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I do a 10-minute call to DIRECTV today and also just saved $780!

Yes, it’s true! i am doing a happy dance ideal this second in my home office! i literally just spent about 10 minutes on the phone and also am certain amazed that I saved myself $780 end the following year for a organization that I would certainly be making use of regardless! 😱

And ns am confident that few of you will receive comparable or possibly also more comprehensive discounts after ~ you do the very same call!

If you’ve to be considering downgrading or canceling her DIRECTV business or you simply want to discuss choices to reduce costs on your account, follow these simple steps:

First, dial DIRECTV customer company at 1-800-531-5000.State “cancel service” as soon as you obtain to the food selection options.When asked, be sure to state that you’re not relocating (unless, the course, you’re in the center of a move!). Your speak to will climate be routed directly to the client retention/loyalty department.Share through the customer service representative the you desire to alleviate your monthly bill and are feather for any type of special offers that might be easily accessible for your account.Within a few minutes, the representative will let you know if her account qualifies for extr savings!


I was readily available a savings of $65 per month because that the following 12 months! That’s a total savings the $780!

Have girlfriend tried this recently, either with DIRECTV or one more provider?

If so, you re welcome let us recognize what friend did and also how the worked!

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