The skin on her neck, choose the skin on her face, is really susceptible come the indicators of aging. Two of the most typical signs the aging are crepey skin and turkey neck. In this article, we are going to display you exactly how to get rid of turkey neck and also regain the smooth, tight skin you enjoyed in your younger years.

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Crepey skin affect the surface of your neck and can do the skin watch crinkly and also rough prefer your elbows. Turkey neck, on the various other hand, affects the basic musculature and also elasticity that the skin on your neck and results in the loose, dangling, frequently wrinkly folds the look really much prefer a turkey’s wattle.

While both conditions become an ext common together you age, there are steps you have the right to take to avoid their appearance. This post will emphasis on the causes of turkey neck and what you have the right to do to get rid of it.

What causes Turkey Neck?

According come David Rodwell, MD the Charleston face Plastic Surgery, there are four factors that influence turkey neck:

Skin elasticityMuscle tightnessFat distributionBone position

Let’s look at at each of these components in a bit an ext detail prior to we research the best ways to eliminate turkey neck.

1. Skin Elasticity

As we age, our bodies shed their natural capability to repair and rejuvenate. This uses to our skin together well. And also one that the very first components that begin to endure the ravages the time is collagen. Collagen is a protein uncovered in skin"s middle skin class (the dermis) that offers structure and support for the tissue on optimal of it.

Over time, collagen production starts to slow and the currently collagen is much more susceptible to breakdown brought on by lack of vitamins and minerals in your diet, the sun’s damaging UV rays, and totally free radicals that construct up in your skin. This failure of collagen reasons your skin to shed the youthful elasticity it as soon as had.

2. Muscle Tightness

The muscle that support your neck, and the skin over peak of it, have the right to weaken with lack of usage or just the passage of time. Together these muscle weaken, they room less and also less able to support the skin come which they space attached. This way that your skin i will not ~ be pulled ago into location as readily as it was before. Her muscles might not feel any kind of different, yet the visible results are saggy skin.

3. Fat Distribution

Some civilization are just naturally more disposed to bring extra fat under their chin and along your neck. This excess fat can cause your skin come stretch and result in the folds that resemble the turkey’s wattle. A healthy diet, exercise, and also slowly shedding weight can aid decrease this fat deposits and tighten the skin on your neck.

4. Bone Position



The position of various bones in the neck, such together the hyoid (the strip of white just below the jaw in the picture above), have the right to have an effect on the skin underneath the chin.

In the picture on the left, the hyoid bone is set back far from the former of the neck. As a result, the skin is pulled earlier into much more of a square (ninety-degree) angle. In the picture on the right, the hyoid bone is set forward. This, in turn, pushes the skin into a an ext rounded shape. The forward-set hyoid and also the flatter, an ext rounded neck deserve to make her neck skin much more susceptible to gravity and also the looseness that comes through age and also a decrease in muscle tightness.

How To eliminate Turkey Neck

Even through all those determinants stacked versus you, over there are methods to prevent and treat the loosened skin that outcomes in turkey neck. In this section, we’ll talk about four that the most common:

ExerciseCleansers & serumsHealthy way of life habitsSurgery

Exercise works to strengthen the underlying muscle of your neck, if cleansers and serums hydrate and rejuvenate the surface ar skin of her neck. Healthy lifestyle behavior can walk a long means toward ensuring youthful, radiant skin. And surgery is a much more invasive alternative that tones and also smooths both the surface skin and the muscles underneath.


1. Exercise

There’s an practice for everything these days, and your neck is no exception. Below are four an easy exercises you have the right to perform anywhere, whenever to give your skin a firmer, an ext youthful appearance.

A. Chew

According to, you have the right to work the muscles in her neck simply by chewing more. Just sit increase straight, close her lips, and also tilt your chin towards the ceiling. Then gradually move your teeth together and apart as if you to be chewing a piece of gum. Keeping your lips together, finish 20 chews when a week to strengthen the muscle of the neck.

B. Progressive & Turn

Lie comfortable on your back. Tenderness raise her head and also neck far from the floor. As soon as your head is slightly far from the floor, turn it to the right, back to center, come the left, ago to center, and then lower to the floor. It is one repetition. Work up come 10 or more repetitions as soon as a mainly for best results. Be certain to save the movements tiny and controlled, and also don’t jerk her neck in any kind of direction.

C. Stretch

Place your hands on your collar bones and apply gentle pressure throughout this practice to include an extra stretch. Tilt her head back slightly to stretch your neck. Maintaining your head in this position, reach your bottom lip up in the direction of the ceiling. Hold below for a count of five, and then return her lip come its herbal position. It is one repetition. Occupational up to 10 repetitions, and also perform this exercise once a week.

D. Kiss The Sky

Sit comfortably in a chair and tilt your head earlier until she looking at the place where the wall meets the ceiling (think about pointing your sleep at this crease). Another means to gain into the suitable position is to think about positioning her head around forty-five degrees between looking directly ahead and also looking directly up.

When you’ve obtained your head in the position explained above, pucker her lips as if you’re about to carry out as Jimmie Hendrix sang (kiss the sky). You need to feel the muscle of her neck tense and tighten. Organize this puckered place for a counting of five, and also then tilt her head back down and also relax. Repeat this pucker-and-hold four an ext times because that a complete of five sets. For finest results, perform this exercise 2 times a week.

Exercises choose the ones listed above are an excellent for strengthening and also toning the underlying musculature of your neck. Yet while they can aid to improve circulation and give her skin a firmer appearance, lock do little to readjust the exterior appearance. That’s wherein the next solution come in.

2. Skin Care

The components that affect the skin on her neck frequently play a huge part in leading to wrinkles on your chest. Together such, the same modern technology that is provided to act wrinkles top top the chest have the right to be provided to act the wrinkly, loosened skin on your neck.

Products choose the SiO Décolleté Cleansing Discs and SiO Skin Pad can walk a long means toward preventing and also treating the wrinkles linked with turkey neck. When the SiO SkinPad is particularly designed to heal and prevent wrinkles top top the décolleté, the cleansing discs have the right to be provided on the skin of your neck and also even on your face. Best that all, the SiO NeckLift spot is particularly designed to hydrate, plump, and also tighten the skin on her neck. That is important a godsend in the fight against turkey neck!


The SiO cleansing discs use a gentle yet effective mix of glycolic and lactic mountain to easy exfoliate, remove old skin cells, and also clear pores. This combination of useful actions helps her skin maintain its youthful appearance.

Used in conjunction v exercise, cleansers and also SiO patches deserve to have a drastic effect on the appearance of the skin of her neck. But that’s not all you deserve to do to eliminate turkey neck! There room a couple of other actions you have the right to take to tighten up your skin.

3. Healthy Lifestyle Habits

As we’re particular you already know, do healthy choices in her day-to-day life has a vast impact on her well-being. This is true for your physical wellness in general, but it’s likewise true for your skin. The following healthy lifestyle behavior can help you to eliminate turkey neck and also keep her skin youthful.

A. It is in Active

Earlier in the article, we described four an excellent exercises you deserve to do to assist tighten up your neck’s skin. But don’t prevent there! try to be energetic for 30 minutes or an ext at the very least three times every week.

Getting consistent exercise works wonders for your skin. It increases blood circulation, which ensures the skin cells receive all the nutrients they need to stay healthy. In addition, studies have displayed that practice reduces stress, which likewise results in an ext youthful-looking skin.

B. Gain Your beauty Rest

This is maybe the most enjoyable healthy and balanced lifestyle habit. Everyone loves gaining a good night’s sleep! shot to obtain at the very least six hours of sleep every night, yet aim for 7 to eight hrs per night if possible.

Sleeping refreshes your body and allows your skin to rejuvenate itself. Follow the great tips in our short article on acquiring the can be fried beauty sleep, and you’ll start to watch your skin tightening increase in no time.


C. Store A healthy diet

If you serious about getting rid that turkey neck, then you should eat well. Eating a healthy anti-aging diet has actually multiple benefits for your skin. Plenty of vitamins and also minerals act as antioxidants, which means they eliminate toxins and free radicals from her body. This protects her skin cells and keeps castle youthful. Healthy fats and oils can assist keep her skin hydrated and moisturized.

On peak of every that, certain foods and spices have actually anti-inflammatory properties and also can assist improve blood circulation. Every one of that walk a long method toward obtaining rid of turkey neck!

D. Drink Alcohol In Moderation

Everyone loves having actually a glass of wine or a cocktail every now and then, however you do not do it overdo it. Overconsumption of alcohol no just poor for her liver; it’s bad for your skin. Together your body procedures alcohol, it becomes dehydrated.

This dehydration means that her skin cells lose the moisture they must stay healthy. Alcohol also saps your skin cell of vitamin A, i m sorry is an essential for removed toxins. Always drink in moderation to protect against unnecessary damage to your skin.

E. Limit her Time In The Sun

Despite just how wonderful it feels to lounge in the sunshine, the sun’s light ray are one of the main reasons of aging skin. This is because UV rays malfunction your skin’s collagen and also elastin, both of i beg your pardon are vital for healthy, youthful skin. As these an important proteins obtain destroyed, your skin loses its plumpness and elasticity. The result is wrinkly, sagging skin.

To protect against sun damage, use sunscreen every solitary morning before you leave the house, and shot to limit the quantity of time you invest in straight sunlight.

F. Stay Hydrated

Water is an essential component the the human body. Together such, we have to drink numerous it to continue to be healthy! This is especially true for your skin. Drinking at least eight cup of water per day helps flush out toxins, gives ample hydration to skin cells, and keeps all various other normal body procedures on track. Stay hydrated if she trying to beat turkey neck.

G. Don"t Smoke!

This guideline obviously doesn’t apply to everyone, but if you’re a smoker, us implore you come quit immediately! smoking cigarettes does so many horrible things to your skin that us can’t even start to perform them all here. We have the right to sum it up by speak this: smoking cigarettes critically damages your skin and also can cause things favor turkey neck. If she a smoker, do whatever you can to battered ASAP.

Used in conjunction with neck exercises, cleansers, and décolleté serums, healthy lifestyle actions can have actually a drastic result on the illustration of your neck. Every one of these approaches are less expensive and also less invasive than the next an approach for gaining rid the turkey neck. That’s why we constantly recommend trying every other remedy very first before turning to the critical resort: surgery.

3. Surgery

No discussion around the skin would be complete without point out of operation solutions. The surgical solution particular to turkey neck is a mix of cervicoplasty (removing excess skin) and platysmaplasty (tightening loosened neck muscles).

According come the American board of cosmetics Surgery, a small incision is made behind every ear, and also possibly underneath the chin. With these incisions, the surgeon will remove excess skin and also tighten the neck muscles to offer the neck a much more youthful appearance.

While surgery deserve to be an effective means to eliminate turkey neck, the is one invasive procedure and can call for up to two weeks recovery time. In addition, bruising and swelling space normal side impacts of the surgery and should subside gradually over the course of a few months.

The finest Turkey Neck equipment For You

While surgery might be a fast solution come the problem, it’s often ideal to shot other, much less invasive options before electing to walk under the knife or needle. Because that one, surgical procedure is expensive. The can price thousands the dollars per treatment and also may also require number of rounds before desirable results are reached.

The invasive nature that the procedures frequently necessitates substantial recovery time that might not be accessible to those v busy lives. Relying on what you have done, recovery deserve to last almost everywhere from a week to a month or more. Be certain you factor in this time as soon as making your decision.

And last yet certainly no least, surgical treatment of any kind of kind comes with the danger of side impacts that could come to be permanent. Take it wrinkle fillers, because that example. This relatively simple procedure can result in small bumps, the Tyndall result (a bluish skin discoloration), and even blindness and nerve paralysis. This side impacts usually happen only in extreme cases, yet you need to be conscious of the possible risks before going under the knife. Always consult a dermatologist or plastic surgeon before transforming to surgical treatment or other invasive options.

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A much less expensive—yet quite effective—option for getting rid that turkey neck is any type of one the the other solutions suggested in this article. All of the techniques we’ve pointed out are safe and also convenient. Plus, they develop real results!

And yes nothing preventing you from using multiple turkey neck therapies at the same time. In fact, that’s exactly what us recommend: a trio of daily neck exercises, healthy and balanced lifestyle choices, and also SiO Décolleté Cleansing Discs and SiO"s hydrating patches. These merged solutions can assist reduce currently wrinkles, prevent brand-new wrinkles from forming, and stave off the herbal aging procedures that cause turkey neck.