When Jeanne Traver's boy went to university he motivated her to take it his gym membership. That helped her shed 206 pounds and transform she health.

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As a child, Jeanne Tarver went with a “chubby phase” that she never quite flourished out of. But her load didn’t end up being a serious issue until a family member started sexually abusing her. Then the young girl turned to food come cope.

“When I would eat, that would certainly make me feel better,” Tarver, 44, that Dade City, Florida, called lasignoralaura.com. “I didn’t realize this together a child, yet I would eat and also get the street high … It to be somewhat like the impacts of alcohol.”


After she report her household member, the abuse stopped and she lost weight again. Yet when she turn 14, she suffered sexual abuse again. And again, she turned to food because that comfort.

“I psychic hiding in ~ night. I would look in ~ the fridge and get the ice cream cream and sit in the dark and eat. The was prompt gratification,” she explained.

Over the following 10 years, Tarver acquired 140 pounds. At 5 feet 2 inch tall, she ultimately weighed 336 pounds. She do the efforts fad diets and even weight-loss surgery, however nothing stuck, and also she simply thought she’d constantly be fat. Once her son was leaving for college, he motivated Tarver come take end his gym member at the local Anytime Fitness. Reluctantly, she agreed.

“When I have done this in the past, it has actually been a rubbish of money,” she said.

Jeanne Traver's son, Mikey, encouraged her to join a gym. This aided her shed 206 pounds.Courtesy of Jeanne Traver

The gym had actually a promo where she could receive a totally free evaluation from a personal trainer, therefore Tarver collection an appointment. She come up v dozens the excuses to cancel. However then suddenly, she had a revelation.

“There was something in my head the said, ‘Either you are going to do this now and feel far better … Or ns was walk to become one the those statistics,"” she said. “I wanted to start living again.”

When she started working out with a trainer in 2014, she weighed 270 pounds and had a basic goal: Weigh much less than 200 pounds. Yet it wasn’t basic doing cardio and lifting weights.

“I hated bill (the trainer). Ns disliked the so much that an initial year,” she said. “I didn’t recognize why he had actually me elevator weights. I didn’t desire to carry out this.”

She additionally started complying with clean eat principles and avoiding handle foods. She added much more fruits, vegetables and protein to she diet.

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At she heaviest, Jeanne Traver weighed 336 pounds and thought she would always be overweight.Courtesy of Jeanne Traver

“I shot not to eat anything out of a bag, a box, a can,” she said. “I accurate cleaned increase a lot. Ns prepare whatever fresh.”

Right before her 40th birthday, she reached her very first goal once she weighed in in ~ 197 pounds. But Tarver wonder if she could lose even more. For this reason she preserved going. Through September 2017, she sweet 135 pounds, which she has due to the fact that maintained.