I have a "Huge lust" ~ a brand-new York layout Pizza after reading an article about pizza in the new York time!

Alas, I resided in a tiny "food dessert "town in VA and will never gain to eat something decent. I read the recipe and also the heavenly crust is made through 00 flour i m sorry I know is an Italian flour. I likewise know the I have the right to purchase the flour indigenous King Arthur for $7.95 because that 3 lb. Bag plus shipping. The is as soon as the dream stop!

I understand that countless of mine baker girlfriend on this site are genius once it pertained to invention . Please assist make my dream comes true and tell me exactly how to mix what flour to what to do it right into the 00 flour so probably I can gain to eat this "heavenly" pizza too?

Please, please, help.

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Thank you,



Apr 19 2014 - 8:17pm
Sadly, no!

The closest would be pastry flour, however even though it has about the exact same protein content as Italian 00 (8-9%), the isn"t fairly the same. AP has 10-12% protein, and some brands, choose King Arthur or Hodgson Mills also can be exchanged because that bread flour.

I to be lucky, i can get Italian 00 (Caputo) in mass from one Italian grocery store, but if i were you, I would certainly mail order it.

Here is my European/American flour "translation".

Happy Easter!


Apr 20 2014 - 5:12am
pizza flour

The "00" in italian flour refers to the grind and I think ash content (how white the flour is basically). Many civilization regard Caputo "00" flour to it is in the gold conventional for pizza, which has a protein contents of 12.5%, slightly higher than King Arthur all-purpose flour. If pressed I"d to speak the 00 provides a far better crust, yet the KA all purpose flour makes a perfectly good crust together well, still better than i can gain in any type of pizza joint close to me at least.Now, unfortunately, the KA "00" layout flour they put out inexplicably has a protein contents of 8.5%. I haven"t make the efforts it, but the major Eats Pizza lab reports it to it is in a bad pizza flour.


Apr 20 2014 - 6:47am
Pizza flour

Thank you very much because that both of your responses. The is a great help!

 Right after Easter, i will put all my initiative into making great pizza. I currently bought a can of san Mazarno tomatoes. The heck through restaurant pizza.



Apr 21 2014 - 3:09pm
You will certainly not it is in disappointed!

Home do pizza is around as good as the gets, odd one person said the 00 is 8-9 % and also pastry flour would certainly be close and one claimed its 12 5 % protein and also KA AP would certainly be close. My recollection is the 12 5 % is the real deal. I just include enough VWG to AP to obtain to 12% and call that close enough. The dough when rested in the fridge for 24 hours is silky, smooth and extensible yet strong It doesn"t know that no Caputo 00 was used? I"ve likewise used 105 come 11 5% protein flour and also they functioned well too .

I will have to shot baguette flour at a short protein and also see if we choose it far better Canlt make a poor pizza at house anyway!

Pizza making may not acquire the Thaichef to offer up to teach Thai Food yet it definitely is a great thing anyway:-) 

Happy Pizza baking


Apr 21 2014 - 2:29pm
Ap flour to 00

Good Afternoon: Wow! an additional expert advices and also this time from Dabrownman!! My lucky day. All 3 of you space the people whom i admired significantly while lurking top top the new loaf, I always read it. This particular day is our family Easter since my daughter worked on Easter Sunday for this reason we room doing our today. So the pizza making is moving on the other day. 

Frankly, dabrownman, I rather be baking breads than food preparation Thai any day. My bread baking an abilities is therefore rusty that is unbelievable. 

Talking around baking breads , I will certainly be do breads to feeding 100 people at my neighborhood church. That is earth day celebration. Probably, do the old stand by yeast breads(yike) and also some sourdough breads. ( They pay me some money so the is o.k.)

Too negative that hanseata is too far away or ns will simply run and also buy that from her.

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Jun 10 2020 - 6:51pm
Type 09 Flour identical

An old Italian man once told me to instead of 50/50 cake flour and all function flour to create a flour i m sorry is comparable to form 00. I followed his advice when making pizza and also it worked!

He also recommended adding a little (cannot recall precisely how much) of warmth milk come the water as soon as preparing the yeast.



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