I’m going to tell friend exactly why her iPhone battery drains so quickly and also exactly exactly how to resolve it. I’ll explain how girlfriend can get longer battery life the end of your iPhone without sacrifice functionality.

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 Take my word for it:

The vast bulk of iphone battery issues are software application related.

We’ll cover a number of proven iphone battery fixes that i learned from first-hand endure with hundreds of iPhones while I worked for Apple. Here’s one example:

Your iphone phone tracks and also records her location anywhere you go. That uses a many of battery life.

A few years back (and after a many of world complained), Apple included a brand-new section the Settings called Battery. It display screens some useful information, however it won’t help you fix anything. Ns rewrote this post to boost iOS 15 battery life, and if you take these suggestions, i promise your battery life will certainly improve, no matter which model iPhone you have.

I recently created a YouTube video to go along with the iPhone battery fixes i explain in this article. Whether you like to read or watch, you’ll find the same great information in the YouTube videos that you’ll read in this article.

Our an initial tip is a important a resting giant and also there’s a factor it’s #1: Fixing push Mail can do a tremendous difference in the battery life of her iPhone.

The Real factors Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Battery die So Fast

1. Push Mail

When your mail is set to push, it means that her iPhone maintains a constant connection to your email server so that the server deserve to instantly push the mail to your iPhone as shortly as that arrives. Sound good, right? Wrong.

An Apple command genius explained it to me favor this: as soon as your iphone is set to push, it’s constantly questioning the server, “Is over there mail? Is there mail? Is there mail?”, and this flow of data reasons your battery to drain really quickly. Exchange servers room the absolute worst offenders, but everyone can benefit from changing this setting.

How to Fix press Mail

To deal with this problem, we’re going to adjust your iphone from push to fetch. You’ll conserve a lot of battery life by telling your iphone to examine for new mail every 15 minutes rather of every the time. Your iPhone will constantly check for new mail whenever you open up the mail app.

Go come Settings -> mail -> Accounts.Tap Fetch brand-new Data.Turn off Push in ~ the top of the screen.Scroll come the bottom and choose Every 15 Minutes under Fetch.Tap on each individual email account and, if possible, adjust it come Fetch.


I’ll display you the concealed services that constantly drain your battery, and also I’m ready to gambling you’ve never also heard of most of them. I believe it’s essential for you to choose which programs and services can access your location, particularly given the significant battery drain and personal privacy issues that come through your iPhone, ideal out that the box.

How come Fix ar Services

Go to Settings -> Privacy -> ar Services.Tap Share my Location. If you desire to be able to share your place with her family and also friends in the messages app, then leaving this on, however be careful: If someone wanted to monitor you, this is exactly how they’d carry out it.Scroll all the means to the bottom and also tap System Services. Let’s clear up a typical misconception ideal away: Most that these settings are all around sending data to Apple because that marketing and also research. When we turn them off, your iPhone will proceed to role just as it always has.Turn off everything on the page except Emergency SOSFind mine iPhone (so you can locate that if it’s lost) and also Motion Calibration & Distance (if you’d favor to use your iPhone together a pedometer – otherwise, rotate that off too). Your iPhone will work precisely as it had before. The compass will still work and also you’ll affix to cabinet towers just fine — it’s simply that to apologize won’t be receiving data around your behavior.Tap Significant Locations. Did you recognize your iPhone has actually been tracking you everywhere you go? You have the right to imagine the excess stress, overload this place on her battery. I recommend you turn off Significant Locations. Tap Turn off all the switches under Product Improvement. These only send info to assist Apple improve their products, no make her iPhone run an ext efficiently.Scroll come the bottom and also turn on Status Bar Icon. That way, you’ll understand your place is being supplied when a little arrow appears next to your battery. If that arrowhead is on all the time, there’s probably something wrong. Tap Turn off location Services because that apps the don’t need to understand where friend are.What you should know: If you check out a purple arrowhead next to an app, it’s making use of your ar now. A gray arrow means it’s offered your location within the critical 24 hours and also a purple-outlined arrow means it’s making use of a geofence (more about geofences later).Pay attention to any apps that have purple or gray arrows beside them. Do these apps must know your location to work? If lock do, that’s absolutely good – leave them alone. If lock don’t, tap top top the surname of the app and also choose Never to stop the app from unnecessarily draining her battery.

A Word around Geofencing

A geofence is a virtual perimeter roughly a location. Apps use geofencing come send girlfriend alerts as soon as you come at or depart native a destination. It’s a great idea, yet for geofencing come work, your iPhone needs to constantly use GPS come ask, “Where to be I? where am I? wherein am I?”

I don’t recommend utilizing apps that usage geofencing or location-based alerts since of the variety of cases I’ve seen where civilization couldn’t survive a full day there is no needing to charge their iphone phone — and also geofencing was the reason.

3. Don’t Send iphone Analytics (Diagnostics & intake Data)

Here’s a quick battery tip: Head come Settings -> Privacy, role to the bottom, and open Analytics & Improvements. Rotate off the switch beside Share iphone Analytics and Share iCloud analysis to stop your iPhone from automatically sending data to Apple around how you usage your iPhone.


The app Closing Controversy

Recently, I’ve seen articles that say closing out your apps is actually harmful to iphone battery life. My article called Is Closing iphone Apps A bad Idea? No, and Here’s Why. Explains both political parties of the story, and also why closing out your apps really is a an excellent idea when you look at the big picture.

5. Notifications: just Use The Ones girlfriend Need

We’ve all viewed the question prior to when we open an application for the first time: “App Would favor To Send You press Notifications”, and also we pick OK or Don’t Allow. Few people establish how important it is to be careful about which apps you say OK to.

When you allow an application to send you press Notifications, you’re giving that application permission to save running in the background so the if miscellaneous happens the you care about (like receiving a message message or her favorite team to win a game), that application can send friend an alert come let girlfriend know.

Notifications room good, however they do drain battery life. We have to be educated when we obtain text messages, yet it’s crucial for us to select which other apps are permitted to send us notifications.

How To fix Notifications

Go to Settings -> Notifications and you’ll watch a perform of all your apps. Under the name of each app, you’ll check out either Off or the kind of notifications that application is allowed to send you: Badges, Sounds, or Banners. Overlook the apps the say Off and also take a look v the list. Together you go, ask you yourself this question: “Do I must receive advises from this app when it’s no open?”


17. Girlfriend May Have A Hardware problem (But It can Not be The Battery)

In the start of this article, I pointed out that the vast bulk of concerns related to iphone phone battery life come native software, and also that’s absolutely true. There room a few instances wherein a hardware issue can cause problems, yet in practically every case the trouble isn’t with the battery.

Drops and also spills can reason damage come internal components that are connected in charging or maintaining the fee on her iPhone. The battery itself is designed to be quite resilient, because if it were punctured it might quite precise explode.

The Apple store Battery Test

When you carry your iphone to an Apple save to be serviced, Apple techs run a fast diagnostic the reveals a fair amount the information about the in its entirety health of your iPhone. One of these diagnostics is a battery test, and also it’s pass/fail. In all my time in ~ Apple, I believe I observed a total of 2 iPhones through batteries the did no pass that test — and i saw a lot of iPhones.

If her iPhone passes the battery test, and also there’s a 99% opportunity it will, Apple will not replace your battery even if you’re under warranty. If girlfriend haven’t currently taken the procedures I’ve defined in this article, they’ll send you home to perform them. If girlfriend have done what I’ve suggested, you have the right to say, “I tried that already, and it didn’t work.”

If girlfriend Really want To change Your Battery

If you’re sure you have actually a battery problem and also you’re looking for a less-expensive battery replacement organization than Apple, i recommend Puls, a repair service that will concerned you in ~ your house or office and replace your battery while you wait, in as tiny as 30 minutes.

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In Conclusion

I dear hope the you have enjoyed reading and learned from this article. Writing it has actually been a job of love, and also I’m thankful for each human that reads it and also passes that on to your friends. If you’d like to, leave a comment listed below — I’d love come hear native you.