It’s quiet August, and winter seems a long means off. At my house, like countless others ns sure, the warm commodity right currently is sunscreen, not hockey tape. So, if a post about how to build a backyard ice cream rink seems a tiny premature, I get it.

Technically us have one more four mainly of summer left, and we may also have beach-worthy weather for that entirety time. However let’s confront it, labor Day weekend is the unofficial start of fall. In between everything linked with the begin of a new school year, the begin of a new hockey season and also other loss sports, sheet raking, and also more, fall is a liven time.

Not the it’s any more hectic than other seasons, yet if you want to build a backyard rink, you could need to convince your spouse or your parents the it’s precious doing. That could involve more than one conversation spread out out over several weeks, or also months. And, because building a backyard rink does need a little of planning and also some products (especially if you haven’t done it before), I want to give you many of time.

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You can thank me later.