Find out just how to shed weight in a week through nutritionist Jenna Hope—she reveals exactly how to fall the pounds and keep them off


Wondering if it’s possible to shed weight in a week? The best means to shed weight sustainably is to perform it slowly and gradually. Yet it is possible to start shedding pounds in the next seven work safely if you follow our straightforward step-by-step guide.

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"The best means to lose weight is over a sustainable period of time," states nutritionist Jenna Hope. "There are so plenty of quick fixes out there, i m sorry promise girlfriend a certain amount of weight loss in ~ a short period of time. However, regularly the faster you lose weight the an ext likely you space to put it back on."

If you’re feather at exactly how to shed a rock in a month or you want to start changing weight today, the very same rules apply. You need to expend an ext calories than you placed in. Load loss is a mix of eat a healthy and balanced diet, complete of nutritious unprocessed foods, plus consistent exercise—whether that’s hitting the trail in your ideal walking pair of shoes or rolling out your mat and trying a yoga because that beginners course on YouTube.

To help kickstart your weight lose journey, Hope has actually shared she advice and tips on just how to safely shed the pounds and keep lock off. Plus, she’s revealed she ultimate meal guide to present you the tasty healthy and balanced dishes you can serve up this week.

If you have any kind of health concerns, you need to speak to her doctor prior to embarking top top a new fitness or nutrition plan.


Here are Hope"s optimal tips for shedding weight healthy and sustainably, add to she expose the best foods for load loss so you understand what to include to her shopping trolley.

1. AVOID limited DIETS

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Embarking top top a limited diet can seem favor the finest route to lose weight fast, but it can have a detrimental effect on her health, and your long-term weight lose goals.

“Restrictive diets frequently come with comprehensive promises, so it have the right to be tempting to jump right into one,“ states Hope. "However these diets room not just unsustainable—and thus may have actually an adverse result on her weight in the long term—but they likewise pose a risk to your psychological wellbeing.”

Initially, you may see the number dip on her weighing scales, but minimal diets can make you feeling sluggish, moody, nauseous and also run down. This may be under to the truth that you’re probably cutting out significant food teams and lacking out on an important nutrients. This will not just take a toll on your health yet will likely collection you up for rebound load gain.

“Restricting details foods or food teams can frequently leave you wanting lock more,” says Hope. This may rise cravings, i beg your pardon will have your willpower functioning overtime to stop piling ~ above the pounds. What’s more, if a diet is too restrictive, you’re less likely to stick come it and also you’re an ext likely come fail.

2. Emphasis ON WHAT friend CAN add TO your DIET

Don"t focus on the foodstuffs you"re cutting out—forget the doughnuts, biscuits, and crisps. Instead, think about all the delicious healthy foods items you"ll be including in.

“Incorporating more nutrient-dense foods items into her diet can assist to naturally displace some of the an ext “unhealthy” foods that space high in sugars and also unhealthy fats,” claims Hope. She recommends adding one extra section of vegetables to each meal. “Vegetables space rich in fiber and also water, which will assist you feel fuller because that longer.” Aim because that leafy greens, which room packed v magnesium and also iron to help support your energy levels.

Hope additionally recommends loading up on beans, which space high in dissolve fiber. This can aid fight inflammation that causes belly fat, meaning they"re a an essential ingredient to help you lose weight in a week. “Try incorporating beans right into bolognese and also stews to mass them out and include them come soups and curries come ramp increase protein and also fiber, too.”

3. SNACKS: move HIGH SUGAR because that HIGH PROTEIN

Snacking regularly gets a poor rap. So once it comes to losing weight in a week, you’d it is in forgiven for reasoning they were off the menu. While unhealthy snacks deserve to be the downfall of anyone trying to lose weight, healthy options can it is in a vital part of any kind of weight loss eat plan.

“Snacks can be a helpful tool to manage blood sugar levels and prevent girlfriend overeating or desire high sugar foods after that in the day,” says Hope. However, which snacks you pick can be key to even if it is you shift weight or not. “High sugar snacks will spike blood sugar levels and cause a consequent crash,” says Hope. “When blood street levels autumn you’re more likely to crave sugar.”

Switching to high-protein snacks might help. “They will rise satiety and stabilize blood street levels," claims Hope. High protein snacks include:

Cottage cheese on oatcakesNatural yogurt and cinnamonCarrots and also cucumber pole with decreased fat humousBoiled eggsApple with 1tsp the peanut butterRoasted chickpeasEdamame beans

4. Continue to be HYDRATED

Believe that or not, gift dehydrated have the right to be one of the main causes of load gain. Ensuring girlfriend drink sufficient water during the day can be key to shedding weight and keeping it off.

“When people are dehydrated, it’s usual to wrong thirst because that hunger, which can lead to overeating,” explains Hope. Drinking a glass that water can fill up her stomach, causing a feeling of fullness. Your stomach will then send signals to your brain to tell that to prevent eating.

Staying hydrated deserve to also assist everything operation smoothly in her body. Water helps your kidneys come filter toxins and also waste, therefore they can retain necessary nutrients and also electrolytes.

A absence of water can additionally lead to tough or lumpy stools and stop food from moving through your body. This might make you feeling bloated and swollen, i beg your pardon can add inches to your waist. Expect recommends drinking about two liters that water every day to aid your digestive mechanism run efficiently and aid you keep a flat tum. “Just be mindful that overconsumption the water deserve to disrupt liquid balance and in extreme situations be dangerous,” advises Hope.

5. SWITCH continual BREAD come SOURDOUGH

If you desire to shed weight, don’t issue you don’t have to give up bread. Yes, you heard that right! It’s all around eating the best kind so girlfriend don’t experience from bread bloat.

“Sourdough bread experience a fermentation process, which helps break down the gluten proteins, and also as a result, deserve to leave you feeling much less bloated than regular bread,” defines Hope. Sourdough is additionally a great source the fiber, which might prevent friend from getting to for a snack a couple of hours later.

Try Bertinet Bakery Seeded Sourdough. It has 4g protein and also 8.3g of fiber every 100g (anything containing end 6g fiber per 100g is thought about high fiber), making that a an excellent way to start the day.


Mindful eat is the idea that when we eat we are fully engaged in the eating process. “It means we’re eating in response to ours body’s physiological cues,” claims Hope.

Most of united state are constantly trying to make the many out that every hour. This way many that us are guilty of eating while creating up our shopping list, or capturing up through our favorite TV show, which can prevent united state from shedding weight. “Eating when distracted can impair digestion and also the secretion of satiety hormones,” states Hope. This way it can take much longer for girlfriend to procedure that you’re full, which have the right to lead to overeating.

“Avoid engaging in other tasks while eating and also focus exclusively on the food on her plate,” states Hope. Try eating more slowly and also not rushing meals, chew thoroughly and also focus on exactly how the food makes you feel. Hear to your body while you eat will aid you acknowledge as soon as you room full, and also even train you to eat less and have far better portion control.

7. BE aware OF EXTRAS

If you’ve been eating healthy well balanced meals, yet you’re quiet struggling to lose weight, there might be a tiny reason why. “When it comes to weight loss, focusing on the tiny things deserve to have a large impact," states Hope. So while you’re eat a “healthy” chicken salad, packed through lean protein and also your five-a-day, your dressing choice could be undoing all the tough work.

“Added sauces, dressings, sugar (in tea and also coffee), and also high calorie drinks can really include up,” defines Hope. She proposal opting for vinegar end sugary bottled dressings and sauces, limiting the street in her tea and also coffee (better still cut it out altogether!), and also switching high calorie, sugary drinks for water instead. “These little changes will certainly make a big difference end time!” states Hope.

8. Gain MOVING

We’ve stated it before, yet we’ll say it again—moving is vital to load loss. And also it will definitely assist you shed weight in a week. Burn off an ext calories 보다 you consume and also the pounds will begin dropping off. “The combination of task and spend a healthy balanced diet is the best means to support healthy, sustainable weight loss,” states Hope.

But don’t worry, getting active doesn’t mean sweating it out in the gym. “It’s about finding an activity that functions for you," says Hope. Whether that"s running around with the kids, walking v a friend or just trying the best exercises to lose belly fat at home, you simply need to acquire that love pumping and also those lung working.

Aim for 30 minutes every various other day. Or if that appears unachievable, begin with just 10 minutes and build up to fifty percent an hour. Doing something manageable that fits into your schedule way you’re an ext likely to stick come it.

THE seven DAY DIET meal PLAN

Eating a healthy and balanced diet is essential in your weight ns journey. Planning out your meals can ensure every one is nutritionally balanced and prevent you from picking up a last-minute prepared meal top top your means home.

“This meal arrangement should be provided as a guide,” defines Hope. “It’s essential to mix up her diet ~ above a regular basis and incorporate a wide range of foodstuffs week on week.” Additionally, if friend have specific personalised requirements, please seek advice from her GP.

What come eat because that breakfast

Eating breakfast could aid you lose weight. As soon as you eat an initial thing, friend activate the thermogenesis procedure (heat production) and also as a result stimulate her metabolism. However, what you eat for her morning meal might dictate even if it is you shed weight or heap it on. Hope recommends protein and fibre well-off breakfasts that keep your blood sugar levels stable and also stop girlfriend hankering after ~ a high-sugar snack at 10am. Try...

Porridge v cinnamon and berriesGreen smoothie with banana, Greek yogurt, spinach, oats and also cinnamonSeeded sourdough toast topped through two scrambled eggs, spinach and mushroomsScrambled tofu v onions and peppersGreek yogurt with muesli and also berriesSpinach, mushroom and also tomato omeletteBaked eggs v aubergine, peppers and also spinach

What come eat because that lunch

If her stomach is rumbling come 1pm, it can be tempting to grab the very first thing you see in the fridge. However opting for a nutritionally well balanced meal deserve to make a large difference as soon as it pertains to losing weight. Select a source of protein—think beans, eggs, fish or chicken—and brightly coloured vegetables that deserve to reduce inflammation and also turn off fat-storage genes. Try…

Minestrone soupVegetable omeletRoast chicken saladTuna salad and wholegrain wrapBrown rice kindness bowl with avocado, roasted courgettes and aubergine, short fat humous and roasted chickpeas.Jacket sweet potato with tuna and also sweetcornCauliflower and chickpea soup

What to eat because that dinner

Dinner is an important meal, therefore it’s crucial you don’t skip it or just opt because that a key of sugary cereal. Eating a healthy and balanced dinner is linked to restful slumber (it permits the mind to produce neurotransmitters to patience the mind and also induce sleep), it encourages you to make an excellent choices at breakfast and lunch the following day, and it lowers inflammation and maintains stable blood sugars. Try…

Prawn stir fryGrilled salmon v broccoli, asparagus and sweet potatoQuinoa salad through roasted vegetables and also a tahini dressingCreamy eco-friendly pea and also broccoli soup with sourdough croutonsSeabass or tofu tray bake v parsnips, green beans and also onionsTurkey burgers offered with butternut squash mash, broccoli and also cauliflowerBlack bean and also mince meat balls in tomato sauce served with quinoa

What to stop on the 7-day diet

Hope reveals she definite no-nos when it involves losing weight.

Avoid cutting out foods—cutting out foods can do you desire them more and do you overeat. Instead, reap a small variety of your favorite foods each week.Avoid listening come everyone"s opinion—there are numerous strategies for load loss and also different things occupational for various people. When you"ve made up your mind about how you desire to shed weight, disregard everyone else"s suggestions, as you may become confused and shot to carry out too lot at once.Avoid over-exercising—like everything, too much isn"t a an excellent thing. Over-exercising can significantly increase appetite, which deserve to make the harder to shed weight. Plus, girlfriend could type a bad relationship v exercise, impacting your psychological wellbeing, too.

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Avoid skipping meals—skipping meals can add to blood street crashes. Once blood street levels fall, you"re much an ext likely to overeat later in the day and crave sweeter foodstuffs at night, too.

w&h thanks nutritionist Jenna Hope for she time and also expertise.