For merchants shipping come Puerto Rico, find the distribution times, couriers, tips for reducing costs and the cheapest method to ship to the island.

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November 18, 2020

Are friend looking to range your eCommerce service into new markets? consider Puerto Rico. The US territory has an excellent eCommerce market that you can leverage to grow your business. A current Mastercard study reflects that the island leads the 9 countries in the region in terms of online purchases by smartphones.

If you space an eCommerce retailer shipping come Puerto Rico, that is certainly important that you uncover and embrace the finest shipping strategies to cater to her buyers over there — and also to assist your company gain a solid foothold in the market. That way you must offer a selection of affordable shipping solutions.

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In this article, we help you number out shipment times and also cost as soon as shipping to Puerto Rico, and also the different courier services and rates you have the right to leverage. We likewise show you just how to uncover the cheapest shipping alternative from the USA come Puerto Rico, and give friend Puerto Rico shipping tips and also mistakes come avoid as soon as sending packages there.

Don"t forget that offers SMEs the shipping tools they need to find the cost-effective ways to delivery globally. With our shipping rates calculator and also courier to compare tool, we ensure the you always find the ideal courier services and rates when shipping approximately the people — there is no compromising on client experience.

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Shipping to Puerto Rico

Cross-border shipping comes v its re-superstructure of added costs and complexities. Unless you recognize the various facets of sending packages throughout borders, it have the right to prove to be a bit frustrating. Shipping come Puerto Rico is no exception. But don"t provide up! recognize the cheapest shipping solution have the right to be a game changer to her bottom heat — and buyer’s experience. Here, we failure vital information for you.

How long Does Shipping come Puerto Rico take?

One the the most essential things to establish when shipping anywhere is exactly how long it will take for her parcels come arrive. As you would expect, shipment timelines come Puerto Rico, just like any type of other country, are established by the delivery option or the courier organization you choose. Expedited shipping choices are commonly expensive, while cheap shipping is likely to be slower.

For example, it will certainly take 2 days as soon as shipping a 5lb package from the united state to Puerto Rico through FedEx International economy service, and one day as soon as shipping the same package with FedEx worldwide Priority. Sending it through UPS soil takes approximately 6 days, while DHL Express global delivers in ~ 2 days.

So, delivery time come Puerto Rico might be anywhere in between 1-3 days through expedited and also standard services, and up come 6 days v ground services.

How lot Does it cost to ship to Puerto Rico?

There is no universal standard expense when it concerns shipping come Puerto Rico, together this will certainly be identified by numerous factors. These components include:

The load of the package: The much more a parcel weighs, the much more you’;l pay because that its delivery.Package dimensions: Items through irregular shapes and dimensions occupy an ext space and are much more expensive to ship.Courier service and delivery timeline: expedited delivery choices are an ext costly as they ship faster than standard or soil shipping, which comes at a cheaper price through a longer shipment time. Various couriers will likewise have different rates because that the exact same package weight and dimensions.

While you have little control over her package weight and also dimensions, that is as much as you to decision how faster you want it delivered. That method you have the right to sacrifice distribution speed and go because that the cheapest method to ship to Puerto Rico as lengthy as you don"t mind waiting for a small longer to have actually your package delivered.

Factors to consider When Shipping to Puerto Rico

There are some variable that you need to keep in mind when shipping come Puerto Rico. Lock include:

Customs: Most that the time, friend won"t should fill out customizeds paperwork as soon as shipping to Puerto Rico. However just in situation you are compelled to complete customs paperwork declaration, can assist quicken your personalizeds declaration process with automatically generated custom-mades forms and also shipping labels.Restricted or banned items: When shipping come Puerto Rico, you must be aware of what can and can"t it is in shipped there to ensure your packages don"t breach the country"s shipping protocols.Fragile packages: If she sending delicate or perceptible items that call for special handling, you need to let your courier know. Although this will certainly lead to handling fees and affect your ability to uncover the cheapest method to ship to Puerto Rico, the is better than having your parcel damaged and also suffering monetary loss.

Does FedEx/UPS/USPS delivery to Puerto Rico?

The good news is that all four significant couriers sell a range of shipping solutions to Puerto Rico. Whether you want expedited shipping services to have actually your package yielded within the shortest time possible, or the cheapest shipping alternative to reduced down top top shipping cost, you are sure to acquire a business that suits her budget and also needs. Here are several of the solutions you can leverage:

USPS Priority Domestic: This is the cheapest option. Packages are ceded within one to seven organization days.FedEx international Economy: v this service, girlfriend will have your packages yielded within two days.FedEx global Priority: You/ill have packages delivered within 24 hours when utilizing this service.UPS Ground: It will certainly take increase to six days to have actually your package yielded with UPS ground.DHL refer Worldwide: This is one of the cheapest options and your packages will arrive within two days.

What"s the Cheapest Shipping options from the USA come Puerto Rico?

If you;re an eCommerce seller based in the continental US, and you want to uncover the cheapest alternative to letter packages come Puerto Rico, all you have to do is use the appropriate shipping devices to find the finest courier services and the cheapest shipping rates from various carriers.

To discover the cheapest option, use a shipping rates calculator to compare shipping rates charged by assorted shipping companies and also third-party logistic suppliers so that you can choose the many affordable shipping option.

You should also keep in mind the the cheapest shipping option might not always offer the finest customer experience. The is why friend should additionally use a courier comparison tool to to compare the various couriers and also their shipping services, shipping times, and other solutions such as tracking, weekend deliveries, and any other essential services because that cheap package delivery.

Here is a ballpark price because that mailing a 5lb package native the USA come Puerto Rico.

ServiceCostDeliver TimeUSPS Priority Domestic$13.15 1-3 daysUPS ground $49.25 6 daysUPS second Day Air$62.51 2 DaysUPS following Day Air$103.17 1 dayFedEx International economy $67.59 2 daysFedEx worldwide Priority$127.98 1 dayDHL refer Worldwide$45.43 2 days

Before you deserve to make the final decision ~ above the above couriers concerning which one offers the many affordable route, you should additionally consider various other value-added shipping services attached come each one of them together as complimentary drop-off, shipment schedule, package tracking and cost-free packaging.

9 Puerto Rico Shipping advice (For Affordable Shipping)

Finding the cheapest shipping option and also liaising with the ideal courier service solves component of the puzzle. However successful shipping goes beyond that! here are some tips that you need to consider, and some mistakes come avoid.

Check the recipient"s attend to to avoid shipment exceptions or delays..Offer your buyers a selection of shipping choices to select from to develop a feeling of firm and trust.Ease and quicken her shipping process by taking advantage of a platform choose to automate much of the process.Don"t simply rely top top one carrier — help you job-related with lot of carriers.Make sure you understand the personalizeds requirements as well as shipping limitations when shipping to Puerto Rico.Have a clear, basic to know return plan for your buyers.You might be fee duties and also taxes as soon as sending specific items come Puerto Rico. Decide upfront who need to pay for these. Girlfriend or the customer.Partner through a regional fulfillment facility or warehouse.

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How to Send a Parcel come Puerto Rico through

Sending packages throughout borders has never been easier, specifically when you want to uncover the cheapest method to ship to Puerto Rico native the USA. provides you the following shipping tools and features to assist you find the ideal shipping solution to Puerto Rico:

More 보다 250 affordable shipping servicesShipping prices calculator and also courier to compare toolsRates at Checkout function for most accurate quotesAutomated, pre-filled customs forms and shipping brand generationDiscounted shipping rates up come 70%

Sign up for a complimentary account today and let us aid you find the ideal shipping strategy and also solution so that you can make an informed decision shipping to Puerto Rico and also beyond.