*People adhering to the WW program can expect to lose 1-2 pounds/week. Members shed weight top top a prior program and is continuing on myWW™.

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The finest weight loss tips involve sustainable behavior that carry you closer to your objectives both on and off the scale. And while there’s no single mystery to success top top WW—sorry!—practicing techniques that have actually helped others hit their strides can make the program even much more livable because that you.

So: whether you have one or 150 pounds to lose, these actionable load loss tips are worth a shot. Take it from this five members: 

Felicia lost 140 lbs*



Her three tips:


1) Find new favorite recipes.

"Just due to the fact that you desire to lose weight doesn’t mean you have to eliminate specific foods,” Felicia says. “One the my ideal weight lose tips: discover healthy recipes that you love. Ns make a two-ingredient dough pizza that puts any kind of takeout pizza come shame!”

2) Tweak old favorite you can’t live without.

“One of my favorite foodstuffs is enchiladas: I usage lean soil beef, irradiate tortillas, low-fat cheese, and also enchilada sauce,” Felicia says.

3)Keep dessert top top the menu.

rather than sacrifice sweets, Felicia treats it s her to treats do from ingredients with reasonable SmartPoint values. “I love make a lemon-strawberry cheesecake parfait making use of strawberry cheesecake-flavored yogurt, whipped topping, and a light lemon cake to build a parfait,” she says. “My life is an extremely tasty.”


Laura lost 112 lbs*



Her three tips:


Swap the end one sugary drink per day.

One trick that’s assisted Laura reap H2O, instead: “Drink it just how you like it: maybe flavor it with lemon or cucumber,” she suggests.

Tap into an innovation for support.

Laura counts on tree Nanny, a smartphone app that pairs plant-style avatars with reminders come drink water. Now she drinks roughly half her body load in ounces the water each day. “It renders a difference!” she says.

Put your daily goals ~ above paper.

“I prefer to make a goal and keep track of how I do,” claims Laura, who keeps a everyday checklist in her planner and tracks her progression throughout the day.



Janée lost 103 lbs*



Her five tips:


1) begin the day v a strength pose.

“I look at myself in the mirror, execute a power pose, and also say to myself, ‘Today is walking to it is in a good day,’” says Janee of how she starts her mornings.

2) pack snacks.

“I make sure to have actually snacks top top me in situation I’m on-the-go and also I acquire a small hungry,” she claims of the tactic. While whole fruits and fresh veggies can assist keep your power levels up, these low-SmartPoint snack recipes can hit the spot no matter what kind of food you feel like.

3) Eat before you go grocery shopping.

“Otherwise, ns make not-so-great decisions,” says Janee of the habit that fends turn off impulse buys throughout well-intentioned food hauls.

4) Get active outside the gym.

“I always think around how I deserve to fit in activity, whether it is tap dancing down the aisles at the store or doing lunges down the hallway in my office,” she says.

5) Surround yourself through supportive people.

Janee has a unique name for friends who recognize her health journey—peaks and also pitfalls included: “Positive Pattys.” The exact same goes because that naysayers: “There’s no room in my life for an adverse Nancys,” she says.



Nate shed 103 lbs*



His two tips:


1) Limit enjoy the meal size—not menu items.

“People ask me all the time what I’ve offered up—I haven’t given up anything due to the fact that I still eat what i enjoy—I simply eat a little less,” claims Nate, who has discovered pleasure in his meals while working towards his weight loss goals. “I like my pizza, I prefer my wine, I choose my pasta—I just don’t have actually it every day.”

2) usage ZeroPoint foodstuffs to find balance.

when he knows he is having coco cake because that dessert, Nate prepares by eating a healthier meal consisted of of wholesome foods like grilled chicken breast and steamed broccoli. “This regime is about balance,” the says.


Nicole shed 102 lbs*



Her three tips:


1) replace snack time through dinner.

“When I obtain home native work, I understand that I need to have dinner appropriate away since that avoids me indigenous snacking," Nicole says.

2) Munch mindfully while you enjoy the meal prep.

"When i’m preparing mine meal, I’ll have actually baby carrots or sliced peppers comfortable if I desire to munch," she says.

3) end dinner through a calming ritual.

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“A cup the yummy warm tea is a good way to unwind ~ a long, liven day,” Nicole claims of the habit she techniques after dining—one means to obtain your mind turn off dessert.