of evolutionary Biology says that complete beards are many attractive to women in search of long-term relationships. With that said, no everyone deserve to pull off a complete beard.

If you do flourish a beard, make sure that the well-maintained. A messy beard will certainly make girlfriend look favor you’re homeless. Most guys will look best with a well-maintained stubble or totally clean-shaven.

Physical fitness and the right male human body type

There’s a lot of lies and also misinformation around what the best male human body looks like. I’m sure you mental the “dad bod” heat of 2015. Women frequently tell their male partners the they don’t care around muscles.

They’re lying.

According to study on bodily attractiveness, women consistently and also overwhelmingly like the body of an ext muscular men. Special, what matters is cues of top body strength. Whether you’re overweight or ripped is irrelevant, according to the research—as lengthy as you have actually a powerful frame.


These are both viable and attractive body species for men

But, other things gift equal, a leaner physique will certainly look stronger than a fatter physique. Therefore if you desire to make your body more attractive, you require to emphasis on two things:

structure muscle mass Reducing body fat

To achieve these things, hit hefty weights and eat healthy food. Intermittent fasting is also great for fat lose (and it build self-discipline).

You should it is in doing much more to take care of her body (like improving your cardiovascular health) because that its own sake. What i’m outlining here is just the fastest means to make yourself more attractive.

In regards to weight, yes sir no “ideal weight” you need to aim for. Instead, look in ~ BMI and also body fat percentage:

obtain your BMI to about 23-27

If she 5’10”, you will do it look best at about 11% body fat and weighing 175 come 190 pounds. That’s no freakishly huge. And also you shouldn’t aim come be.

I know this may seem to contradict the research I cited earlier. However here’s the thing: the women in that research were strictly asked to rate the bodily attractiveness of various male bodies: aesthetically, females prefer much more muscles. Yet there’s an ext to attraction 보다 aesthetics. Women practically always go for guys who look favor soccer football player or swimmers, not Olympic weightlifters.

It doesn’t take long to get close to your right metrics. Uneven you’re severely obese or ultra-skinny, you deserve to do that in 6 month of healthy eating and also regular weightlifting. You could not be together ripped together you’d like to be, but your form will it is in close come ideal.

Side note on weightlifting: Consistency always trumps whatever else. It’s better to struggle the gym two times a week for 6 months, 보다 it is to hit that every day and drop off completely after two or three weeks. You’re to run a marathon, not a sprint.

How to dress to lure women: men’s style basics

First the all, let’s gain this straight: Caring about how friend look and the clothes you wear is no gay.

You don’t should stay increase to date on all the latest fashion trends. In fact, unless you’re genuinely interested in that (in i m sorry case more power come you) it’s probably best to disregard fashion trends altogether.

But if girlfriend respect yourself and also want others to carry out the same—especially women—you require to grasp at least the basics of menswear and style.

Buck the trends and also stick come principles and clothes the will never ever go out of fashion. The 80/20 rule applies here together well. 20% of your initiative produces 80% of her results.

In many cases, what makes an outfit attractive is proportion and scale. To make yourself more attractive, wear fitted garments with tiny or no patterns, wear middle or high-rise pants, and choose the right colors. the is the big-picture recommendation. Remember it and follow it.


~ above the left: 2012, attract an untucked, baggy dress shirt with washed-out blue jeans that are additionally too baggy. ~ above the right: 2020, wearing a fitted polo shirt, tailored khakis and also monk straps—all in a color mix that compliments my dark skin.

Dressing fine is essential for two reasons:

It will certainly make you much more attractive to women in and of chin It will give your self-confidence a boost, which subsequently will also make you much more attractive come women

How your clothing should right you

By far the many important aspect of men’s layout is fit. If your garments don’t to the right you, the won’t issue if you wearing Walmart or Hugo Boss: you’ll look goofy one of two people way.

The clothes you wear should feel “tailored” to her body. They do not do it be baggy, nor must they cling to your body (unless you’re extremely athletic).

Below space two fast rules-of-thumb to store in mind when trying top top clothes.

How need to a t-shirt or polo shirts fit?

Your sleeves should end at the center of your biceps, and you should have the ability to fit no an ext than 2 fingers within them without extending the fabric. Friend should be able to pinch (not pull) 1-2 customs of towel on every side of your torso. It should finish mid-crotch.

How need to pants fit?

Your pants should fit snugly approximately your waist through no need for a belt to organize them up, and also they have to gently hug your butt. They should be slim roughly your legs, without clinging to them: girlfriend should be able to pinch 1 inch of fabric on both sides of her thigh. Her pants need to not bunch up roughly your shoes: if castle do, they’re as well long.

Wear apparel that do you watch taller and also leaner

Unless you’re 6’8” or above, you need to pick outfits that make girlfriend look taller and leaner. Brock from The usually Man, a blog and also YouTube channel the specializes in men’s style for guys that space on the much shorter side, has actually a an excellent video guide on things to do and also not come do:

If you on the taller side (i.e. 6’8” or above), you might want to make yourself watch a little shorter by act the the contrary of what Brock proposal in the video: undertake pants and also shirts that contrast each other strongly, or wear enlarge patterns.

What clothes to wear

Every man has a slightly various style. The particular items that i wear space not have to the same kind of items the you desire to wear.

If you’re shed when it involves what apparel to wear, i recommend Tanner Guzy’s wonderful course, Dress prefer a Man.

It will certainly equip you through the expertise and an abilities you have to assemble a killer wardrobe: the science of style, the 35 staples girlfriend should have actually in her closet, “style as storytelling” (i.e. How to use format to connect your own identity).

Click here to find out more about Tanner’s course (opens in a new tab).

As a general rule, a good, manly wardrobe must consist that high-quality, appropriately sized basics: t-shirts, polo shirts, crewneck sweaters, button-down shirts, chinos, and at the very least one or two complete suits (navy or charcoal because that 99% that occasions and also black for funerals).

If you deserve to afford it, it’s much better to pay an ext for high-quality products—they fit, feel, and look much better (and you conserve money in the long run due to the fact that they critical longer).


Muscular and also lean men can present off your bodies with athletic-fit apparel from State and Liberty.

If you’ve got an athletic develop like me, ns recommend State and also Liberty (use mine discount code, EDWARDLATIMORE, for 10% off).

Style don’ts

Aside native the fit, always pay fist to these things:

uneven you’re 13, nothing wear novelty/graphic tees external the gym nothing wear wrinkly clothes Make sure your clothing don’t smell bad—body odour kills attraction

Hobbies to fulfill women

You don’t have to go come bars or clubs to satisfy women. In fact, because that those the you that are in search of serious girlfriends, those space the last areas you need to look.

Hobbies space a great way to meet women. Not only that, every male needs a skill or hobby. It offers you confidence, and also makes you an ext interesting to it is in around.

Skills and hobbies present that you passionate around something, the you’re active, and that you have actually status and also intelligence. These are all important determinants that make you more attractive to women.

What provides for a great hobby

A great hobby that boosts your attractiveness has actually to meet one or number of of this criteria:

It provides you the facility of fist It places you roughly women It pressures you to contend with other guys (in person) It allows you demonstrate applied intelligence… … Or used athleticism

You should probably have much more than one understanding (and no, playing video games doesn’t count). Below are part suggestions come kickstart your brainstorming process:

Hobby principles for guys

There’s no shortage the hobbies that rise your attractiveness and set you as much as meet new women. Here are a few ideas:

Improv theater Volunteer work-related Language courses Competitive fighting Salsa dancing Crossfit Chess sign up with a band politics (become a candidate/leader)

My an individual hobbies/passions are: boxing (I provided to it is in a professional fighter), chess, languages, and travel.

When you try out brand-new hobbies, you want to think around what category they belong to. Make sure to maintain several, varied hobbies. Through cultivating a wide variety of interests, you not only lead a more varied life: you likewise make yourself an ext interesting and perhaps even a small mysterious. In the world of romance, 1+1=3.


Just prefer being in shape and dressing well, cultivating a set of hobbies renders you attractive in more than just one way:

the puts you about women It gives them a reason to admire you It renders you an ext confident

If this object interests you, I’ve composed a whole blog post about cultivating hobbies that aid you fulfill women. You need to read it.

Not hobbies, yet almost: the prestige of practical skills

A significant reason why hobbies make you much more attractive is that they permit you to show competence in a specific field. (The same uses to dressing well, by the way.)

Women are attracted to guys that space competent.

This truth really goes beyond the ball of hobbies. Ladies are likewise attracted to guys who are competent in social settings (more in this later) and in practical everyday settings.

Something that doesn’t get talked about an extremely much in modern-day dating advice is how vital it is to construct practical skills. Perform you know just how to put up a shelf? perform you know exactly how to readjust a tire? have the right to you cook a decent meal?

As a man, you have to at least understand some straightforward plumbing skills, basic mechanical skills, simple cooking, and straightforward construction skills (in other words, you should know how to usage a screwdriver and you should be able to do basic home improvements).

How to speak to women

The most important area that competence is interpersonal skills. If you desire to have success through women, you need to find out solid society skills.

Besides physics attractiveness, social ability—confidence, dominance, extraversion—is the most necessary factor in producing attraction v the the contrary sex. Males that display screen the attributes of extraversion room rated more favorably than their introverted counterparts in 4 out of 6 measures. Males with a sense of feeling are perceived as significantly an ext attractive 보다 their an ext earnest counterparts. Expressive, extroverted human being are much more likeable than reserved people.

You must know exactly how to approach strangers, exactly how to have little talk, exactly how to organize a conversation, and also how to produce rapport.

If you’re an extremely shy or introverted, this might sound scary. However it’s actually good news: her social an abilities are far an ext malleable 보다 your facial functions or height. Even if you’re at sight awkward appropriate now, you have the right to improve considerably through some straightforward research and also lots that practice. And just because you room temperamentally one introvert, doesn’t typical you can’t learn and exhibit extroverted traits.

Even if you’re not super awkward, i’m gonna take a wild guess and say you don’t go the end of your way to make new friends.

A many of guys stick through the same team of girlfriend throughout your lives. That’s fine. I’m not saying you must ditch them.

I am saying, however, you have to make new friends—and get an ext comfortable creating connections with human being you don’t recognize that well.

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Why? several reasons:

you’ll have an ext fun that a difficulty You’ll construct a different aspect of your social skills: how to meet new people you will do it become more comfortable in your very own skin and also feel more confident you’ll meet brand-new people, and many of them will certainly be girls

How to improve your social skills

There are lots of resources that can help you hone her social skills. The YouTube channel Charisma ~ above Command is a great example: they have playlists top top flirting, human body language, confidence, and even persuasion.