If you want to shed weight rapidly before a project interview, reunion, wedding or vacation, this post will present you just how to shed 50 pounds in 2 month without exercise.

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Some civilization argue that rapid weight loss is bad. But that’s no true. Shedding weight fast actually has actually some advantages.

For one, friend don’t require a many willpower to lose weight fast. It’s easier to maintain a calorie deficit for 2 months 보다 it is come eat less because that a year.

Second, research reflects that civilization who shed weight quick in the first couple of weeks end up losing an ext weight in the lengthy run. And they keep the weight off longer than slow and also steady dieters.

The truth is losing weight slowly doesn’t guarantee the you’ll keep it off. The necessary thing is to select a diet and exercise plan you can stick come long-term.

Most the the tips listed below are easy to stick come long-term.

Note that it’s easier for someone who is 100+ pounds overweight to lose 50 pounds in 2 months than it is because that someone that is 50 pounds overweight.

How to shed 50 Pounds in 2 month without Exercise


1. Eat 2 raw fruit and/or vegetables before every meal

Overeating is the key reason people gain weight. Eating 2 fruits or veggies prior to each enjoy the meal will rise fullness and prevent overeating.

Fruits and also veggies space low in calories and also contain fiber. Research mirrors that fiber keeps hunger at bay and enhances load loss. Fruits and veggies will additionally give you vitamins and minerals.

For instance, you can eat 2 carrots prior to lunch and two apples prior to dinner.

Some fruits choose grapefruit have been proven to rise metabolism and enhance fat burning.

2. Nothing eat much more than 4 meals a day

One of the biggest nutrition myths is that eating generally boosts metabolism. Studies present that meal frequency go not influence metabolism.

Eating less than 4 meals a work can aid you lose 50 pounds in 2 months because you’ll finish up consuming under calories.

I may additionally note the it is much easier to monitor calories once you eat fewer meals.

3. Eat much less than 300 calories in every meal

Even despite other determinants like hormones and metabolism influence weight loss, calories are the key determinant of load loss.

Eating 300 calorie per meal will full to 1200 calorie a job if friend eat 4 meals. And also if you add the calories from fruits and veggies you’ll finish up consuming about 1500 calories.

Feel totally free to consume less than 300 calories if you’re no hungry. The much less you eat the better.

Eating low-calorie-nutrient-dense foods items will allow you to eat fewer calories without feeling hungry every the time. Here are short calories foods items you can include to your diet.

4. Track her calories

Counting calorie is tiresome and can sometimes turn into an obsessive behavior. However if done effectively it can enhance load loss and also prevent underestimating calories – a typical mistake among dieters.

Tools favor myfitnesspal.com and also LoseIt! can aid you track calories.

Keep adjusting her calorie intake till you uncover what functions for you. If you’re not shedding weight, lower your calorie input by 200-300 calories.

5. Drink two glasses that water 20 minutes before each meal

Drinking 2 glasses of water before each meal deserve to prevent overeating.

In this study, participants that drank water before meals lost 44 percent more weight than those that didn’t drink water prior to meals.

6. Drink more than 2 liters the water a day

Drinking enough water deserve to instantly do you lighter due to the fact that it eliminates water retention and also bloating.

If you’re not a fan of water, right here are clean eating drinks you can enjoy.

Don’t drink calorie-containing beverages like diet soda or fresh fruit juice. Stick come zero/ low-calorie beverages.

Water has been proven to boost metabolism. And also drinking 2 liters that water can help you burn an extra 96 calories.

“I had a client who lost 20 pounds in 1 mainly after adding JUST water to his diet. He to be so bloated, his rings did not fit him, stomach was large, and also socks would certainly indent his reduced legs when he gotten rid of them.”

Stew Smith, Strength and also Conditioning professional (CSCS)

7. Eat fat burn foods

Have girlfriend heard of fat burning foods? this are foods items that boost metabolism, curb cravings and also enhance fat burning.

You will lose weight faster if girlfriend eat these fat burn foods.

Realize that a calorie no a calorie. 200 calories from veggies aren’t equal to 200 calories from a piece of cake. Veggies save on computer fiber which will store you full. A item of cake consists of sugar which boosts cravings and triggers binge eating.

8. Chef your very own meals

Research mirrors that people who chef their very own meals weigh less than those who eat out.

One explanation is that restaurant food is high in calories. Plus, that harder to track calories once you eat out.

Cooking your very own meals won’t it is in enough, you have actually to chef healthy delicious meals. Otherwise, friend won’t rod to healthy and balanced eating actions long-term if you can’t cook delicious meals. Usage this cookbook to learn just how to chef healthy delicious meals in minutes.

9. Nothing drink alcohol

Drinking alcohol have the right to hinder weight loss. Many alcoholic beverages are high in calories. Plus alcohol reasons dehydration.

If you have to drink alcohol, drink red wine. Research mirrors it has actually anti-aging effects and also can reduced the risk of Alzheimer’s. Moderate intake of champagne, spirits, and also light beer is okay.

10. Shot intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern which enables you to only eat at specific times. The many popular technique requires one to fast for 16 hours and also eat throughout the 8-hour eat window.

Most intermittent fasting enthusiasts eat one huge meal a day. As I mentioned earlier, eating one meal will certainly make it much easier to monitor calories.

Intermittent fasting might be an overwhelming the first few days but you’ll acquire used to it.

Research shows that intermittent fasting improves weight loss and reduces ship fat.

Here are other benefits of intermittent fasting.

11. Cut sugar out of your diet

Frankly, it’s hard to lose 50 pounds in two 2 month without quitting sugar. Street is high in calories and also causes weight gain.

It’s not just table street you have to avoid. Many processed foodstuffs are loaded through sugar. And manufacturers use an intricate names to hide it.

To it is in safe, prevent all handle foods and also drinks. Also fresh fruit juice.

Here is exactly how you can quit sugar cold turkey.

12. Weigh yourself every morning

It’s not always advisable to weigh yourself every day. However you may need to perform it throughout the 2-month period. Seeing the results will motivate you to continue to be consistent.

Step ~ above the scale less typically once you reach her weight goal. Maybe when a week.

13. Stick to the setup on weekends

Did you understand that most world lose weight on weekdays just to sabotage the development on weekends?

Research shows that most people overeat on weekends. This is mainly because of idleness and also overindulging in society events.

Don’t readjust your diet on the weekends. Remember come eat fruits and drink water prior to meals, eat less than 4 meals a day and also consume less than 300 calories per meal.

14. Nothing drink calorie-containing beverages

Calorie-containing beverages deserve to slow load loss due to the fact that they rise the full daily calorie intake.

Stay away from sodas, fruit juice, beer, diet soda, milk, energy drinks.

You’re much better off drinking environment-friendly tea or lemon water.

15. You may need exercise

Even despite you can lose 50 pounds in 2 month without exercise, exercising regularly can help a great deal.

Exercise can help you burn much more calories, avoid muscle loss, combine bones and also control appetite.

Even basic exercises like walking deserve to help.

The ideal strategy is to combine strength training and also cardio. Aim to practice 4-5 times a week.

Final word

It’s feasible to lose 50 pounds in 2 months without exercise. Many civilization have done it, and also you can do the too.

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The most crucial thing is to choose a diet setup you can stick to long-term. If you require a step-by-step plan, the VFX human body program may work for you. It is draft to assist women lose fat there is no starving us or working out for hours.