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Margaret Hewitson got a Bichon Frise puppy come encourage she to walk for walks. Adam Harnett/SWNS

After her mommy died,Margaret Hewitson sought lull in food. According to SWNS, the 61-year-old would certainly snack transparent the day and also order takeout at night. These habits caused the weight to pile on, and Hewitson was shortly 269 pounds. The excess load made it an overwhelming for she to perform everyday tasks choose climbing stairs and tying she shoes.

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"I had to ask my husband or my son to carry out it because that me," Hewitson said SWNS. "I couldn"t placed my socks on either due to the fact that I was so large I couldn"t bending over.

But the scariest component of her weight gain was the advance of kind 2 diabetes. At she heaviest, Hewitson was acquisition up to six insulin injections a work to help control the illness.

Knowing her health and wellness was in jeopardy, Hewitson joined Slimmingworld(the UK version of load Watchers) and swapped takeout for house cooked meals. Currently weighing 154 pounds, Hewitson states she still enjoys treats yet in moderation.

"If i want coco I will have actually it," she said. "If I deserve to lose weight anyone can."


Paul Garland used hypnosis to melted weight. Adam Harnett / SWNS

Unable to discover a Christmas sweater that fit his frame, Paul Garland vowed to lose weight in 2017 — a resolution that he had tried and failed at many times before. This time, however, the 64-year-old enlisted the help of a new age method: hypnotism.

"I believed "I"ve do the efforts all type of diets, I"ll try hypnotism,"" Garland toldSouth West News business (SWNS).

Caroline Apovian, a professor the medicine and pediatrics in ~ Boston University college of Medicine and director of the facility for Nutrition and also Weight Management, has actually seen numerous patients use and benefit native the technique, especially those with psychological conditions.

"There are many patients who complain of anxiety which makes them overeat, and also this is certainly ameliorated by a hypnotic state," Apovian formerly told

Although it"s uncertain if the was the situation for Garland, the technique worked. In a year, that lost about 100 pounds and was ultimately able come wear the festive pullover of his dreams.

Courtesy that Fay Marshall Fay Marshall has lost — and preserved off — more than 100 pounds.

Fay Marshall knew that she needed to do a serious readjust when people started mistaking her together pregnant and offering she seats ~ above the train.

Determined to lose weight, Marshall join Slimming World, a weight-loss regime that compelled her to make weekly goals and also check-in top top her progression with a group. Marshall was squeezing into size 22 trousers once she started the program, but after a year, she had actually lost 120 pounds.

Marshall called that taking weight loss at some point at a time and making tiny changes in her diet and also exercise behavior made the process more manageable because that her.

She learned how to make recipes healthy by utilizing lean meat and also lower calorie oils. She likewise made certain she to be making foods items that she to be excited to eat, for this reason she wouldn"t be as most likely to stray from she plan. When she go stray, she didn"t beat herself up for it. "As lengthy as you draw the line and also get ago to it, that doesn"t make that much difference," she called

Instead the forcing herself to walk to the gym, Marshall complied with workout DVDs in ~ home and incorporated more activity right into her day-to-day life. As she acquired closer to her goal, she started swimming and took spinning classes.

Marshall said the her biggest piece of advice for people wanting to shed weight is come avoid getting bogged down with exactly how long the process will take. "Time will certainly pass anyway," she said. "You might as well just take it it someday at a time and each job you"re a action closer to her goal."

Laura Eastel is currently a consultant because that the firm that aided her lose weight. Simon Galloway/SWNS

As a child, Laura Eastel was caught in a vicious cycle. Often bullied for being heavier 보다 her classmates, she turned to junk food because that comfort. This transaction mechanism, however, made her put on more weight, which would certainly initiate an ext jokes from she classmates. Through 19, SWNS reports the Eastel weighed about 266 pounds.

She fell into one more weight obtain cycle in 2005 when she ended up being pregnant with her an initial child. Follow to SWNS, she diet at the time consisted ofchocolate biscuits, pizza, fried chicken, and also soda. These habits brought she to she heaviest weight: 290 pounds. It wasn"t till she take it a trip down storage lane in 2014 that she made decision to make weight ns a priority.

"I was at mine parents" residence when they decided to obtain out our old household albums," she speak SWNS. "Flicking v the pages, we stopped on one of me bulging out of my college uniform, ns was horrified."

Eastel joined Slimming World and traded her junk food because that fruits, vegetables, and lean protein. Now, three years later, she weighs 131 pounds — a fraction of her previous size.

"Losing load has adjusted my figure completely," she speak SWNS. "When ns walked past a girl who provided to bully me recently, the look at of shock top top her confront made mine day."

Johnson was motivated to shed weight after ~ a medical scare. Courtesy of James Johnson

James Johnson was no stranger to the weight loss journey. In fact, the 40-year-old publisher had actually lost comprehensive weight three times before, only to acquire it back each time.

This time, however, to be different. In 2016, Johnson was told he had lupus and the diagnosis, coupled with bad eating choices, lead him to gain over 100 pounds. As soon as he struggle 300 pounds, he knew he required to lose – and keep off — the weight.

Believing "the only means to truly understand you"re no eating properly is to know precisely what you"re eating," Johnson download the shed it! App. Utilizing this load loss tool he had the ability to count calories, monitor his exercise, plan his meals, and also set an individual goals. He ended up being a Premium member of the app, and incorporated it right into his daily routine.

Despite his tough stance ~ above dieting, Johnson interpreted that shedding weight is a procedure that takes time.

"I take it it one step at a time, security my food intake, and slowly incorporating exercise right into my daily routine," told

Six month later, Johnson is down 120 pounds, a gym regular, and no much longer reliant on his blood pressure medication.

Andrew Dasselaar runs ultramarathons. Andrew Dasselaar/Twitter

Andrew Dasselaar has tried to shed weight in the past, yet exercise phases and fad diets left his load in a yo-yo state. Climate in 2013, as soon as he to be "morbidly obese ," follow to an post he composed for service, he decided to take a different approach.

By adjusting his eat habits, running, and also practicing meditation , Dasselaar was able to lose 154 pounds in less than a year. He ultimately turned his tips right into a publication called "Let Go," in i beg your pardon he common his weight loss advice v others that hope come achieve comparable goals.

Adam Moffat is half his dimension after following on a strict diet plan. note Sutherland / SWNS

At his most difficult weight,Adam Moffat endured from sleep apnea, had high blood pressure, and was so too worn down to keep up v his 2 daughters.But, according to SWNS, the 44-year-old wasn"t encouraged to lose weightuntil his mam talked about a friend who went through a finish transformation.

To kick-start the weight loss, Moffat swapped his breakfast cakes and afternoon candy forCambridge load Plan, a UK-based firm that tailor makes diets for customers. SWNS notes that he was eating around 800 calorie a job on the program. (It"s worth noting that, follow to SELF, health threats rise once a human eats less than 1,200 calorie a day.) This diet assisted him melted 168 pounds — roughly half of his body load — in 31 weeks, according to SWNS.

"It feel absolutely great to have actually lost so lot weight," Moffat called SWNS. "I felt as if once I to be bigger civilization kept looking at me. It is just nice to feel sort of regular again."

in ~ his heaviest, David Roden to be eating 10,000 calories a day. Courtesy the David Roden

Growing up, Davie Roden assumed nothing the eating whole Costco-sized bag of peanut butter cups. Not just did lock taste good, yet they to fill an emotionally void. As a result, he found himself weighing close to 400 pounds in high college — a problem for his father, that is a cardiologist.

"That make things really interesting cultivation up," Roden told of his father"s occupation.

Despite his dad"s clinical degree, neither he nor Roden"s mother shamed or forced diets on their son. And ultimately, the may have actually been because that the best.As Roden called, that wasn"t till he switched jobs and found his own an inspiration that he started to shed weight.

"I joined a networking firm and started hanging out with civilization who discovered fitness important," Roden said. The slowly started testing brand-new exercises v his colleagues and also making healthy and balanced food swaps.

Almost four years later, he has actually gone native 408 come 240 pounds. Roden credits this to switching up his diet and exercise, which prevents him from obtaining bored and also complacent.

Jessica Beniquez turned to Herbalife shakes to help with her load loss. GetFitWithJessica/Instagram

In February 2016, Jessica Beniquez weighed end 320 pounds and also felt lazy. For this reason she determined to perform something about it. According to People, Beniquez grounding to a strictly 1,200 come 1,500 calorie diet and started functioning out more.

Now, virtually two years later, the 21-year-old weighs 145 pounds and also can tackle fitness difficulties she never ever thought possible.

"Before it took me 20 minute to walk a mile and also now I deserve to run five miles in under 50 minutes," she called People. "It"s stunner the points I deserve to do now that ns couldn"t perform before."

But it"s worth noting that Beniquez never hated her previous self. The Florida resident records her change on social media, and also regularly reminds followers the it"s not around how girlfriend look: it"s exactly how you feel.

"I loved my life also when ns was heavy, ns loved and still love every my friends and family the were by my next then and also now," she wrote in a write-up from November 2017. "I to be still that same human being I was when I was over 300 pounds. I am just more happy and also confident and also I’m no going come let everyone take the away native me."

Janice and William Robertson blame your weight get on lack of exercise and a quick food diet. note Sutherland / SWNS

Weight was never a major concern for Janice and William Robertson, who gained married in 2017. But after gift diagnosed v diabetes, wilhelm knew he had actually to make a change: specifically, he knew he had to lose weight, according to SWNS. Janice decided to join him on the journey, reasoning it would benefit both of them.

"It was so much better because it ended up being a little of a competition," Janice called the outlet.

SWNS reported that the 2 joined a slimming class and, prior to they knew it, they had actually a lost a full of 196 pounds. To celebrate their accomplishment, Janice and also William chose to have actually a second wedding.

"I was a dimension 22 and none that the dresses fitted me. I was sad about how i looked in them," janice said. "But as soon as I went dress shopping because that the 2nd time it to be amazing.When I observed myself i burst into tears."

Tony Howland sit in the same chair before and also after his transformation. Adam Harnett/SWNS

At 41 year old, Tony Howland weighed end 400 pounds and found that the overfill pounds prevented him from traveling, walking, and also even sitting. One day, after breaking nearly every chair in his home, SWNS reports the Howland witnessed a photo of himself in the only chair that might accommodate his frame. The was the wake-up call he needed.

"The photograph was take away by my mam to show me how big I had got," that told the outlet."That was a minute of realization without a shadow of a doubt."

Howland joineda Slimming people group and also began eat fish, poultry, veg and also fruit: a substantial difference native theroast dinners and also McDonald"s that was offered to. He additionally took increase walking, starting with a half mile and also gradually boosting the distance, follow to SWNS.

Almost 2 years later, Howland has regulated to shed 210 pounds and also gain a new outlook top top life.

"People say come me "Your life should be completely different" and my an answer is that ns live in a different world," he said.

His new size and also passion for walking has actually led Howland to a new goal: scaling Ben Nevis, the greatest mountain in the brothers Isles.

Courtesy of Matt Briggs Matt Briggs lost over 200 pounds after ~ joining a load loss program.

Matt Briggs was constantly one that the bigger children growing up, however he never felt unhealthy. But after his mom was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, points took a turn.

Briggs, a teenager at the time, sought comfort in cacao bars and also snacks together his mother"s health and wellness declined, and after her death, his weight kept increasing. He had tried everything to shed weight —from shakes, to pills, to too much calorie limit — however nothing worked.

He was as much as a 5XL top and also 56-inch waist trousers when his father readily available to pay for him to join a weight-loss program called Slimming World. Briggs had grown doubtful of diet programs, however he made decision to offer it a try after seeing a family photo in which he appeared to be twice the size of his father.

Briggs began attending weekly meetings and made adjustments to his lifestyle. He began cooking more, packing his lunch, and also walking places rather of driving. As soon as Briggs began Slimming World, that weighed practically 440 pounds, however after only six main in the program, he to be down practically 30 pounds.

The crucial for Briggs was to take load loss one step at a time. "I would always find something on the calendar to look front to favor a wedding or birthday," Briggs called

Briggs lost nearly 240 pounds since beginning the program, and for the most part, he"s preserved it. That told he never looked in ~ the large picture due to the fact that he believed it was an ext useful to focus on the small changes he can make each day.

Jermaine Gause appeared on "The Doctors" in 2016. CBS/ jermainesjourney/Instagram

Most world make a promise to lose weight in the privacy that their residence or, in ~ the most, tell a few friends around their goal. But Jermaine Gause made a statements to change his life on nationwide TV.

During a 2016 appearance on "The Doctors," the then 37-year-old said he had always been the "big guy" and was prepared to make a change.

"I"m not all set to leave this planet," Gause said. "And I understand the means I to be now, I most likely don"t have much time."

At the time, Gause sweet 639 pounds, to be eating 10 times the lot ofrecommended sugar per day, suffering from cardio vascular issues, and at danger for occurring fatty liver disease, people reported.

The Michigan native joined Live in Fitness, a residentialweight-loss programthat focuses on simple changes like a healthy and balanced diet and exercise. He also documented his weight loss on social media together a method to remain accountable and inspire others.

The behavior he learned in ~ Live in Fitness permitted him to shed 303 pounds ina year-and-a-half — and also finally live the life he wanted.

"I remember being upset that#nikedidn"t make apparel in mine size," Gause created in an Instagram post from October 2017. Fine they have actually been saying#JUSTDOITfor years. So 300 pounds later I walk IT."

Amber and Beau appeared on "The Rachael beam Show" to obtain a finish post-weight ns makeover. Rachel Ray display / YouTube

High institution sweethearts Amber and Beau i found it the pounds progressively started to include up ~ they welcomed their an initial child in 2013.

"I take it the entirety eating for 2 a small too seriously," Amber said during a segment on "The Rachael ray Show" in 2017. "Those actions that we gained when i was pregnant just never go away."

At their heaviest, Amber and Beau sweet 363 pounds and also 357 pounds, respectively. The weight acquire took a toll fee on their energy levels, sex life, and also marriage, v Beau saying they thought about divorce at one point.

The couple eventually took on a weight loss journey, making tiny steps like swapping soil beef because that ground turkey and also walking. In the an initial month, they shed 30 pounds each.

As that September 2017, Amber has lost 185 pounds and also Beau has actually lost 127 pounds. Your clothes, however, to be still those the their previous weights. The two showed up on "The Rachael ray Show," whereby they obtained post-weight lose makeovers.Ray was stunned by the outcomes — together were Amber and also Beau.

Together, they lost 394 pounds. Lexi Reed/Instagram

In 2016, married couple Lexi and also Danny Reed make a new Year’s resolution to get health. Now, nearly two year later, the couple has lost a an unified 394 pounds — and counting.

The crucial to their weight loss success to be trading in TV viewing because that joint exercising. Functioning out through your partner hasbeen shown to enhance both your relationship and your fitness, therefore it renders sense that once the Reeds began replacing TV time with workout time points changed.

In bespeak to save herself accountable and inspire others, Lexi started documenting her load loss trip on the heInstagram account FatGirlFedUp.

"I short article pictures that myself spanned in sweat, makeup running under my face, rocking my husband"s t-shirts, and also every solitary day I placed myself in a place to it is in vulnerable," she previously told "I put it all the end there due to the fact that if ns can assist one human that"s what I want to do."

Jaqueline Adan has recorded her load loss trip on Instagram and also through a blog. jacquelineadan44/Instagram

In 2011, blogger Jaqueline Adan embarked on a load loss journey that would readjust her life. Follow to her website, she hit absent bottom that year once she stepped on the scale and also saw she sweet 500 pounds. From the day forward, Adan take it a natural strategy to load loss that affiliated joining Jenny Craig and also exercising more.

Cut to December 2016, when Adan had actually lost an ext than 300 pounds and undergone two skin removed surgeries to eliminate the overabundance skin left by her transformation. Regardless of the weight loss and also surgeries, however, Adan still deals with criticism for she figure. In September 2017, she took to Instagram to talk around a particular body-shaming minute she encountered ~ above vacation.

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"I to be nervous to take it my cover increase off and also to walk into the swimming pool or to walk on the beach. I still felt choose that same 500 pound girl ... Then it happened," she wrote. "A pair sitting by the pool started laughing and pointing at me and making fun of me as soon as ns took mine cover increase off."

Rather than hide, she "took a deep breath, smiled and walked into the pool." as Adan later on told Refinery 29, the incident marked a major milestone because that her, together she establish she was lastly confident.

"I know it"s not straightforward to love yourself all the time and love specifically who girlfriend are, specifically if you have been criticized and made fun of every one of your life. I understand it is hard," she told the website. "But your opinion of you yourself is the only opinion that matters. Only you understand what you room going through and only you have the power inside yourself to be important happy."